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F&F: Who’s that “Girl”?

September 7, 2010

Renee Richards? No, Kimberleigh Richards. Appearing addled, Fox & Friends co-anchor Brian Kilmeade introduced his “[Los Angeles] Turnstile Boondoggle?” segment guest, saying, “Kimberleigh Richards, he, she is a public and legislative affairs director for Southern California Transit Advocates.” After hearing Brian’s “apparent” verbal gaffe, television viewers who saw Richards in women’s apparel and adornment may have thought that Brian meant “she” whereas radio listeners who simply heard Richard’s masculine voice may have thought just the opposite.

That confusion seems well warranted since Kimberleigh Richards appears to be a transgendered person. Richards is the former publisher of the transgender periodical Cross-Talk, and the erstwhile operator of a transgender computer bulletin board system. Strangely, neither Brian nor the Fox & Friends producers apprised their audience of Richards’ apparent gender identity: Rather, they left them with the disconnect of the view of a female and the sound of a male.

Who’s that “girl”? Fox & Friends won’t tell. Carpe Diem will.

Fox & Friends – 09/07/10 (@ 8:46 a.m. ET)

Update: adds its take and video.

Happening Tomorrow?

May 25, 2010

Happening Now: is FNC’s most boring morning show getting a much needed Jane jolt? Today, co-hosts Jane Skinner and Jon Scott haunted the news room a la Martha MacCallum and Trace Gallagher on FNC’s now defunct Live Desk, the show that formerly followed HN. Perhaps, Fox News’ Bill Shine is finally trying to get his “plain” Jane to be a little less vanilla and to spice up the show a scintilla.

Generally, both Jane and Jon stay behind their desk in a fashion akin to America’s Newsroom co-anchors Megyn Kelly and Bill Hemmer when one or both of them would similarly so sit in the very early days of AN. Of course, Shine changed the set somewhat when he appeared to have an epiphany that AN’s rating might be enhanced if viewers caught a glimpse of Megyn’s gorgeous gams. Whether he has the same thing in mind now for Jane, time will tell. However, Jane seemed not to be fully compliant today: she sheathed her stems in slacks to elude that errant eye.

Bravo, Bill. You surely need to do something to make Happening Now actually happen soon. Otherwise, you may as well confine HN to Sirius radio.

Megyn: Veils “View”

April 20, 2010

America Live co-host Megyn Kelly felt “definitely nervous” going on Howard Stern on Sirius today and it showed–in her clothing choice for his show.* Actually, Megyn seemed to intentionally make sure that she did not show it–at least, in a wardrobe malfunction. So, she “slacked” for the self-proclaimed King of All Media before shedding her pants for The View and America Live in favor of a short, sleeveless dress.

After Howard’s racy show, a relieved Megyn Tweeted, “Finished Stern – it was like an out of body experience. I liked him! & Robyn was cool. Some R-rated Qs but not bad. What’d u think?” Later, revealing that she was not quite the prudish prig, Megyn elaborated, “Well, of course, he’s Howard Stern so he did ask me some very personal questions. The answers, some I gave, some I didn’t.”** Then she teased, “The ones I gave may be a bit too edgy for daytime but his show replays all day on Sirius satellite radio so if you don’t get it you can subscribe now and listen to it.”

Megyn: Hiding from Howard? Not completely.

*America Live’s Stern snippet indicated that Megyn was wearing slacks and its vid clip of The View showed her wearing the dress. For the transcript of Howard Stern on Sirius clip it is as follows:

Stern: Look at you.

Megyn: I feel a little nervous, Robin.

Robin giggles.

Stern: Are those rip-away pants?

Robin: Rip-away pants?

Stern: Don’t they make such a thing as rip-away pants?

Robin: Not for newscasters.

Megyn: Yeah, exactly.

Howard: Baby, look at you!

Megyn: Aw, thank you!

** AL – 04/20/10 (@12:38 p.m. ET)

Update: An additional nearly 10-minute video of Megyn’s Stern interview can be found at Meidiaite. (H/t J$P.) Megyn gets personal as she discusses her friend Julie Banderas (“hot mama”), her “killer B’s” (real), and her love life (while pregnant).

Gretch: Are They Real?

June 5, 2009

It’s Complicated: maybe, not. In her interview with reality series star Denise Richards, F&F co-host Gretchen Carlson brazenly queried, “Some people want to know, true or false, since you do reveal a lot about your life on television–your anatomy? Denise replied, “What about it?” Adding some needed levity, co-anchor Brian Kilmeade asked, “Have one?”

Laughing, Denise responded, “Howard Stern asked: I imagine you’re referring to a certain part of my body if they are fake or real.”* Pointing to her breasts, she chuckled, “The fun bags!” She continued, “The outside is natural and the inside is not.” Gretchen guffawed, “That’s a good answer!”

For inquiring minds who want to know Denise, there’s Fox & Friends. Of course, for inquiring eyes who want to see her, there’s Playboy.**


Aly Manhandled

July 7, 2008

Alisyn Camerota, Fox & Friends newsreader, got manhandled by not only Jay Thomas (host of Sirius’ “Jay Thomas Show”) but also by F&F co-host Steve Doocy today. After a Finnish wife-carrying competition segment, Jay coaxed a reluctant Aly onto his back. Carrying the cutie piggyback style (rather than the usual upside down because of her skirt), he held her hips as he entered the set. After dismounting, the sexy sweetie, portraying a”starstruck stalker,” sang his praises while holding him tight. Then Steve, acting like Jay’s personal bodyguard, pushed Aly back: however, he pushed her head into the edge of “The Big Picture” screen. She issued an inaudible explective and held her head gingerly. Nevertheless, she brushed it off when Steve asked if she were ok.

Aly, you’re a real F&F trouper! (Too bad so many of the others have moved on.)