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Aguilera Gaffe: F&F Flubs Snub

February 8, 2011

Brian’s karma? After blasting Christina Aguilera for the second day in a row for blowing the national anthem at the Super Bowl Sunday, Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade experienced his own embarrassing moment on live television. Ironically, it occurred as he was attempting to slight Aguilera during a segment with Simon Cowell, former American Idol judge this morning.

When introducing Cowell’s interview, Brian declared, “Hey, it was the hiccup heard around the world–Christina Aguilera, national anthem: well, she flubbed it.”* Then, instead of showing footage of Aguilera’s blunder, F&F producers erroneously aired an unrelated clip of the new American Idol which was followed immediately (without a segue) by footage of Aguilera singing perfectly the lyrics at the end of the national anthem. Recovering from that bungled beginning, Brian smoothly stated, “Alright, that was Christine Aguilera trying to end on a high note but it ended on a low note.”

Subsequently, after having welcomed Cowell back to F&F, Brian asked, “First off, did you watch and listen to Christina Aguilera sing the national anthem. What are your thoughts?” Seemingly, caught unawares, Cowell’s eyes widened and then darted back and forth as he searched for an answer. As he looked off-camera, Cowell artfully responded, “Well, I just heard it then. It sounded like a hundred thousand people in a stadium had just sat on a cat.”

Apparently, realizing that Cowell still had no idea about Aguilera’s mangled rendition, producers began to run the right clip (in a split screen with Cowell). Unfortunately, not catching their cue, Cowell caustically commented, “No, don’t play me any more.” Sensing that he needed to save the segment by adequately apprising Cowell, Brian began, “Alright. Yeah, we’ll, we’ll just lower it in the background.” Then, Brian finally explained, “Is it her responsibility to get it right, or is that just a human being? She messed up the words which is worse than anything you really could do in terms of a singer in America’s number one game.” [Italics added for emphasis.]

At last, informed him of Aguilera’s actual “transgression,” Cowell  responded, “Well, look, obviously, you know, she is regretting it now….It didn’t sound great to me. Uh, but to mess the words up, I mean, not great. More sympathetically, he added, “This is what happens when you perform in front of an audience. You know, even someone as experienced as Christina, you [sic] can get it wrong.”

Indeed, Simon. For F&F, a slight Super Bowel hangover. And, for Brian, a portion of poetic justice.

Fox & Friends – 02/08/11 (@ 7:37 a.m. ET)

Friel Says: Ailes Says

March 19, 2009

How did FNC entertainment correspondent Friel get her job with Fox News? When Soupcans asked her just that, Courtney responded, “I went on a date with Roger Ailes.” Courtney haters may have hoped to themselves, “Just what I thought!” However, realizing that her humor might get lost on such people, she clarified, “OMG: I’m joking!” (She added that she actually got her position after her agent had sent her demo DVD to FNC and she had had a successful interview in NYC.)

In the Soupcans piece appropriately posted on St. Pat’s Day, the former Maxim model was clad in a sexy green dress and discussed her love of Rio’s beaches, partying, and culture. Courtney dismissed the rumors that she and Julie Banderas have had their claws out for each other. Also, she revealed acerbic “American Idol” judge Simon Cowell’s nickname: Trouble.

Furthermore, Courtney discussed the dynamics of her being married to Carter Evans, a CNN’r; her regrets, if any, of her laddie mag pics; and her celeb chums. For her full interview, cf. the Soupcans link, infra. An interesting read.

Update: To Washington Whispers, Rogers riantly replied, “”I’m glad Courtney Friel made this joke and not Neil Cavuto.” (Tip of the hat, JDP.)


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