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Gretchen’s Red Dress

November 13, 2009

Fox News’ Gretchen Carlson loved her red dress today. Apparently, so much so, that she refused to take it off. After donning it for her three-hour early morning show, Fox and Friends, she appeared again with the very same one on for her evening O’Reilly Factor guest appearance.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Obviously, unless, a media personality is the proverbial Queen of England, she will wear the same dress on more than one occasion. However, one might expect her to wait for some time to pass before she does.

To be “fair and balanced,” one could easily envisage her “cheap and proud” F&F co-anchor and weekly O’Reilly guest Steve Doocy not changing clothes after a full day for his evening guest slot. In fact, one could even see her no-nonsense predecessor and erstwhile O’Reilly sub E.D. Hill doing the same thing. On second thought, it might not have been that bad to wear her red dress in the evening, too, but it did seem somewhat strange for a former Miss America.

No perspiration stains? That’s her Secret.