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Domenica: Skirts Up Forecast

January 10, 2009

Fox & Friends’ sultry weathergirl Domenica Davis forecast possible Marilyn Monroe moments tomorrow. After warning of Santa Ana winds with “gusts upwards of 70 miles per hour”  in Los Angeles today, Domenica, seguing back to the F&F co-hosts, saucily said, “For the Golden Globes, those winds are going to be strong there out on the red carpet. All I’m saying is, stand close to the tv: You never know when a dress is going to blow up.”

Chuckling, Clayton Morris exclaimed, “Oh! Hey, now that’ll get me to tune in.” Meanwhile, Alisyn Camerota guffawed, “Bent! That’s quite a tease.” After ducking his head, Dave Briggs declared, “That’s a good tease: yeah!”

In a frigid New York City, Domenica is helping heat things up for her colleagues and her countrymen.