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Rob Raps Rick?

November 10, 2010

Marciano: “You just don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” Sanchez listening? American Morning meteorologist Rob Marciano appeared to have some late acerbic advice for his famously fired former CNN colleague, Rick Sanchez, this morning.

After an AN news story on a court’s ruling that an employee’s firing by her boss for Facebook criticism was illegal, co-anchor John Roberts warned, “You gotta be careful, though: there’s [sic] only certain people who can do that and, maybe, get away with it.” Seguing to Rob, co-host Kiran Chetry kiddingly cautioned, “Rob Marciano is not one of them. So, keep your thoughts to yourself, mister.”

Taking the toss, Rob responded, “No, no, no. There’s been friends of ours that have spoken out against the higher ups. And, you know, you just don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” Then, Rob added, “That’s pretty much what Daddy told me. And, so far so, so good. There’s no wood here to knock on: I’ll just try to keep my mouth shut.”

As Rob ad libbed, a smiling Kiran arched her eyebrows knowingly and nodded her head in agreement. Meanwhile, a more stoic John rapidly blinked his eyes and looked straight ahead with a blank stare. When Rob concluded that he would try to keep his mouth shut, an almost stone-faced John let a slight smile barely crease his lips.

Perhaps, John realized that Rob may have succeeded as to the network brass but that he had probably said a tad too much with his apparent allusion to Rick Sanchez, who was canned by the network shortly after he made controversial remarks that “implied that┬áCNN is controlled by Jews and that the network passed him over for promotion because he’s Latino.”

American Morning – 11/10/10 (@ 7:07 a.m. ET)