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Castrato Choir

June 1, 2008

Yesterday on Fox & Friends Saturday, the castrato choir sang in harmony as they heralded the virtues of Sex and the City. Sports guy and “Pretty Face” Dave Briggs excitedly “dragged” his co-host Clayton Morris to the chic flick: According to Rick Reithmuth, Clayton said that he enjoyed it more than Indiana Jones. It was bad enough to see Dave and Clayton on the Sex and the City tour feeding each other cupcakes. But, please: Enough is enough! If that girly cine must be lauded, let Ainsley Earhardt and Courney Friel sing its praises.

Comedy of Errors

May 24, 2008

Fox & Friends Memorial Saturday had a comedy of errors. The FNC technical crew seemed intent on sabotaging Rick Reithmuth’s weathercasts by not airing him for a TV eternity in his first segment after a toss (from co-hosts Ainsley Earhardt & Clayton Morris) and giving him the “blue-lens” look in his second shot. It also gave the viewer a color-bar screen and a blank one during the course of the program. As to the F&F team, Dave Briggs mispronounced “chic”; an “off-air” Ainsley spooned breakfast from a cup; and Courtney Friel spontaneously serenaded the audience with her rendition of the ad jingo. It could have been worse.

White Bread Morning

May 10, 2008

Fox & Friends Saturday was a white-bread morning today. Edible but with little to no taste nor nutritional value. Ugh! If Dave Briggs, Ainsley Earhardt, Clayton Morris, Courtney Friel, and Rick Reithmuth are the new F&F team, I may have to throw in the towel.

Fox News, are you people crazy? Make one of your meteorologists a co-host on the weekend edition! You have a wealth of talent in the weather department. Since Steve Doocy already co-hosts the weekday version, let Rick Reithmuth, Janice Dean, or Domenica Davis co-host F&F Weekend. Any of these guys would make a marked improvement to the cast of co-hosts.

Lily White F&F

May 4, 2008

Why has FNC made its Fox and Friends line-up exclusively white? With the exception of the delightful Domenica Davis who sometimes subs for meteorologist Rick Reithmuth, F&F now has no non-European Americans as its co-hosts, newsreaders, or weatherpersons. In the not too distant past, Julian Phillips and Kelly Wright were co-hosts on F&F Weekend and the lovely Lauren Green was a newsreader on F&F and an occasional temp co-host. Of course, the simply gorgeous Kiran Chetry, who is of Nepalese and Ukrainian extraction, served as F&F First and F&F Weekend co-host before the FNC suits lost their heads and, consequently, her.

It just seems strange that in the 21st century Fox New’s F&F has no diversity. Have the personnel panjandrums concluded that its viewer base is racist? If so, they have slandered and maligned their viewers and should be canned.

F&F, go to any ice cream parlor: There’s more than plain vanilla for sale.

Briggs Back

May 3, 2008

Dave Briggs, Beantown sports “Pretty Face,” was back today on Fox & Friends Saturday. It was good to see him relieving Eric Shawn: he certainly fits in better with the B-Team. However, that’s not the ultimate compliment.

Generally, the crew of Clayton Morris, Ainsley Earhardt, Courtney Friel, and Rick Reithmuth was somewhat more palatable today. Happily, Clayton seemed more mature but his lady’s-Kentucky-Derby-hat wearing was just juvenile. Happily, Rick called him on it when he refused to wear a similar hat at the show’s end: Rick said, “Not only no but hell no!” In an earlier Churchill Downs interview with the owner of one of the Kentucky Derby favorites, Visionaire, Courtney lost her train of thought mid-question but recovered nicely. Ainsley seemed a bit saucier today with her wish to have Jennifer Lopez’ “rump” in a “Hot Latin Diet” tease and her query whether Clayton wanted a “hot Latin body” in his bed or on him in the segment.

The current F&F Weekend line-up is like a store-brand item: Tolerable but not tasty.

Fox & Friends Storm

April 26, 2008

As I awoke this morning to the return of Fox & Friends Saturday mediocrity, I kind of dreaded the viewing: I got a reprieve. After watching the weird first weather segment voiced by Rick Reithmuth, my reception went out because of thunderstorms in the area.

It is back on but I’m not that happy that it is. The crew of Ainsley Earhardt, Clayton Morris, Eric Shawn, Courtney Friel, and Rick Reithmuth do not really inspire alot of love. Eric Shawn supplies a bit of gravitas but he seems quite out of place: he is like the kid who wants to fit in a bit too much. Clayton tries to be the leader with his “take-charge” wackiness and Ainsley sweetly follows along. It’s like watching Happy Days without the Fonz. FNC has to add a sexy, knowledgeable, and confident female co-host like Kiran Chetry or Page Hopkins, or this show has “jumped the shark.”

“Clayton, Welcome to the Family”

April 20, 2008

Roger Ailes’ “Go-to Guy” Shepherd Smith welcomed Clayton Morris to Fox News this morning on Fox & Friends Sunday albeit haltingly. After Shep’s promo for his coverage of Pope Benedict XVI’s mass at the “House that Ruth Built,” he looked at his notes and said, “Eric,” and then he looked again and corrected himself, “I mean, Clayton, welcome to the family.” Since Clayton is not appearing on any other FNC shows, it appears that his position as F&F Weekend co-host is permanent. Ainsley Earhardt’s status seems still somewhat up in the air since Megan Henderson was auditioning a mere two weeks ago. As to Greg Kelly, his seat seems to definitely be up for grabs since of late he appears sporadically at best.

Readers, think about what team of co-hosts you would most like to see. Former co-hosts like Page Hopkins or Alisyn Camerota; new prospects like Domenica Davis or Rick Reithmuth; or someone outside the current FNC circle? I’ll try to do the same and make an entry later.

N.B. Eagle-eyed M. Davey, a reader, separately came to the same conclusion about Clayton Morris’ standing.

Ainsley: “Not Doing It Anymore”

April 13, 2008

In the first hour of Fox & Friends Sunday after giving the mobile device address for Fox News weather, Rick Reithmuth tossed back to today’s co-hosts. Clayton Morris ad libbed, “And a personal text from Rick.” Ainsley Earhardt chimed, “You want to give out your e-mail address there, Rick?” In an apparent reference to Ainsley’s controversial e-mails to this author about the undetermined status of the co-hosts, Rick replied, “You’re the only one who does that.” Ainsley smilingly said, “I’m not doing it anymore.” Apparently, FNC’s “dressing down” has hushed her.

Another Weekend: Another Face

April 12, 2008

“Pretty Face” Dave Briggs, a Boston sports news guy, took G.I. Ken’s seat today. In the never-ending Fox & Friends Weekend search for its permanent co-host cast, FNC brought in this former WHDH-TV (Boston) sports reporter/anchor to sub for Greg Kelly. Ainsley Earhardt is back in her center space, saccharinely declaring herself twice to be the “luckiest girl this morning” sitting between Briggs and Clayton Morris.

If you awoke nauseated this morning, you may be in the MTV demographic that had a long, hard night and will get back in bed after visiting the porcelain throne. If you’re not in F&F Weekend’s fave demographic, you may just can’t wait to get off of this eternal carousel ride. One positive is that they may find a combination that works: another is that fan favorites, like Page Hopkins and Kelly Wright, may still have an outside chance to return.

Ainsley Earhardt made up to David Murphy, the eleven year old Cleveland lad who steered a moving school bus away from an oncoming semi. She asked him whether he had disengaged the emergency brake and he denied it: then she complimented him and added that she had no choice but to believe him because the bus company had refused to talk to F&F Weekend. Shepherd Smith, had interviewed the lad with a jaundiced eye and gave the viewer the clear impression that he disbelieved the boy.

Weatherman Rick Reithmuth returned from Hawaii as the lovely Domenica Davis went back to her weekly meterological duties. Courtney Friel, newsreader lovely, seemed safely ensconced in her usual role for now. Megan Henderson, last weekend’s auditioning dish, has returned to the Lone Star State.