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Aly’s Big Love

August 14, 2009

One hubby is not enough for Bikini Aly a/k/a Alisyn Camerota, co-host of Fox & Friends.* And the Judge was not overly amused. In fact, “Judgalicious” Andrew Napolitano seemed a wee bit jealous when his “Italian Jersey beauty” introduced Clayton Morris as her “work husband” before Clayton teased Fox & Friends Weekend.**

After Clayton’s promo and his own subsequent legal segment, ironically entitled “Adultery & Basketball” (as to the KY coach Rick Pitino scandal), with co-hosts Aly and Brian Kilmeade, the Judge turned to Aly and somewhat sarcastically jested, “Have a nice weekend with your television husband.” Looking into his eyes and feigning romantic tenderness, Aly replied, “Judge, I’m sorry. I’m not cheating on you.” Waving his arms in typical fashion, the Judge exclaimed, “Why wasn’t I called your television husband!”

As if on cue, smiling, Brian rose from the curvy couch and walked off, stating, “Obviously, I’m the third wheel. You two work this out.” Chuckling, the Judge eagerly embraced Aly. As he did, the Bristol By Babe responded, “I’m sorry, Judge. I’m a tv polygamist.”***

Tune in tomorrow to see who Aly adds to her stable. (F&FW co-host Dave Briggs is on vacation.)****