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Anna’s Holiday Hosts: F&F Fail!

December 27, 2014

Guest co-host Leland Vittert: “We may never leave!” Scary. Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Anna Kooiman looked ill at ease on the curvy couch sandwiched between F&FW virgin co-hosts Leland Vittert and Connell McShane. (Leland is a FNC foreign correspondent based in Jerusalem, and Connell is the FBN “Imus in the Morning” newsreader.) The ever gregarious Energizer Bunny tried her hardest to introduce the two newbies to F&FW fans and to create, at least, a modicum of chemistry. Anna succeeded–barely, to put it charitably.

The usual playful banter and racy double entendres that have been F&FW staples were not existent. Even the small talk among Anna, Leland, and Connell seemed strained and stilted. To make matters worse, Leland took a strange shot at his dad’s looks* and Connell delivered a gratuitous jab to Fox & Friends Weekend.**

Perhaps, FNC’s Bill Shine (or his underlings) decided that he could foist the two tyros on his most dedicated F&FW fans for a tryout (since they would probably watch no matter what): Well, this loyal F&FW fan did watch–and almost wished he had not.

The youthful Anna is great: But, she is no Alisyn Camerota who could carry F&FW no matter who her bookends were. F&FW fan favorite and FNC meteorologist Rick Reichmuth was on the set today and should have been the obvious choice to be one of Anna’s guest co-hosts: Together, he and Anna could have more successfully shepherded either Leland or Connell in his debut.

[Author’s aside: Re the provenance of the subtitle, Leland made his “threat” as Anna welcomed him and Connell to the third hour. Chiming in, Connell jested, “Right, you’re stuck with us, Anna!”]

*During a “Meet Leland” segment with baby photos, Leland bizarrely barbed, “I do look a little bit like…my father in those pictures. And, it’s a good thing that I now look like my mother: Otherwise, I would have a fabulous career…in radio.” (@ 6:34 a.m. ET.)

**In the “Meet Leland” segment, supra, (which included Leland’s war footage), Connell sarcastically commented, “Let me be the first to congratulate you on the promotion (to F&FW guest co-host) to now narrating dog video (earlier on F&FW) from…these frivolous foreign videos that we just looked at.” (6:34 a.m. ET.)

Briggs: “Shameless” Garth Groupie

October 25, 2009

From the man who said, “There’s not much to me that tops waking up to Lee Greenwood,” it came as no great shock: Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Dave Briggs is a Garth Brooks groupie. After a headlines story that the country singer had sold out twenty shows in five hours, Dave revealed, “My favorite entertainer of all time!” To which, co-host Alisyn Camerota readily replied, “That does not surprise me.”

Co-anchor Clayton Morris mocked, “You [Dave] like it when he comes down on the wires. Like [sic] he swoops down, he gets all weepy.” Unapologetic, Dave declared, “I camped out for Garth Brooks as a young man. I love it. Every album, every song right here is in my I-Phone. I love him. I love him!”

In an effort to enlist meteorologist Rick Reichmuth in ribbing Dave further, Clayton said, “That’s the difference between…Rick, I camped out for Pink Floyd. What did you camp out for? However, unexpectedly coming to his office mate’s defense, Rick responded, “I actually, Garth Brooks is the…guy who got me into country music. He did. It’s amazing. He’s good!” Dave enthusiastically concurred, “Oh, me, too! He rocks!”

Shameless,” Dave!

Fox & Friends’ Flavors

June 7, 2009

Your fave F&F Weekend flavor? For co-anchor Alisyn Camerota’s ardent acolytes, it’s a Hobson choice, the tasty Camerota gelato. For others, the choices may be more varied: To help viewers decide, co-hosts Aly, Clayton Morris, and Dave Briggs and meteorologist Rich Reichmuth provided Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry fame their personal profiles to help him concoct their particular flavor in ice cream. (They did so for a promo for the 27th Jimmy Fund Scooper Bowl ice cream fundraiser for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.)

In doing so, Clayton depicted himself as “tech geek, history buff, [and] believes in extraterrestrials”; Dave described himself as a “sports fanatic, family man, and [one] with a weak stomach”; Aly assessed herself as a “working mom, finicky eater, and sweet & sassy” (“a little hot as well” according to Jerry); and Rick portrayed himself as “weatherman, likes to cook, and mama’s boy.” Respectively, Jerry deftly dubbed their flavors, “Out of this World” (Clayton), “1st Team All-American (Dave), “Cool Breeze” (Aly), and “Perfect Storm” (Rick). From the author’s perspective, F&FW’s crew seemed to have provided reasonably good descriptions of themselves and Jerry appeared to get the flavor titles just about right except, maybe, Rick who seems to be the calm before the storm.

Who’s your Fox & Friends flavor?

Grope an Anchor Day

April 4, 2009

After proclaiming today “Hug an Anchor Day,” Fox & Friends co-anchor Clayton Morris got more than he bargained for. Having failed to procure hugs in a hastily constructed streetside “hugging booth” with Dave Briggs and meteorologist Rick Reichmuth, Clayton asked three non-F&F males for a hug and was summarily rejected. When Dave received one from a game lady, Clayton tried his hand once again.

Clowning, Clayton crossed the road and solicited one from a walking young man. The gent opened his arms wide and embraced him quite willingly to the applause of Dave and Rick. However, as Clayton turned around and clenched his fist triumphantly, the playful chap grabbed Clayton buttocks with both hands. Clayton smiled and said, “I think I just got, I think I just got groped.”

Dave declared, “That’s not scripted television: You [Clayton] were harrassed. Aly, we need your help out here.” As Rick bent over in laughter, a now ruddy Aly chuckled and shook her head. Then she replied, “No, you guys are doing just fine without me: I’ve actually never seen people running from midtown Manhattan in droves like this before.”

Definitely, an F&F moment.

F&FW (04/04/09) – @ 7:33 a.m. ET

Ainsley: “Please Be Patient”

March 18, 2008

One hour ago the lovely and sweet Ainsley Earhardt responded to a missive of mine as to the cast of F&F Weekend. She said, “Please be patient with us, while the bosses decide who will be the best fit for the Fox and Friends weekend show: I’m sure they will make the right decision and you will be happy with the final selection.” She added, “But your guess is as good as mine.” Ergo, those who are yearning for the return of Page Hopkins, Kelly Wright, or Greg Kelly still have a chance. However, as I mentioned earlier, in my opinion, the injection of Domenica Davis or Rick Reichmuth with Ainsley and Clayton Morris would add some delightful fun, flavor, and color to the F&F Weekend team.