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Rob & Eryn’s Girl: Madeline Grace Marciano

November 20, 2011

More “Baby girl” details. American Morning meteorologist and proud papa Rob Marciano personally and proudly announced the birth of his new baby Thursday: He Tweeted, “The Bambina has landed.” The very next day, he shared a photo of his dear daughter with his Twitter followers, jesting, “Baby girl prepping to rock her 36 hours of freedom party.”

For Rob’s fans and their AM audience, his joyful colleagues, co-hosts Christine Romans and Carol Costello, proclaimed anew the good news Friday when they segued to the weather report by Rob’s fill-in Reynolds Wolf.* As AM producers displayed a photo of Rob, his beautiful wife Eryn, and their darling girl, Reynolds remarked that the newborn’s name was Madeline Grace Marciano and that she weighed “seven pounds thir[teen], 7.13″ [sic].” As a quite questionable aside, he added, “I know Rob…is [as] tired as Erin.”

Chuckling, Christine’s interjected, “I know. You know…he said, ‘Erin is recovering: Dad is a wreck.'” Chiming in, Carol aptly observed, “Eryn looked great in that picture: she looks beautiful.” Marveling, Christine remarked, “I know. I think that’s after twenty hours of labor, actually.” Concurring, Reynolds interposed, “Looks amazing: Looks just amazing.”


*American Morning – 11/18/11 (@ 6:35 a.m. ET)

[Author’s aside: For a great pic of Eryn lovingly cradling her infant, link here.]

Rob Marciano: A New Daddy

November 17, 2011

“It’s a girl!” Today American Morning co-host Christine Romans cheerfully trumpeted that meteorologist Rob Marciano is now a new dad. Introducing his fill-in this morning, she proudly proclaimed, “Reynolds Wolf is in the Extreme Weather Center because Rob Marciano is in the Extreme New Parenthood of Having a Brand New Baby.”* Subsequently, with a shout out to her daily AM Adonis and his beauty, Christine declared, So, congratulations to Rob and his wife and their new bambi.” Uncertain of the babe’s gender, Christine looked to her co-anchor Carol Costello for aid: Happy to oblige, Carol exclaimed, “It’s a girl!”

To Rob’s fans, Reynolds further explicated, “That right….Everything we’ve heard has all been thumbs up. Rob and his wife Eryn (wedding pic) are doing just fine welcoming the new baby.” Voicing the obvious, he continued, “And, certainly…a life-changing moment for Rob–no question about it.” Piping in, Christine added, “And, we’ll get pictures as soon as we can.”

Congratulations again, Eryn and Rob! Please send those photos in soon. I.e., before you return in a few weeks, Rob.

*American Morning – 11/17/11 (@ 6:17 a.m. ET)

Krugman Corrects John: Kiran Laughs

December 31, 2009

Playing American Morning co-anchor John Robert’s loyal TV wife, co-host Kiran Chetry stood by her man again today (at least, for the most part). Immediately after welcoming the audience to American Morning, she freshly piqued her “Gregorian purist” viewers once again: she matter-of-factly opined, “A very special day, of course, because it is the last day of the decade and the year.” More reasonable and receptive than yesterday, John replied, “You know there are people who argue that the next decade doesn’t begin until next year, December 31, 2010. But…everybody else is going to be partying to end the decade tonight so you might as well.”

However, when the second hour of AM began, John stirred the pot anew. Welcoming back his audience, he said, “Good morning. Thanks very much for joining us…on this last day of 2009, the last day of the 2000’s decade as well.” When Kiran readily agreed, “Right,” John, looked directly into the camera and kindly condescended, “And, for all those of you who say, ‘It’s not until next year that we change to the next decade,’ you’re invited to the party anyway.”

Later, John dragged AM meteorologist Reynolds Wolf unwittingly into the fray and the truth finally emerged. After Reynold’s weather report, John asked, “Reynolds, do you believe this is the end of the first decade of the 2000’s?,” Reynold’s initially answered, “Yeah.” Then, quickly correcting himself, he responded, “No, actually, I think when you go from one through ten…if you want to be a stickler in terms of the numbers, I think that it ends this [sic] year. 2011 would be the next one.”

Subsequently, John remarked, “Some people believe that. They say, ‘Because of the Gregorian calendar, we didn’t start in the year zero, we started with the year one….But, I mean, it’s commonly held that, you know, the 20’s did not end in 1930: the 1930’s did not end in 1940.”

In response to John’s fallacious vox populi argument, Kiran replied, “I know. Although, I have to say, I had to laugh. I thought of you today because I was reading Paul Krugman’s column…and he also said, ‘Technically, technically [that the decade began in 2001].” Embracing the voice of the common man again and spurning the elitist Krugman’s assertion, John retorted, “Technically, schmechnically! Everybody else is going to be celebrating tonight just like they did in the year 2000 with…the December 31st, 1999, for the millennium. So, that’s the party I’m going to.” Concurring, Kiran chuckled, “Don’t let the numbers trip you up.”

As a further dig to his doubters right before the commercial break, John joyfully jibed, “Do you want to make the next decade better than this decade? Hahhh!…All that and more is still ahead in the Most News in the Morning as we continue to drive Gregorian purists nuts.

Mission accomplished!

[All ribbing aside, readers: whether tomorrow marks a new decade or just another year, Happy New Year to one and all!]