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“Scion” Heather: Ainz “Honky Tonk Angel”

July 18, 2012

Foxes’ “Civil War”? F&FF blonde beauties’ pillow fight. Yesterday, Fox & Friends First co-anchor Heather Nauert landed the first downy blow to her fellow flaxen-haired co-host Ainsley Earhardt. The Yankee Heather Locklear look-alike “scion of a prominent Chicago-area family” playfully dubbed her Reb South Carolina belle counterpart, who proudly hold her wedding reception at the SC guv’s mansion, “Honky Tonk Angel.” But, Ainsley was no match: Just girlie giggling ensued.

F&FF‘s leggy lovelies started the morning with their daily “5 @ 5:00” headline news segment. After Ainsley read a story on the death of the “Queen of Country Music” Kitty Wells a/k/a Muriel Ellen Deason, whose seminal hit “It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels” opened the way for future femme stars, Heather innocuously remarked, “What a name of that song, huh?”: Then, she tartly teased, “That’s what we’re going to call you, “Honky Tonk Angel”! Instead of riposting like most Southern ladies would, i.e., with an acerbic prick of from her hidden velvet-sheathed dirk, Ainsley demurely demurred and simply tittered sweetly.

Poor soul: Ainz went down without even a whimper.┬áHer “Civil War” with Heather was just a little too civil. For a real Southern lady. And, especially, a “honky tonk angel.”