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My Name’s Ainsley, Dave!

May 25, 2009

Ironically, on Memorial Day, Fox & Friends co-host Dave Briggs did not remember his “fallen” colleague this morning. As he segued from the Pundit Pit to his F&F co-anchors, he said, “Let’s get out to Clayton [Morris] and Alisyn [Camerota] with a look at what’s coming up on the show. Guys!” Feigning offense, former F&FW co-anchor and today’s F&F guest host Ainsley Earhardt declared, “My name’s Ainsley, Dave!”

Chagrined, Dave replied, “Did I say Alisyn? I apologize.” Ainsley smiled, “That’s alright: that’s okay.” Standing safely behind Ainsley, Clayton sub rosa aptly asked, “How could you forget?” Turning to the camera, a grinning Dave explained, “Old habits.”

Don’t bring those up, Dave! As many F&FW fans remember, those did not fare well for the then callow line-up of Ainsley, Dave, and Clayton. However, together again, the three seemed to have embraced more welcome wonts: They were smarter, sharper, and edgier.

Happy Memorial Day!

Salty Steve Regales Roginsky

May 20, 2009

Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy’s blue humor elicited a rare smile from Pundit Pit guest Julie Roginsky. When Steve thanked the partisan politicos at the conclusion of the segment, he playfully described too often dour Democratic strategist Rodinsky as “a consultant…does all that stuff…and is out on the streets late at night.” Rodinsky riantly responded, “Whoa! That sounds, that sounds a lot worse.” To which, Steve risquely replied, “You’ll have to give us all the details later.”

Fleet Week ’09 did begin today in New York.

Gretch: Gimme Some Skin!

December 8, 2008

Emotively exuberant, Fox & Friends co-host, Gretchen Carlson, this morning exhorted Pundit Pit participant, the Daily Beast’s John Batchelor,  to give her a high five. After his postulation that New York Governor David Paterson would likely pick Caroline Kennedy as Hillary Clinton’s replacement as junior NY U.S. Senator because of political expediency, Gretchen raised her hand and raved, “Best point of the day, John! Give me some skin!” The gray-haired columnist hesitantly lifted his hand and did so.

Her exchange reminded the author of her asking Shepard Smith for the secret handshake to make up with him after he dissed F&F over its coverage of a bogus airport threat: He looked at her with seeming disdain and said, “I don’t know the handshake.” Perhaps, more a propos is her seeking similar “skin” approbation from co-anchors Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade on occasion: they both seem to respond reluctantly to her request with awkward attempts to acquiesce.

As a former Miss America who was inspired to enter the competition by the ebony beauty Vanessa Williams, the vanilla lovely need only to compete on her own terms. No need to chew the scenery for effect. Just be natural, Gretch!

F&F’s Faux Pas Misstep

September 24, 2008

Ironically, Fox & Friends tripped this morning while pointing out Dem veep nominee Joe Biden’s false steps. In an interview with Bernard Goldberg, FNC media analyst and Bias author, and in a later segment entitled the Pundit Pit, F&F ran the subtitle, “Gaffe-Master: Biden’s Faux Paux’s [sic].” Since “faux pas” is the proper plural of “faux pas,” F&F made a humorous misstep as they threw their stone.

Cf. for a similar HuffPo gaffe.