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Penguin Poops: HuffPo Oops!

August 28, 2011

Carpe Diem: scanned but unread? Someone at the Huffington Post has egg–or penguin poop-on his face. After Carpe Diem reported that karma visited Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade Wednesday in the form of African penguin dung for his maligning of Happy Feet (the straying Antarctica penguin who ended up in New Zealand), HuffPo appeared to retell the story without a customary “h/t.”

Perhaps, as a result, karma revisisted HuffPo. Apparently, the HuffPo author merely scanned the Carpe Diem article before penning his own. In the beginning of the Carpe Diem column, F&F‘s co-anchor Gretchen Carlson’s warning to Brian after he disparaged Happy Feet a month ago was quoted. Unfortunately, the HuffPo columnist did not read more closely or he would have realized that Juliet Huddy, not Gretchen Carlson, was co-hosting Wednesday: since he did not, he erroneously dubbed the F&F co-host as Gretchen Carlson in an apparent rewrite of Carpe Diem‘s “Kilmeade’s Karma: A Penguin’s Revenge.”

HuffPo‘s chagrin: it’s karma?

[Author’s aside: If the reader watches HuffPo‘s own vid, Juliet Huddy is clearly seen for a brief moment during the abbreviated penguin segment. P.S. TVNewser got it right three days later.]

Kilmeade’s Karma: A Penguin’s Revenge

August 24, 2011

Gretchen: “I guess you don’t like penguins. The next time they come on the show….” Less than a month after Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson uttered those ominous words to Brian after he scoffed at her heartwarming story about Happy Feet (the straying Antarctica penguin who ended up in New Zealand), co-host Brian Kilmeade got his just desserts. I.e., he got dumped on today–literally–by Happy Feet’s African cousin.

In a delightful “Penguin Picassos” segment, Brian and his co-hosts, Steve Doocy and Juliet Huddy, interviewed the Mystic Aquarium caretakers of two African penguins, Yellow Red and her mate Gray Silver, who walk over canvas to create paintings. When Yellow Red had demonstrated her technique, Brian reached out his hands and asked, “Wow! Now, could I hold her?” Moving away from Brian, the caretaker replied, “She might let you touch her. Let me go back here [to the canvas for another walkover].” After Yellow Red made another run, Brian remarked, “Wow! That’s fantastic.”

When the camera subsequently panned over to a, possibly, now jealous Gray Silver held high by his caretaker, Brian exclaimed, “Oh, geesh! Uh! My brand new shoes!” As Juliet howled with laughter, Steve asked, “What happened to you?” Brian replied, “Uh, it’s, I got to change my shoes.”

As Brian then limped off the set, he held his black right shoe high in the air in disgust: staining it was the white fecal karma for his Happy Feet diss. As if Brian needed to be reminded, Steve “sympathetically” said, “Brian…and that was a new pair of shoes.” Seemingly exasperated, Brian responded, “I know! That’s the last time I have a penguin at my house.”

Or, perhaps, just a little more penguin respect in the future, Brian? Karma’s a penguin. At least, today.

Romans’ Riddle

November 27, 2009

Christine: “Penguin” pet or black widow? American Morning guest co-host Christine Romans let her audience know that Thanksgiving Day was over and done with. Dressed in black from head to toe, the biz whiz beauty sternly warned her attentive audience today not to shop on historically the year’s busiest day unless they had the money. And not only that, the pretty pedant rapped the knuckles of any of her wayward followers that dared step out of line.

In fact, Christine seemed somewhat loathe to cede a scintilla of control or to admit to the faintest of foibles. E.g., one “clueless” Canadian chap Tweeted that she had dressed appropriately for the Black Saturday and looked like a penguin. With more than a hint of sarcasm, Christine sniped, “penguin? really george? there’s no white. gee i always love fashion advice.” Completely chastened, he responded, “the whites of your great smile! you look great by the way and it’s nice to see you in the hosting chair on AM, great job!”

Yes, the author, too, got a bit of Christine’s piqued peck. Yesterday, he had the temerity to tease her yesterday for confiding to John Roberts one day that her mother was actually cooking the Thanksgiving turkey and then telling Joe Johns the next day that she herself would. Today, she peevishly replied, “oh jeesh. i bought turkey, thawed it and spiced it and put it in the roaster. mom took over then while i made pies. hubby carved it.” Perhaps, she was goaded into showing that a country girl from Iowa could cook or she just adventitiously altered her plans and did so. Nevertheless, her aunt Margie has yet to confirm her account.*

Penguin? No, Christine is not a flightless fowl but she is a pretty bird that soars on AM. Black widow? No, she bites but her hubby Ed Tobin survived. (Christine and Ed have two children.) However, she seems as if she could indeed be a delightfully dangerous man killer.

*As AM’s penultimate block opened with a shot of the Windy City, Christine commented, “Ah, my family in Chicago. She continued, “I had Thanksgiving yesterday at Pat and Margie’s house….I give a shout-out to Aunt Margie.”