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Brian: Bimbos & Booze Sometimes Fit Bill

December 2, 2008

Today Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade gleefully reported eight-time gold medalist Michael Phelps’ partying it up with “booze and bimbos,” citing Page 6 of the New York Post. Of the swimming champ and “party animal,” he said, “That’s what happens. When you train every day in the water for eighteen hours and you make history as the most successful Olympian, you need a break; you gotta blow off some stream.” He concluded, “Bimbos and booze sometimes fit the bill.”

Trying to tamp Brian’s enthusiasm down a bit, co-anchor Steve Doocy countered, “My daughter Sally, who’s on the varsity swimming team, she was horrified by the story and there’s another story out there that, apparently, he’s been hanging out with a stripper.” Brian spritefully responded, “Right, they might be in love but he brought her home for Thanksgiving.”

“Really?” asked Gretchen who appeared annoyed throughout Brian’s narrative and segued to the next story about a nine-year old who wrote a book about dating. Perhaps, not too irritated, though. After the story, Gretchen cheerfully related how boys in her fourth grade class in Minnesota would try “to get the girls” by snapping their bras.

Roberts Rusty: Kiran Correct

August 11, 2008

American Morning co-host John Roberts, rarely wrong factually, was a mite rusty this Monday morn as he returned from vacation. In a tease to the segment on swimmer Dara Torres, Roberts mistakenly stated that the forty-one year old phenom had picked up her ninth Olympic medal. In his second promo (after a missive from the author), Roberts, apparently unsure of the Torres actual medal count, merely mentioned that she had picked up a silver medal. However, in the intro to the actual story, Kiran correctly said that it was her tenth and, sweetly so, without noting Roberts’ misstatement.


Special Olympians Slighted

April 8, 2008

On Fox & Friends’ America’s Election Hq segment, Bob Beckel denigrated Special Olympic athletes. As the “debate” with conservative Rich Galen (and moderated by Steve Doocy) over Hillary Clinton’s suggestion to Bush to boycott the Olympics opening ceremony in China ended, Doocy joked that Galen was a bronze medalist in the low hurdles and that Beckel was a former javelin catcher. In return Beckel asked what event Doocy participated in: Doocy replied that it was the biathlon. Beckel jibed, “At the Special Olympics.”*

Beckel, affable liberal commentator for FNC and former national campaign manager for 1988 Democratic nominee Walter Mondale, probably thought that he was making a harmless joke. However, he should apologize to the 2.5 million cognitively challenged people who excel in this extraordinary competition among amazing athletes. Also, Fox & Friends should express its regret for his insensitve utterance and their failure to address it.

Participants in the Special Olympics should be celebrated not slighted.

* 8:19 ET