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Kiran Chetry: “I’ll Never Forget My 1st Time!”

June 9, 2012

“I banged it out. Here was my masterpiece.” Yesterday, former FNC and CNN anchor Kiran Chetry reminisced about losing her virginity-sorry, guys and gals–her news virginity. Teasing her article on her friend Nicole Lapin‘s site, Kiran saucily Tweeted, “I’ll never forget my 1st time! [C]heck out my post on brainchild of my great buddy….”

In her piece, Kiran recalled her first news “hit” as an intern at “News 21,” her local cable news channel in Rockville, Maryland. In an era “before the Internet, BBS, iPhone, [and] GPS,” Kiran recounted the challenge of covering the local school board budget fight: doing her interviews, cutting her “stand-up,” and then “racing back to the station” to write her story with a twenty-minute deadline.

In so doing, Kiran remembered thinking to herself, “Do or die time Chetry!” Kiran proudly proclaimed, “I didn’t die. I banged it out. Here was my masterpiece.” Then, self-deprecatingly, she added that  the “local news cliches,” the “generic introduction to a soundbite,” and “nervous standup with awkward gesturing and holding the mic like an ice cream cone” were all there.

Kiran’s “1st time”: she won’t forget it. Nor will her fans. Stay tuned for the video!