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Clayton Missing Sara?

November 7, 2009

Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Clayton Morris has his viewers and fans wondering exactly what his marital status is. For, at least, the last three weekends he has “ditched” his wedding band. Why? Perhaps, he and colleague Dave Briggs have simply switched inclinations: Formerly, Dave rarely had his on and now he seems to never leave home without it whereas Clayton used to always wear his and now cannot seem to find it.

On the other hand, there may be a less hopeful reason. Of late, he has tended to not publicly discuss his marriage to Sarah Morris. In August of ’08,  Clayton proudly introduced Sara to the F&FW audience in a U-Report photo of his beautiful bikini-clad wife displaying a shark she had landed in New Smyrna, Florida. Almost exactly a year later (August ’09), he conspicuously avoided mentioning her during a “Love & Marriage” segment when co-hosts Dave and Alisyn Camerota readily discussed their respective spouses. The last three weekends have done nothing to dispel the suspicions of his viewers.

Clayton, of course, has a right to his privacy. As such, he is more than free to ignore any questions that people may have. But, he should consider that many of these come from his real fans who care about him and hope for the best for him and Sara.