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Clayton: Natali’s Womb Occupied

November 1, 2011

Natali Morris: “Is there room in my heart for two?” Today Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Clayton Morris subtly disclosed that he and his beautiful wife Natalie Morris nee Del Conti are expecting their second child. Without comment, he RT’d @natalimorris who excitedly wrote, “I’ve entered my 2nd trimester today so I can officially announce that our Baby #2 is loading!

In her linked Mommy Beta post, supra, Natali reveals that she is about six-weeks pregnant (as of October 27, 2011) and appears to display a sonogram of her second one. In her article entitled “Is There Room in My Heart for Two?,” she expresses the profound joy of experiencing her first child, fifteen-month-old son Miles, and the fear that her love for him (her hubby Clayton and their family) may be “at capacity.” However, after she contemplates her expanding family further, she cheerfully concludes, “We are in a good place for another baby. We have moved out of Manhattan so we have the space in our home. And I’m sure we have space in our hearts too. We just don’t know it yet. ”

Congratulations, Clayton and Natali!

[Author’s aside: Exactly two months ago today, Clayton’s F&FW co-host Dave Briggs Tweeted that he and his wife Brandi were expecting their third child.]

Krakauer’s Kiran Scoop?

September 17, 2010

Not quite. Over a week after the author penned Carpe Diem‘s “Crusty John: 2 Curt 2 Kiran?,” Steve Krakauer wrote his  Mediaite piece, “CNN’s John Roberts Scolds Co-Author Kiran Chetry Live On-Air.” Appearing to suggest an exclusive, Krakauer wrote, “A few people have asked us why no one’s written about this jaw-droppingly awkward interaction between American Morning co-anchors John Roberts and Kiran Chetry last week.” (N.B. He did not say that no one had written about it.) Immediately thereafter, he added, “After some searching, we found what they were talking about.”

Krakauer did not have to go far. As someone who has noted that Carpe Diem “chronicles cable news morning shows” and extensively cited this Carpe Diem author in his Mediaite article, “Fox and More Than Friends – A Host and Guest iPregnancy” (about the Clayton Morris/ Natali Del Conte affair), Krakauer simply had to go to Carpe Diem‘s site and find the answer there.

Unfortunately, Krakauer apparently forgot to cite Carpe Diem and/or the author this time. Nor did he even provide a courtesy h/t to Carpe Diem or the author. Meanwhile, Krakauer basks in a surreal h/t from the Huffington Report as its source for its story on Roberts’ rudeness to Chetry.

Update: Krakauer’s appreciated response: “Hey I hadn’t seen it on your site – happy to add an update with a link.”

Father Morris Meddles?

August 15, 2010

Fox & Friends Weekend co-hosts: Pray together with significant other tomorrow morning? The usually nimble Father Jonathan Morris, an FNC contributor, may have gone from preaching to “meddling” this morning on F&FW. During his segment entitled “Pray Together, Stay Together” (concerning a new study published in the August edition of Journal of Marriage and Family), Father Jon noted that only 0.3% of “couples that pray together every day…end up separating.”* As he concluded his story, he pointed in turn to F&FW co-hosts, Dave Briggs, Courtney Friel, and Clayton Morris, asking, “So tomorrow morning, yes, yes, with your spouses?”

Perhaps, not expecting Father Jon to directly apply his homily to them, the three co-hosts looked rather sheepish. With widened eyes, Courtney reluctantly shook her head “yes.” Clayton, perhaps, in the most awkward position, deftly deflected the padre’s query, riposting, “I’ll be praying.” Hedging, Dave answered, “We will keep that in mind.”

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 08/15/10 (@10:24 a.m. ET)

[Aside: As to the alluded to F&FW couples, supra, Courtney is married to CNN Newsource correspondent Carter Evans; Clayton is now together with CNET anchor Natali Del Conte; and Dave is married to attorney and former Colorado Congressional candidate, Brandi Moreland Briggs.]