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Laurie Dhue: “For the Record”

March 12, 2013

“Restoration of [Laurie’s] journalism [career]”? Today, TheBlaze TV announced that it will premier a new series entitled For the Record tomorrow. With a teaser video featuring former Fox News anchor Laurie Dhue, it proclaimed, “The restoration of journalism has begun.” Strangely, TheBlaze TV did not mention Laurie by name in either its promo print or its introductory vid.

Perhaps, after a five-year absence from anchoring a cable news program, the erstwhile FNC/CNN/MSNBC host is making a stealthy return to television journalism. In fact, she herself has neither Tweeted nor FaceBooked publicly her appearance on the premier of For the Record tomorrow. Nevertheless, in a premature update without a citation, Laurie’s Wikipedia page declares, “Laurie Dhue began hosting ‘For the Record’ on the new media channel ‘The Blaze’ on March 13, 2013.”

For the Record: TheBlaze TV’s “Dhue point”?