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Clayton: My Wife in Bed

May 9, 2011

“Happy Mother’s Day. I love you, Hon!” Yesterday, Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Clayton Morris finally shared his wife, Natali Morris nee Del Conte, more fully with his fans. And, she did not seem to mind one whit. In fact, she seemed to revel in their rapt attention–not to mention, his full aegis–at last.

As Fox & Friends Weekend viewers may remember, Natali was rumored to be the gravid illicit lover of a married Clayton slightly over a year ago according to Almost four months later, the CNET TV news anchor (and whilom F&F tech guest) bore their love child: However, Clayton did not acknowledge Natali as his son’s mother even when he proudly heralded baby Miles Benjamin’s arrival with photos and video to the F&FW audience. Subsequently, Clayton wed Natali: Interestingly, he still refrained from mentioning her name on F&FW air even when he showed a photo album of their son which included photos of Natali to his viewers. Nevertheless, on Christmas Day 2010, Clayton began to rectify his omissions by calling Natali “my beloved wife Natali” when he showed a holiday photo of himself and his new family to F&FW fans.

On Mother’s Day, Clayton went one step further and literally embraced Natali as his new spouse on air in what appeared to be a made-for-TV moment. Seemingly, eager to receive this on-air imprimatur, Natali took the “Red Eye” to get to the FNC studio on time according to Clayton’s co-anchor Dave Briggs.* Furthermore, apparently, pumped producers thrice promoted the breakfast-in-bed block with preview shots of the sexy young mom and her adorable child together.

During the segment itself, Clayton served a chef-confected breakfast of soft-crab omelet and mom mimosa to Natali who was sitting in the bed and cradling their baby Miles. As Clayton did, he lovingly took their son into his arms and then kissed Natali on the top of her head, saying, “Happy Mother’s Day. I love you, Hon!” Turning to Clayton with a smile, Natali grabbed his waist and responded, “Thank you very much!”

As the segment ended, Clayton jested, “See, now, this gets me off the hook…from having to do anything else the rest of the day.” As his co-hosts Dave and Molly Line took his toss, they laughed at that notion. Looking down at Natali, Clayton comically queried, “Does it?”  Arching her eyebrows and shrugging her shoulders, a grinning Natali gamely proclaimed, “Sure!”

As the Virginia Slims ads said, “Natali, you’ve come a long way, baby!” Or, rather, was it Clayton?

Fox & Friends Weekend – 05/08/11 (@ 8:01 a.m. ET)

Special F&FW Cast: Future F&F Team?

March 20, 2011

Today, Fox & Friends Weekend (special edition) again turned to F&F‘s real A-Team as U. S. forces attacked Libyan leader Moammar Khadafy’s loyalists with B-2 Stealth Bombers and Tomahawk missles. When the show started, F&FW regular co-anchor Alisyn Camerota declared, “Alright, good morning everybody!…We have special coverage: I welcome in my colleagues, Steve and Brian, in for Clayton and Dave this morning.”* [N.B. For those who missed the import of Aly’s opening announcement, co-host Clayton Morris confirmed, “We were off this morning because of special coverage.”] Interestingly, Aly did not mention F&F‘s weekday missing center-seat co-host, Gretchen Carlson.

Perhaps, Aly’s omission was no mistake. In fact, Gretchen’s unannounced absence would come as little surprise to long-time F&FW viewers: FNC Programming SVP Bill Shine has regularly teamed Aly with Steve and Brian on F&FW special editions. However, more portentively possibly, of late, Gretchen has seemed to have made herself scarce on F&F as her hubby/sports agent Casey Close reportedly leaves his agency, CCA Sports, this month when his five-year contract expires.

Perhaps, Aly’s appearance with the weekday crew is a harbinger of changes to come. If Gretchen does depart F&F for other things as her hubby transitions to a new agency, his own, or otherwise, F&F weekday has a seasoned, alluring alternative, Aly. Furthermore, Shine already appears almost to have begun auditions for F&FW‘s center seat on the curvy couch in February when he presented Fox News viewers with a sexy three-gals-in-three-days weekend revue (starring Dana Perino, Molly Line, and Ainsley Earhardt).

Stay tuned, F&F fans.

[Author’s aside (as to Aly’s potential move to F&F): On F&F this week, Shine substituted not only Aly (Friday) but also America’s Newsroom co-anchor Martha MacCallum (Monday-Wednesday) and the aforementioned FNC correspondent Ainsley Earhardt (Thursday).]

*Fox & Friends – 01/20/11 (@ 6:00 a.m. ET)

Aly’s RESOLVE: Back to NBC

February 27, 2011

To where she once belonged? Perhaps. Wednesday Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Alisyn Camerota excitedly promoted her upcoming infertility awareness interview–not on her current network, FNC, but on her old one, NBC. She Tweeted, “I’ll be on the @todayshow tomorrow at 8:08 am about my volunteer work with an infertility support group and my own story. Hope you tune in!” [N.B. Aly has since deleted this seemingly verboten Tweet made at “10:10 AM Feb 24 by web” but it is available as a true Twitter Retweet here.]

Somewhat surprised by Aly’s future appearance on another network, the author quickly and playfully Tweeted back, “What channel is that on, Aly? ;-) Will u also be talking about ur infertility support group work & ur personal story on F&F, too?”  Aly did not respond.

Nevertheless, Aly made sure that her Twitter followers, including the author, did not miss her interview on the Today Show Thursday. Soon after her appearance on the program, she excitedly Tweeted, “Here’s a clip from my @todayshow appearance this morning!” Only forty minutes later, she linked to a related article that she had penned for Today’s Moms entitled, “Alisyn Camerota: Why I’m speaking out about my struggled with fertility.” However, this weekend, on her own morning news show (Fox & Friends Weekend), Alisyn strangely did not even mention her infertility awareness cause nor her NBC special appearance to tout it.

Or was it so strange? This February does mark the thirteen anniversary  of Aly at Fox News after working at NBC (WHDH-TV Boston). Perhaps, her contract is about to run out and she is considering a return to the Peacock Network. Not too mention, FNC Senior Veep of Programming Bill Shine may have been doing a Fox & Friends Weekend audition with two different gals, Dana Perino and Molly Line, substituting for Aly only last weekend.

Stay tuned. But, to what channel? Both.

[Author’s aside: Re “RESOLVE” in the rubric of this article, Aly serves as a volunteer for RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association. In fact, last year, Aly was a RESOLVE Peer-Led Support Group Leader and the Mistress of Ceremonies at RESOLVE’s 2010 Night of Hope Gala award show.

5 Straight Days: 5 Hot Hostesses!

February 22, 2011

A rehabbed Charlie Sheen’s schedule? No, it was Fox & Friends’ rotation from Friday through today. In quick succession, F&F fans were treated to hot and spicy Alisyn Camerota Friday, attractive brainiac Dana Perino Saturday, gorgeous girl-next-door Molly Line Sunday, sexy Southern belle Ainsley Earhardt Monday, and proud beauty queen Gretchen Carlson today. It was almost as if FNC Senior Programming Veep Bill Shine were giving his viewers the proverbial lady lineup from which to choose to spend some quality time in the near future.

Perhaps, it was merely a matter of Gretchen taking a few weekdays off and Aly vacationing over the weekend. However, it seemed to the author more as if Shine were potentially toying with the idea of changing up his F&F and F&FW casts. E.g., was he considering promoting Aly or Ainsley to F&F weekday and auditioning Dana and Molly for the center seat on F&FW? Or, maybe, Shine simply wanted to make sure that his F&F audiences did not fall victim to the Coolidge effect.

If so, he succeeded.

Molly’s Bottom Line

February 22, 2011

Rick’s secret advice: “break a leg” or “show some leg”? As FNC correspondent Molly Line made her virgin appearance on Fox & Friends Weekend as a guest co-host, she received some sage off-camera advice from her former WFXT-FOX 25 (Boston, MA) colleauge, F&FW meteorologist Rick Reichmuth.* And, F&FW co-anchor Dave Briggs let the viewers in on it. Sorta.

As F&FW began, Dave introduced Alisyn Camerota’s sexy auburn-tressed substitute, Molly. Clad in her short, sleeveless M&M-green dress, she partially obscured her long gams by putting her laptop screen up (unlike her co-hosts, Dave and Clayton Morris). However, she seemed to coyly tease her viewers with her hem hiked just high enough to reveal a scintilla of her apparent Spanx shorts.

And, perhaps, Molly’s distaff display was no accident. Less than ten minutes later, when it was time for the weather forecast, a smiling Dave segued saying, “Let’s get to Rick Reichmuth, who just had the best advice for Molly Line this morning. Unfortunately, we cannot repeat what he said to her just a few moments ago.”** As Molly tittered, a laughing Rick exclaimed, “Watch it, Dave! Watch it!” Then, offering her fans a hint, Molly rejoined, “It was right along the lines of good luck. Right?”

Right along the lines of “good luck”? In the theater, “Break a leg!,” is a traditional good-luck wish (according to  Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable). And, with little doubt, Rick’s unrepeatable advice was a racy take on that entertainment exhortation. Perchance, rather than “break a leg, Molly,” it was “show some leg, Molly!” And, did she ever! In fact, she did him one better: she generously showed both of them–with pluck and aplomb.

Molly: Keeping the “Fox” in Fox & Friends Weekend!

[Author’s aside: To keep up with Molly on Twitter, link here.]

*It was Molly’s first appearance on F&FW as co-anchor according to the author’s recollection.

**Fox & Friends Weekend – 02/20/11 (@ 6:09 a.m. ET)