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F&F’s Puppet Show?

December 11, 2009

Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson conducted a rather strange “dog-and-pony” interview with Ken Shearin, the mayor of St. Joseph, Missouri, yesterday. In a segment subtitled “Stimu-loss?,”  Gretchen scoffingly asked Mayor Ken Shearin how his town had received $100,000 for a martini bar and Brazilian barbecue restaurant. Instead of simply answering, Shearin immediately looked down at his notepad and began to read.

Shearin stated, “Well, to start with, since the government uses no common sense when they hand out money they don’t have, it’s stupid economics that no family business could live with. The stimulus program is nothing more than a wild spending binge on our grandchildren’s checkbook. But, it would be stupid of me not to take whatever we could get from this package for that town. That’s the answer to that.” [Italics added for emphasis.]

Later, when Gretchen asked Shearin how his town’s projects would create jobs, Stearin looked at his “cheat sheet” again and read, “Well, in our case, getting stimulus money for a martini bar and a Brazilian steakhouse was in hope of bringing new life in a downtown area….And even though, it was a paltry amount based on the total, we certainly appreciate it.” After catching his breath, he continued, “Do I wish the federal money would turn Saint Joe into the next Silicone Valley? Yeah. But that’s about as likely as hoping Paris Hilton had talent.”

Later, in the interview, Shearin grew bolder and ad libbed a mite more. When Gretchen asked him if he would keep the money for his town even though Republican Senators Coburn and McCain had said a lot of the stimulus was being wasted, he riposted, “You must be smoking something this morning. No, I would not give it back.” Laughing, Gretchen replied, “Just to set the record straight, I didn’t smoke anything this morning…or, last night.

Almost immediately thereafter, the “pad-o-prompter” mayor returned to form. When Gretchen thanked him for his appearance and tried to end the interview, Shearin peered at his papers anew and read a prolix epilogue (anti-governmental waste but still pro-pork). After patiently abiding Shearin’s statement, Gretchen segued to her co-anchors, Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy.

Gretchen jested, “Brian and Steve, what you smoking?” Brian guffawed and sarcastically stated, “Probably nothing. I just can’t wait to find a puppet show this weekend.” Seemingly, Steve added, “There you go. Nicely funded [somewhat inaudible].”

Puppet, Brian? Or, perhaps, a marionette gone amok?