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Gretch: Cougar 2 Pussycat

May 20, 2010

Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson hid her claws today as she interviewed the newly crowned 2010 Miss USA Rima Fakih.  Last Tuesday, the former 1989 Miss America pounced on rival 2004 Miss USA Shandi Finnessey with a vengence for the racy pics of the 2010 Miss USA contestants, including Fakih, in their lingerie. However, today, Gretchen, armed with those very same photos and additional controversial “pole dancing” pics of Fakih strangely held back. It was as if FNC SVP of Programming Bill Shine had told her to put aside her personal feelings and to treat Fakih with kid gloves.

However, Gretchen did not appear overjoyed with the beauty queen that now reigned impertinently over her own realm (i.e., the Miss America pageant). Unlike her smitten co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade, Gretchen questioned Fakih about her “pole dancing” pics, her runway stumble, and her “controlled substance” gaffe. Although she tried to be congenial, there seemed to be some Artic tundra in tiara land as the two exchanged pleasantries when the segment ended: e.g., when Fakih remarked, “I’ll call you [Gretchen] for pointers [in the 2010 Miss Universe contest].* Gretchen icily laughed, “Alright.”

To the F&F fan, it sounded an awful lot like “That will be a cold day in hell.”

*Fox & Friends – 05/20/10 (@8:27 a.m. ET)

Bad Boy Briggs?

August 28, 2009

Miss Universe 2009 Stefania Fernandez had Fox & Friends guest host Dave Briggs at her beck and call this morning. And, she knew it. Apparently, unable to contain his excitement, the ever ring-less Dave Tweeted about her three times* and posted their pic together.** (Speaking of, watch that right hand now, Dave!) In return, the Venezuelan beauty queen seemed not to mind: in fact, she seemed somewhat to revel in his obvious obsequience.

As the segment began with a beaming Dave quite close to the leggy, brunette beauty on the couch, Gretchen said, “I’m going to let Dave do this because he gets to sit right next to her.” Before introducing the Latin lovely, Dave declared, “Right. I’m so glad that Steve’s off: I’m going to e-mail Steve Doocy this morning.” Then tenderly touching her shoulder, he teased her about her tiara falling off during the post-crowning celebration.

Throughout the interview, Dave could not seem to keep his eyes off of her or to restrain his grinning. As he concluded the segment, he simply said, “Stefania Fernandez, congratulations!” Coquettishly, tilting her head toward him, she gave him an audible air kiss, cooing, “Muuah!”  When Gretchen, in response, exclaimed, “Ooh!” Dave beamed broadly and turned toward Stefania with randily raised eyebrows: Stefania coyly turned away and giggled.”

Dave, Dave!



Aly To F&FW’s Rescue

July 14, 2008

According to TVNewser, Alisyn Camerota will return to Fox & Friends Weekend as co-anchor on July 26, 2008. A stroke of genius! The delicious Italian tart will bring a steady adult hand to the helm to right a listing ship and a saucy, sexy flair to make the ride fun again.

Spicy Aly will have her castrato choir in tune and singing her song in no time. She doesn’t need to tame the boys, Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs, but merely to continue to tutor them. She’ll be no Ainsley! It’s Aly’s world and Clayton and Dave are just privileged to live in it.

As I wrote in an earlier article entitled “Y Ali Can’t Save F&F Weekend,” I do fear that the weekday Fox & Friends will falter without Aly. Try as she must, Gretchen just doesn’t have it. She’s a Miss America in a Miss USA universe. She’s like a liberated June Cleaver that praises the concept of women’s suffrage but doesn’t quite appreciate her new empowerment. The center seat needs a gorgeous gal who can and will set Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade straight without hesitation at a moment’s notice.

Roger, thanks for getting back with the program.