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Juliet’s Amber Ring

October 2, 2011

“Engagement ring?” Strangely, Fox & Friends Weekend guest anchor Juliet Huddy wore her large amber ring on her true ring finger again today.” When a curious viewer inquired whether it was an “engagement ring,” she Tweeted, “Just a ring I bought myself. Doesn’t fit on other fingers.” Perhaps–today.

However, Juliet’s observant fans have seen her amber ring migrate from  her true “ring finger” on her left hand to the corresponding one of her right hand and back again repeatedly. For example, when she was reunited with her former TV hubby Mike Jerrick on F&FW on August 13 of this year, she wore the very same ring on her RIGHT hand.*

Obviously, the thrice-married and thrice-divorced Juliet knows full well the message that a ring on her left ring finger signals. Ergo, she may have fudged the truth a bit today. Yes, physiological factors may determine whether her amber ring fits on her right hand or her left on any given day: However, she may simply be sending somewhat subtle signals to her male admirers from day to day. I.e., “stay away” or “I’m still in play.”

Apparently, today, it was stay away. Or, at least, proceed with caution.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 08/13/11 (@ 7:00 a.m. ET)


Juliet: “This is Weird!”

August 16, 2011

A.S.S.: Caught in Mike’s lap. Fox & Friends Weekend guest co-hosts Juliet Huddy and Mike Jerrick seemed like old flames Saturday. As the two former two-time TV spouses [F&FW and Morning Show with Mike and Juliet] got back together on F&FW, they seemed to reignite that old spark in a “Philly Sandwich” with co-anchor Clayton Morris: But, according to Juliet, it got “just weird” during the After the Show Show (A.S.S.).

As A.S.S. began, Mike, Juliet, Clayton, and meteorologist Rick Reichmuth walked over to the nearby “trading desk” to talk with FBN anchor Nicole Petallides and two other business guests about stocks. With only two seats available (one at each end of the desk), Clayton took one and Mike the other: Meanwhile, Juliet stood behind Nicole and Rick next to Mike. When Clayton began to interview Nicole and before the camera zoomed in on her, Juliet walked over toward Mike as he pulled back his chair. Putting her hand around Mike’s neck, a smiling Juliet then sat down seemingly in his lap (by then off-camera).*

As Nicole finished her answer and the camera panned out for a shot of the whole cast, there sat Juliet comfortably on Mike’s knee!** When Juliet realized that the viewers could see her in Mike’s lap, she smiled and blushed. Chuckling uncomfortably, she stood up and turned to Rick, whispering, “This is weird!”

As Rick sheepishly grinned, Mike looked down as if nothing unusual had happened. Weird? No, just classic Fox & Friends.

*After the Show Show – 08/13/11 (@0.54/5.53)

**Ibid at @1.17/5.53.

Juliet Huddy: Inside a “Philly Sandwich”

August 14, 2011

Clayton Morris: “Juliet, I’ll be over a little bit later to help you with your plumbing.” FNC anchor Juliet Huddy returned to the center seat on the curvy couch this weekend between regular F&FW co-host Clayton Morris and guest co-anchor Mike Jerrick. When Mike noted today that Juliet was with a “couple of Philly guys,” she laughed and naughtily stated, “A Philly sandwich!” And, quite a sandwich it was–at least, yesterday.

As the two-day reunion between Juliet and her former F&FW hubby Mike began Saturday innocently enough, Mike remarked, “All of the sudden we’re back in 2002 (when the two co-hosted F&FW with Julian Phillips).” Clayton chuckled, “Feel like I’m in a time warp, too. Yeah, hi, hey, a third wheel.” But, he did not remain one for the entire show.

About two hours later, after a “Marriage Matters” segment with comedian Steven Crowder, Mike pointed to Juliet, joking, “We’ve known each other so long people do think that we’ve dated….We are like a married couple though: we annoy each other and there’s no sex.”*

Perhaps, with Juliet and Mike’s purported platonic relationship in mind, Clayton decided to make his own Philly “pass” at Juliet about an hour later. After a Home Depot segment on replacing a faucet ended, Clayton tossed backed to Mike and Juliet, randily deadpanning, “Juliet, I’ll be over a little bit later to help you with your plumbing.”** As a blushing Juliet shook her head and smiled, Mike arched his eyebrow and exclaimed, “Well!”

Feigning innocence, Clayton insisted, “She said, she said she needed it!” Reddening even more, Juliet stammered, “I, I, I didn’t.” Grinning goatishly, Mike jested, “It could, it could use some help.” Suddenly, Mike’s words were muted–perhaps, by the producers–as his lips continued to move. Seemingly, still at a loss for words, an embarrassed single Juliet simply giggled in response.

Juliet’s F&FW “Philly Sandwich”: extra beef and a little cheese.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 08/13/11 (@ 7:55 a.m. ET)

**Ibid at 8:42 a.m. ET.

“King” Jerrick: “I Guess I Should Say”

July 10, 2011

“I’m Mike in for, uh, what’s the guy’s name? Uh, Clayton.” After a critical Carpe Diem report yesterday, the “King of Philadelphia” Mike Jerrick seemed eager to assure Fox & Friends Weekend fans that he intended no snub yesterday to his F&FW successor and fellow Philly Clayton Morris. As CD noted, the F&FW alum and great failed to acknowledge Clayton for the second time consecutively on the show (as his replacement host). To make matters worse for Clayton,  his regular F&FW co-host Dave Briggs did not mention him either.

Today, F&FW producers seemed eager to assure Clayton and his fans that they meant no slight. At mid show today, Mike appeared to make light of his conspicuous omission: as the third hour began, he joked, “Hi, everybody! By the way, I guess I should say [that] I’m Mike in for, uh, what’s the guy’s name? Uh, Clayton.” As Mike then chuckled, Dave tried unsuccessfully to suppress a smile. Looking over at Mike, he answered, “His name is Clayton Morris on vacation this morning.”

Feigning ignorance, guest co-host Ainsley Earhardt “earnestly” asked, “Where is Clayton?” Slapping his knee for effect, Dave replied, “Clayton is out West in an undisclosed location.” Grinning at the intended intrigue, Mike interjected, “Is that right? In a bunker?” Dave replied, “I’ll just say out West with his wonderful wife and child. And, we miss them.”

Mike, bravo for your belated hat tip to Clayton.

[Author’s aside: As to Clayton’s whereabouts, no great mystery: He, his wife Natali nee Del Conte, and son Miles are camping in California on a family vacation.]

“King” Jerrick: Clayton Who?

July 9, 2011

Yet again? Yes, Fox & Friends Weekend guest co-host Mike Jerrick returned to the curvy couch today once more without a single word of acknowledgement of the co-anchor that he had replaced, Clayton Morris. His odd omission was made especially conspicuous in light of the fact that his fellow F&FW “guest” co-host Molly Line began each hour proclaiming that she was “in for Alisyn Camerota.” Stranger yet, co-host Dave Briggs likewise failed to mention the vacationing Clayton when he introduced Mike at the start of the show: He simply said, “Good morning to all of you! Molly and Mike are in this morning….It’s been a while, Mike.”

An unceremonious snub to Clayton? Perchance. But, perhaps, the F&FW producers merely deemed it a mite mal a propos to point out that their F&FW golden oldie was subbing for his greener, younger Philly friend. Nevertheless, even F&FW guest Karl Rove seemed to conveniently overlook his chum Clayton’s absence. In fact, when he was introduced for his regular F&FW segment by Mike, Rove fulsomely flattered, “I can’t believe it: We have the king of Philadelphia here in New York today, Mike.”*

Taking his cue, Dave playfully bent over in obiesance twice to Mike as Molly dutifully followed suit, saying, “Now, we have to bow.” Smiling, Rove remarked, “Dave, Molly, I went to Philadelphia and he made me kneel and kiss the ring before he allowed me into the studio. It was really amazing.” As a deadpanning Dave declared “Right,” Molly pointed to Mike’s ring finger, jesting, “Oh! Wow! We had to do that, too, this morning.”

Perhaps, a fitting tribute to the former F&FW royal. But, a tip of the hat to the new kid on the curvy couch who would be king might have been in order, too. Unless, of course, the “King of Philadelphia” is plotting his return to his erstwhile F&FW throne.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 07/09/11 (8:16 a.m. ET)

Mike Jerrick: We’re Not Even the “B” Team

June 12, 2011

Molly Line: “I don’t know what we are: I don’t know what happened.” Nor did Fox & Friends Weekend fans as they were treated Saturday to yet another line-up of co-hosts: “the new girl” Molly Line, golden oldie Mike Jerrick, and steady standby Eric Bolling. Unfortunately, viewers were offered no on-air explanation for the absence of regular co-hosts Clayton Morris, Dave Briggs, and Alisyn Camerota.

As FNC Executive VP of Programming Bill Shine continued to offer up his F&FW iterations du jour with little apparent rhyme or reason, F&FW fans had to look off-air for a clue.  While Aly remained mute on her Twitter page, Clayton and Dave offered their own explanations. Before the show (Friday), Clayton Tweeted, “Enjoying a family vacation….Be back next week.” After the show (Saturday), Dave, tardily wrote, “We’re both at separate wedding’s…sleeping in. RT @MyrtleBeachSC2: WHERE R U AND CLAYTON”

As I pen this article, yet another F&FW incarnation appears: Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt, and Mike Jerrick. As Ainsley and Mike laugh, Steve remarks, “Live from Studio E where there are three people who have never worked together at the same time. Welcome to Fox & Friends.”

Exactly. To paraphrase Forrest Gump, “Life is like waking up to Fox & Friends Weekend. You never know what you are going to get.”

Huddy: Holiday Honey

January 2, 2011

Juliet was back! Fox & Friends Weekend guest host Juliet Huddy reigned anew as she bid 2010 adieu and 2011 bonjour. Substituting for Gretchen Carlson and Alisyn Camerota, respectively, on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, the leggy lovely reminded her audience aptly of F&FW‘s auld lang syne.

F&FW‘s alluring alum brought back fond remembrances to many fans of the era when she once sat in the center seat between her partner-in-mischief Mike Jerrick and the third-wheel Julian Phillips. Sporting a shameless joie de vivre, she then happily traded in the coin of the F&F realm, the double entendre. Emblematic of her embrace of the tawdry trope was her reaction when F&FW would open with Playboy Playmate Jenny McCarthy saying, “Yes, the carpet does match the drapes!”: A sassy, saucy Juliet would blush but beam.

As the new year rolled in, the thrice-divorced Juliet showed that she is still no shrinking violet. Characteristic of her racy cant were her remarks yesterday during the “New Year, New You: Kick Off 2011 by Tossing Useless Things” segment. When her guest said that one might want to throw out a too-tight sweater, Juliet scoffed and and suggested that one might want to toss out an old husband instead.*

F&F‘s golden goddess? Janus Juliet.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 01/01/11 (@ 9:54 a.m. ET)

Jerrick: F&FW’s Golden Goat

September 27, 2010

FOX’s new Morning Show with Mike & Aly (& Clayton)”? No, but FNC’s Fox & Friends Weekend viewers got a glimpse of the goatish golden era of their show this weekend with the return of F&FW‘s former co-anchor Mike Jerrick. The wizened satyr was in rare form as he brashly brought his metro Sexyback swagger to the F&FW set. Unlike the old days when he and Juliet Huddy somewhat reluctantly swapped salacious double entendres in front of a more priggish Julian Phillips on F&FW, Mike freely bantered bawdy innuendos about with both of his appreciative co-anchors, Alisyn Camerota and Clayton Morris.

Mike’s infectious risque humor was evident throughout the weekend. For example, Saturday, Mike and Clayton coaxed Aly into standing up and demonstrating a recent University of Texas study showing that men look at women’s faces for real relationships and their bodies for casual hookups: Subsequently, as a blushing Aly saucily posed for inspection by her male viewers, Mike partially hid her body with his pad and asked if they would like to marry “this woman” and then covered her face and queried if they would like to have a very quick relationship with her. Other salient instances were Saturday when Mike racily asked Aly if she wanted to blow up his (regular) tie during an inflatable tie story and Sunday when Mike, Clayton, and Aly regaled themselves and their audience with some of the most sexually suggestive remarks (pertaining to hammers and a drill during the “All American Handyman” segment) since the old days of Mike, Juliet Huddy, and Julian Phillips.

The old goat was back. And, he was golden as he reminded the audience of the halcyon days of Fox & Friends Weekend when the unfettered co-hosts fully embraced a zany, irreverent, and saucy take on the news. With little doubt, Mike will soon be more regularly gadding and gamboling about the F&FW studio with reckless abandon to the delight of his many fans.

Rick Reichmuth: M.I.A.

September 25, 2010

Fox & Friends Weekend’s Fall? On the very first autumn weekend, Fox & Friends Weekend‘s meteorologist Rick Reichmuth was missing: Noone seemed to notice. On-set colleagues, co-hosts Alisyn Camerota and Clayton Morris (and guest co-anchor Mike Jerrick) did not even mention Rick’s absence. More tellingly, F&FW producers offered no replacement for Rick nor did they feature any weather segment.

So, where is Rick Reichmuth? Not even officemate and BFF Dave Briggs seems to know. The F&FW co-anchor (apparently, not watching the program) ironically Tweeted, “Ahh to sleep in on a Saturday morning, miss you @ClaytonMorris, @rickreichmuth & @alyatfox.” So, do his F&FW viewers–the ones actually watching today.

Rick Reichmuth: M.I.A. Missing in Autumn. But, more importantly, Missing in Action. And, remarkably, without a clue, at least, to the Fox & Friends Weekend audience.

Update: Rick Reichmuth found. Tweeting in, Rick replied: “@Jakeho dude I’m sick as a dog. Horrible flu came on fast last night.”

FNC: Missing Mike?

September 3, 2010

From Gretchen’s “secret” to Janice’s plea, Philly Fox 29 host Mike Jerrick was back–or, perhaps, well on his way back. The former Fox & Friends Weekend co-host received an extra tight embrace from his former colleagues, especially, F&F femmes, anchor Gretchen Carlson and meteorologist Janice Dean today. The bad boy was back and the girls were loving every minute of it.

Welcoming Mike warmly as the show began, co-anchor Gretchen Carlson turned to him and cheerfully announced, “Mike Jerrick [is] back!” As Mike exclaimed, “Good to see you!” and eagerly kissed her cheek, Gretchen continued, “We haven’t seen each other for so long. Or, well, we see other but [have] not worked together.” When Mike then animatedly answered, “Yeah, yeah. It’s been three, four years, I think,” Gretchen turned to the audience and teased, “Coming up sometime during the show, I’m gonna share a secret about Mike Jerrick.” As Mike playfully tensed up and an off-camera floor crew member muttered, “Uh, oh!,” Gretchen added, “There’s many but I’m gonna share one secret.”

Apparently, Gretchen was right. When she segued to FNC meteorologist Janice Dean for her Hurricane Earl story, Janice laughed, “And, can I just say that most women around here have secrets about Mike Jerrick.” Chortling, Gretchen exclaimed, “No kidding!” When Janice concluded her report and tossed back to the co-hosts, Gretchen declared, “Mike’s speechless ’cause he’s wondering what your secret is.” Not quite so, Mike interposed, “I’m very scared about Janice’s secret.” Smiling and shaking her head, Janice sweetly responded, “We love Mike so much! It’s such a pleasure to see you.” Nodding her head, Gretchen concurred, “Very true.”

The lovefest continued unabated. Later, when Janice finished her final weather segment of the program and tossed to the co-hosts, Gretchen stated, “Earlier, I said there’s a secret about Mike Jerrick….I just want to say real quickly that when I started at Fox, you were the nicest person in the world to me. And that’s my secret.”* Seemingly incredulous at her innocuous revelation, Mike queried, “That was the secret?” Gretchen replied, “That’s my secret. And, I, I miss you not being here anymore but I still love you.” Interjecting, Janice pleaded, “We love you. Come back!” Chuckling appreciatively, Mike succinctly answered, “Okay.”

Perhaps, Mike shall–if Juliet Huddy, his television wife (FNC’s F&FW & FOX’s The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet), gets her wish, too. When the author Tweeted, “Would be fun to see Mike [Jerrick] back on w/ you sometime, too, Juliet replied, “Would love to be back on with Mike! Miss him terribly.”

Apparently, Juliet is not alone. And, perhaps, FNC had put out the word to F&F today. Welcome back, black sheep?

[Author’s aside: Today, even one of Mike’s most macho whilom colleagues was showing him the love this morning. During a segment promoting a retrospective on his journalistic work, Geraldo Rivera playfully slapped Mike on the the thigh repeatedly and remarked, “Nice to see you from Philly!” When Mike fondly recalled their spending time together on Fridays, Geraldo replied, “I miss that.” When he added that he had “stopped drinking, though,” Mike jested, “You did? Oh, we can’t hang out.” At least, not during off hours.]

*Fox & Friends – 09/03/10 (@8:42 a.m. ET)

“Pop Tart” Ainsley

August 30, 2010

Mike Jerrick: “Very tarty.” A fun and flirty Ainsley Earhardt returned to Fox & Friends Weekend Sunday. Joining fellow F&FW alum Mike Jerrick and current co-host Dave Briggs, the now single beautiful blond kept her mittens off a married Dave but she trifled with her similarly single Mike. In fact, Ainsley got especially playful during a story on the new Times Square Pop Tarts store and its paraphernalia.

In the Pop Tarts segment, Dave showed off various examples of the store’s wares to the audience, handing out Pop Tarts sushi to Mike to taste and Pop Tarts lip balm to Ainsley to sample.* When Mike tried the tart and reacted in disgust, Ainsley coquettishly commented, “I’ll take it, honey” as she offered Mike her hand for him to spit out the offensive ort. Then, after she had applied the lip balm to her lips, Ainsley commented, “This is good!”: turning toward Mike and puckering up, she teased, “Do you want to taste it?”

Apparently game, Mike leaned in as if to buss Ainsley on the lips but gave her a peck on the cheek instead at the last minute. Witnessing this amorous exchange between his co-anchors, Dave, his eyes widening, exclaimed, “Wow!” Meanwhile, an animated Mike exclaimed, “I love this show!” Glancing at him, Ainsley put down her lip balm in feigned disappointment and cooed, “Aw, I thought I was, I thought I was going to get a kiss this morning.”

As the segment concluded and Ainsley was about to begin reading the headlines, Mike deadpanned, “Very tarty.”

Indeed, Mike.

Fox & Friends Weekend – 08/29/10 (@7:31 a.m. ET)

F&F: Huddy Back Home

July 22, 2010
Fox & Friends guest co-host Juliet Huddy was back where she belongs today–on the curvy couch. Clad in her sexy, short, sleeveless, and scoop-necked fuschia dress, Juliet brought back fond memories of her time in the center seat on F&F Weekend (with carnal Mike Jerrick and haughty Julian Phillips) with her forever fresh, fun, and flirty flair. As usual, she like the current F&FW queen, Alisyn Camerota, proudly took her seat at the table with confidence, sass, and sauciness. I.e., she did not demand the respect of her male colleagues, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade: rather, she expected it and earned it without an apparent second thought. In fact, if anyone needed the approbation, it very well may have been the boys.

Welcome back, Juliet. Stay for a while!

Nicole’s Legs: 2 Hot 4 F&FW?

October 11, 2009

FBN anchor Nicole Petallides was definitely in the Fox & Friends Weekend house this morning. With two different hikes of her skirt she let every red-blooded male viewer know that she was not only there but she was burning it down to boot. In fact, she apparently got a little too hot for the chyron, too.

When co-anchor Clayton Morris eagerly introduced Nicole in F&FW’s first business segment, guest co-host Mike Jerrick stood and gushed, “Oh, there’s Nicole! Ooh, great to see you. Great to meet you! Goodness gracious!” Smiling broadly, she responded, “How are you guys? Good morning!” As she sat down, she pulled back her knee-length dress to more flatteringly reveal her long legs. Subsequently, the camera took appreciative shots of her sexy stems throughout the interview. As that segment ended and co-anchor Alisyn Camerota asked Nicole to stay for another one, the Greek goddess raised the ante and her hem higher, teasing her co-hosts and viewers with a very generous view of her gams.

Apparently, too high for F&FW this morning! When the second segment resumed (with a one-on-one with Mike), the camera generally zoomed in on Nicole’s face or the chyron was kept up, overtly obscuring her lovely legs for most of the interview. But not from Mike’s gaze. As he concluded the segment, he grasped her arm and randily remarked, “This is one that I appreciate. Thank you to Clayton and Aly for just letting us spend some time alone on the couch.” Nicole flirted, “I know. This is really fun.” Interjecting, Clayton commented, “Human resources just called,” and Aly deadpanned, “We’re calling security.”

Once again, Nicole, you got the F&F lads all addled.

“‘Mike Jerk’ in for Dave Briggs?

October 11, 2009

After his less than fab Fox & Friends Weekend yesterday, Bill Shine brought back one of his proven starters, Mike Jerrick, to sub for the vacationing Dave Briggs. Not a bad decision. Today Mike resumed his instant rapport with his co-anchors, Alisyn Camerota and Clayton Morris, and the audience alike.

An example of Mike’s “magic” occurred after the mid-show opening shot of beluga whales in a Honshu, Japan, aquarium blowing bubbles, Mike commented, “You know how they learned how to do this? Co-anchor Alisyn Camerota asked, “How?” Mike joked, “Blowing smoke rings. They’re big smokers.” Aly added, “They have bad habits.” After Clayton queried, “They have [sic] smoke, too?, Mike jested, “This is what you get when I sit in here. Mike Jerk in for Dave Briggs.”*

Perhaps, it was an unintended elision (or the author possibly misheard) but it is the kind of self-deprecatory humor that fans enjoy and have learned to expect from Mike Jerrick. Nice to have not only his former FNC Morning Showing with Mike and Juliet co-star Juliet Huddy back on tap, but Mike as well. Bill, your Mike “Shine’d” today.

Fox & Friends (10/11/09) – @9:30 a.m. ET

F&FW Goes South (with Dave)

October 10, 2009

What happened today to Fox & Friends Weekend? F&FW co-host Dave Briggs decided to go south (Buenos Aires, Argentinea) and, unfortunately, so did F&FW. Filling in for Dave was the somewhat smug, unctuous Peter Johnson, Jr. Unfortunately, he threw co-hosts Alisyn Camerota and Clayton Morris off of their respective games this morning.

Say what one may about Dave, but he knows his place. The sports guys is the beta male: Like the youngest son who wants to be loved and pampered, he knows to go along and not to buck up to the alpha bitch or the alpha male. On the other hand, Johnson, is like the brainy nerd who returns to a school reunion with a new wardrobe, more self-confidence, and unwarranted hubris: He still does not know quite how to fit in.

Unfortunately, FNC Senior Veep of Programming Bill Shine seems slow on the F&FW uptake, too. As long-time fans remember, Shine defenestrated the trio of Page Hopkins, Kelly Wright, and Greg Kelly without warning and rather abruptly replaced them with Ainsley Earhardt, Clayton, and Dave. Then he let F&FW languish long under those callow hands until he was finally forced to conscript Alisyn Camerota to captain the listing ship. Now he appears happy to use the next Hobson’s choice to temp.

Bill, how about riding a new horse? E.g., why not bring Clayton’s fellow Phillie Mike Jerrick back into your stable to substitute? Or use meteorologist Rick Reichmuth on the curvy couch with Domenica Davis replacing him at the green screen? Or even return for the moment to a girl/girl/boy format with former F&FW filly and new contract girl Juliet Huddy back in the mix?

Dave, you were missed.

“Killer” Juliet

October 9, 2009

Romeo & Juliet? Not quite: Rather, Fire & Ice. As Bill Hemmer thanked guest host Juliet Huddy for a “great week,” he offered her not even an air kiss but instead a gentlemanly handshake as the show concluded to the tune of the Killers’ “Romeo & Juliet.”

In a blast from her Fox & Friends Weekend past, Juliet was at her best today: comfortable, self-confident, and extremely sexy in her sleeveless, short blue dress. In many of her previous appearances as temp host (e.g., Fox & Friends and America’s Newsroom) and guest (e.g., Red Eye), she has appeared diffident and discomfited. Today, she seemed different: like her old self as if Mike Jerrick was once again giving her those knowing glances or even whispering a few wicked words in her ear.

Really on tap again: Welcome back, Juliet!

Dave on Mute

August 22, 2009

Today Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Dave Briggs returned from his family vacation to the show tight-lipped. Other than Tweeting an announcement that he was back from the Turks and Caicos islands and a lone landscape beach Twitpic, he said very little. No mention was made of his wife Brandi at all; of his daughter Emerson or son William specifically; or anything that he and his fam did.

As F&FW fans know, Dave generally gushes garrulously when it comes to his wife and kids. However, of late, he seems to be more guarded in his remarks. Even his colleagues seem to have got the message. E.g., when Mike Jerrick, F&FW Dave’s substitute last weekend, asked, “Where is Dave, again?,” co-anchor Alisyn Camerota replied, “He’s on a fabulous vacation:  That’s all you need to know!” In fact, today, when meteorologist Rick Reichmuth mentioned Dave’s holiday in the Turks and Caicos, he then haltingly said, “I don’t know if you’ve announced that’s where you went”: Reassuring him that he had not crossed the line, Dave declared, “That’s where I was, my friend.”

Dave, your most manifest asset has been your apparent love, appreciation, and enjoyment of your family. Even  though the author may pique you on occasion in this regard, do not be afraid to share it with your audience. All in all, you won’t be sorry.


F&FW: Dave’s Really on Vacation

August 16, 2009

Fox & Friends Weekend practically screamed to its viewers that Dave is still around. With the return of the popular former F&FW co-anchor Mike Jerrick to guest host the show, F&FW seemed to want to tamp down speculation that his stay may be more permanent. As long-time F&FW viewers may remember Page Hopkins was once, too, on “vacation” and famously did not return to host the program.

In fact, Mike Jerrick brought up the subject as the program opened: He asked, “Where is Dave, again?” As co-host Clayton Morris began to answer, colleague Alisyn Camerota cut in and said, “He’s on a fabulous vacation:  That’s all you need to know!” Mike laughed, “That’s all I need to know?” Aly riposted, “Yeah!” Since then Dave has been mentioned five more times and Mike’s being in for him thrice more.

Ergo, viewers, the message appears clear: Dave is really on vacation.

Hottie Huddy Reappears

August 15, 2009

FNC’s Juliet Huddy dumped her frump front last night in her return to Red Eye. Perhaps, responding to the author and her Twitter followers, she jettisoned her “priggish schoolmarm” attire (e.g., Live Desk Tuesday) and her very caz jeans-and-shoes style (a la an earlier RE appearance).* In their stead, the blond beauty re-embraced her hottie look: Juliet sported a sexy short, sleeveless golden dress and matching chic tall, strappy stilettos.

Perhaps, not so ironically, Juliet appeared on Red Eye just hours before her former FOX Morning Show with Mike and Juliet co-star Mike Jerrick made his triumphant return to Fox & Friends Weekend. Apparently, she wanted to remind her fans that she’s back, too. And in rare form.



F&FW 2day: Past or Future?

August 15, 2009

“I like [M]ike!” For long-time fans of Fox & Friends Weekend, the return of former F&FW co-anchor Mike Jerrick was a welcome blast from the past. The “old master” showed that he still had the goods, i.e., a wicked wit, audacious ad libbing, and a real rapport with the audience.

Today was a delightful amalgam of the various incarnations of F&FW (save the Page Hopkins, Kelly Wright, and Greg Kelly one). Mike represented the first (Mike, Juliet Huddy, and Julian Phillips); Alisyn Camerota the second (Aly, Kiran Chetry, and Julian Phillips); and Clayton Morris the penultimate one (Clayton, Ainsley Earhardt, and Dave Briggs). Of course, F&FW has had various other manifestations that were too fleeting to mention.

Today Mike, Aly, and Clayton informed and entertained the viewer seamlessly. It was as it should be–especially, on the weekend. No self-absorption, cause celebres, or excessive emotiveness. They simply allowed their audience to sit back and enjoy their coffee, mimosa, or other fave bev.

Bravo, Aly and the boys!