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FNC’s Sweet Schadenfreude?

April 2, 2011

Christine Romans, “you’re just carrying the water for Mr. Obama.” Last night, FNC ratings juggernaut, the O’Reilly Factor, led with this caustic charge against the CNN anchor by CIA counter-terrorism analyst Michael Scheuer. This morning, Fox & Friends Weekend ran it thrice and gave Scheuer himself another shot at the co-host of its CNN rival, American Morning.

As Carpe Diem first reported, Romans and her co-anchor Kiran Chetry’s interview of Scheuer on the CIA’s role in Libya Thursday turned rather testy as it concluded. When Scheuer bemoaned the U.S.’ “spend[ing] enormous amounts of money [where there are no U.S. interests at stake] at a time when we’re nearly bankrupt,” Romans lectured, “And that’s a whole ‘nother story….The economy and this mission in Libya are two separate issues.” Acerbically, Scheuer responded, “They’re not separate issues, ma’am. You’re just carrying the water for Mr. Obama.” Bristling, Romans riposted, “I’m certainly not carrying anyone’s water!”

Last night, O’Reilly opened with an abbreviated clip of that very scene with Scheur’s saying, “You’re just carrying the water for Mr. Obama!” and Romans’ responding, “I’m certainly not carrying anyone’s water”: Concomitantly, O’Reilly remarked, “Former CIA guy Michael Scheuer attacks CNN for what he sees as biased coverage of Libya. We’ll get into it.”

Shortly thereafter, during his first Factor segment titled “War and Money,” O’Reilly aired more of the caustic exchange as described, supra. After doing so, he declared, “Right now the Libyan action is estimated to have cost the U.S.A. more than a half  billion dollarsm and, of course, the figure will rise. Not mincing words, he confidently concluded, “The CNN anchor is wrong when she says the Libyan action and the American debt are separate. They are not!” Elaborating, he added, “Sad truth is every action America takes from now on will have to be evaluated from a cost standpoint: That’s what happens when you’re 14 trillion dollars in debt.”

Today, Fox & Friends Weekend appeared to more patently revel in their CNN rival’s plight as they aired the diss of Romans repeatedly (twice in promos for their interview of Scheuer and once during it) and provided a facile forum for Scheuer to sneer anew at Romans. During the segment, “‘Flickers’ of Qaeda [in Libya]”, co-host Alisyn Camerota aired the AM clip and “innocently” inquired, “Michael, what, what did you object to in how it was being depicted there?”*

Smiling sardonically, Scheuer answered, “I always get a little angry when people treat me as if I’m dumber than I look.” As Camerota chuckled at his jest, Scheur sniped again at Romans, remarking, “And, to argue at a time when the government’s belly up with finances and we’re spending a hundred million dollars a day…on a useless war in which we shouldn’t be involved and say there’s no connection between the two is just apologizing for the [Obama] administration.” [Italics added for emphasis.]

FNC sweet Schadenfreude? Nah. Just a Roman(s) holiday.

Author’s aside: Ironically, in the background of the AM clip and the controversy stands CNN’s Kiran Chetry, American Morning‘s Aphrodite. As Romans receives its fire, FNC may be more than happy if its erstwhile rising star (and former Fox & Friends co-anchor) suffers some of the collateral damage. Especially, if boss Rupert Murdoch deems her to have crossed his proverbial Rubicon.

Update: Fox & Friends Weekend Scheuer interview vid (courtesy of J$P).

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 04/02/11 (@ 9:19 a.m. ET)