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“Booty-Shaking” Anna Kooiman: Must See!

July 27, 2012

Fox & Friends fails to deliver: BUT, Carpe Diem does. Sexy FNC anchor Anna Kooiman graced the set of F&F Wednesday as she subbed for Gretchen Carlson. Possibly, suffering from the Coolidge effect, her co-host Brian Kilmeade appeared especially appreciative of the comely former fitness instructor. As the second hour of the show began, Brian asked, “Can I reveal one way in which you get ready for the show?”* Presciently, co-anchor Steve Doocy asked, “Is it going to wind up on a blog?”

When a timorous Anna asked, “What?,” Brian replied, “Everyone gets ready for the show differently. Steve stretches….Anna, you, you sometimes dance to get yourself in the [inaudible].” Sensually smiling and coyly ducking her head, Anna answered, “I like to, I like to do a little dancing.” As the producer then began to play some grooving music, she continued, “Plug in the iPod, and” as she saucily swayed on the curvy couch.

Intrigued, Steve asked, “What kind of dancing, out of curiosity, jitterbug?” Chuckling, Anna replied, “Not the kind of dancing that I would want anybody to see.” Grinning, Brian queried, “Really, do you do the hustle?” Giggling, Ann revealed, “Some, some booty shaking!”

“Now you’re singing my song!,” Brian exclaimed. Laughing, Steve interposed, “Maybe in the After the Show Show.” Interjecting, Anna teased, “In the comfort of my own home when nobody can see.”

Still hopeful, Brian continued, “It’s the only time the After the Show Show will out-rate the regular broadcast show.” Reddening but beaming, Anna tittered, “Two minutes after the hour now. Oh, great! Now I’m embarrassed.”

Unfortunately, for her F&F fans, a game Anna did not get a chance to dance in the After the Show Show. Instead, Steve had her jump in the “bouncy house” and slide down the slide twice.” Somewhat sexy: Still, F&F failed to come through in the end.

But, Carpe Diem delivers–a “booty-shaking” Anna Kooiman at her very best! CD found frisky footage of Anna as fitness instructor at Dowd YMCA putting on a riveting holiday performance with her hottie colleague Meridith Roy (as they taught a “full wall-to-wall” class at a 2008 Turbo Christmas Party). For longer close-up vids of her working her magic at the “Y,” link here and here. Must-see Anna!

*Fox & Friends – 07/25/12 (@ 7:01 a.m. ET)