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Beck: Baucus or Bacchus?

December 11, 2009

FNC’s Glenn Beck seemed to indicate they may be one and the same, i.e., Montana’s Democratic Senator Max Baucus. As he derided the government’s burgeoning salaries, he revealed his favorite outrage, the raise given by the Senator Baucus to his then aide and girlfriend Melodie Hanes in 2008.*

With large pics of the two juxtaposed, Beck turned toward Hanes’ photo and said, “He gave $14,000 of your dollars in a pay raise to this woman.” Tapping her pic, he stated, “She’s a looker. Or, at least, that’s what he thought. Oh, yeah!” Beck added, “He was romantically involved with her.”

Then Beck elaborated, “Later that year, he took her on a taxpayer-funded trip to Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Oh, that’s fantastic!” Pointing at Hanes’ picture again, he laughed, “Even though that’s not her specialty, foreign policy.” Then, giving the visual image of Senator Baucus a suggestive jab to the chin, he rhetorically queried, “Oh, Max! What is her specialty? Rwwrr!”

Yow! Beck may bawl like a baby but he’s got balls.

*The Glenn Beck Show – 12/11/09 (@5:11 p.m. ET)