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FDR, Reagan, Obama?

January 20, 2009

On this first day after Martin Luther King Day 2009, President-elect Barack Obama ushered in a new era in civil rights history. As thousands streamed into the Washington Mall in the pre-dawn hours, American Morning’s Kiran Chetry called it “a day for the ages” and Fox & Friends Gretchen Carlson dubbed it a “very special day.” It is indeed historic: when President-elect Barrack Obama takes the oath of office, America will have it first black or biracial president.

According to a recent CNN poll (January 12-15, 2009), an overwhelming majority of blacks say that Martin Luther King’s vision has been fulfilled. Almost on schedule. In a recently released BBC interview, Dr. King foresaw the election of a black American president “in less than forty years”: he was only four years off.

To all of America’s citizens, like FDR and Reagan before him, a handsome, charismatic, eloquent, and optimistic Obama offers much needed hope in dire economic times. Will he similarly succeed? He appears confident and eager: Let us all hope that he and his experienced team are up to this momentous task.

Obama Smeared by Bush/Clinton Cabal

March 17, 2008

As Barack Obama rode high in the polls against Hillary and threatened the maverick McCain, one could hear the incestuous dual dynasties of Bushes and Clintons sharpening their swords. The first black presidential candidate with a real chance of success has been soaring with our national bird lately and threatening the two families’ control of the White House. He leads in the popular vote, the pledged delegates, and total delegates and appears poised to take JFK’ and MLK’s mantles. Now Fox News’ unlikely pair, GOP cheerleader Hannity and Clinton shill Geraldo, are slamming Obama and questioning his presidential bid because of the ramblings of Obama’s pastor. Respected NPR and FNC contributor Juan Williams, a seeming supporter of Hill, is piling on albeit in his suave, sophisticated, and mellifluous manner. On this St. Patrick’s day, Obama must beware the snakes that may threaten his bid.