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Cane Careless Clayton

December 13, 2008

Fox & Friends co-host Clayton Morris, a self-professed history buff, displayed a wanton disregard for historical facts. As to Andrew Jackson, in each of the “Bad Hair Club for Men” segments, he accused “Old Hickory” of caning someone in the Senate. However, the only caning incident in the Senate was that of Massachusetts Senator Charles Sumner by South Carolina’s irate Representative Preston Brooks for some injudicious comments concerning Brook’s ill kinsman South Carolina’s Senator Butler. The author had hoped that a producer fact check would rectify Clayton’s historical mistake: unfortunately, no one, including colleagues, Alisyn Camerota, Dave Briggs, or Rick Reichmuth called him on it.

Furthermore, ironically, in a “48 Liberal Lies…” segment, Clayton committed a more egregious error with his assertion that both Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev ended the war: no, Ronald Reagan, Maggie Thatcher, and Pope John Paul II won that war.

Gretch Growls: Quinn Quails

September 10, 2008

Fox & Friends co-host Grethen Carlson gave no quarter today to the Washington Post’s Sally Quinn. Taking umbrage at Quinn’s questioning of Republican vice presidential nominee Governor Palin’s capability to help govern the nation as a mother, Gretchen growled, “It’s my belief that it supercedes politics right now because culturally we’re speaking about the role of women: you can imagine that I might be sensitive to this as a working mom of two small children and also as a former Miss America who was annihilated before I ever opened my mouth which is essentially what you did to Governor Sarah Palin before you heard her speech.”

Quinn responded, “I think you’re absolutely right about that. I did underestimate her not because she was a former beauty queen but because I felt that she was not chosen because she was the most qualified to take over as the president.”

Gretch countered, “Do you ask those same questions of men?”

Sally Cleaver “explained” that the role of fathers and mothers are very different. If a mother of children wants to be America’s “Iron Lady” like Israel’s Golda Meir, Great Britain’s Margaret Thatcher, or Pakistan’s Benazir Bhutto, apparently, she must wait until her children grow up. According to this outmoded logic, an American father is much better suited and gender appropriate for this exalted role.