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F&F “Flipped Off” by Thompson Square Fan

July 7, 2012

An “All-American Summer” M.I.A. Salute. Yesterday, Fox & Friends may have got more entertainment than it bargained for during its 2012 summer concert series from Thompson Square. As the Academy of Country Music Awards’ “Vocal Duo of the Year” opened the final hour of the show with their hit “I Got You,” one fan provided the F&F co-hosts and their viewers a little extra excitement: When the camera panned the enthusiastic audience in the plaza, that overly exuberant fan, a Jack Osbourne Mini Me or wannabe, gave it a “double-birded” salute.* Rather than be offended, F&F guest co-host Dave Briggs and regular co-anchors Brian Kilmeade and Gretchen Carlson seemed to relish the miscreant munchkin’s irreverence unlike Madonna’s derisive reaction to M.I.A. after her similar Super Bowl mid-show hijinks.

As Thompson Square’s began to conclude their Top 10 hit, Dave, trying to contain himself, chuckled, “That is your 2011 Country Music Duo of the Year.” In reply, Brian jested, “And, that family [with the bad boy] thought they were number one.” After howling with laughter, Gretchen rejoined, “Doubly, they thought that they’re number one.” Tying in aptly to a prior segment, an amused Dave declared, “Earlier, we talked about the most annoying hand gestures: Uh, that should have been two of ’em!”

Annoying? Perhaps. But, hilarious!

Update: Vid (courtesy of Johnny Dollar via his J$P).

Fox & Friends – 07/06/12 – (@ 8:01 a.m. ET)

Kiran in Red

November 6, 2009

But, not for long! Forbidden religious symbol, “cause” jewelry, or other? Whichever it was,  American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry shed her red bracelet shortly after the opening shot. Perhaps, Jamie Kraft or a subordinate producer whispered in her ear: Regardless, she inexplicably took it off forthwith.

As to “cause” bracelets, co-anchor John Roberts sometimes wears his vivid yellow Lance Armstrong “LiveStrong” cancer awareness one. Ergo, it would make little sense that Kiran could not wear hers. However, she may not have wished to fully embrace that particular cause in public quite yet. (Red bracelets have been associated with AIDS, heart disease, diabetes, cancer awareness, and, bizarrely, even with anorexia (pro). [No the author does not think that Kiran has anorexia nor advocates it.]

With regard to a religious symbol, was Kiran possibly wearing a Kaballah red wristband or, perhaps, a Hindu one? As to Kaballah (a Jewish mystical sect formerly adhered to by her music idol Madonna), she was probably not wearing its red string wristband because it would have been properly worn on her left wrist. As to the Hindu religion, being born in Nepal, “the world’s only Hindu Kingdom she may have been tardily and covertly celebrating the Teej festival (where married women dressed in red “pray for a long life and the well-being of their husbands).” Or, even a subtle salute to her inner Sitka or both.

Did AM’s spicy hostess have a much more mundane motive? Perhaps. Perhaps, not.

John Roberts: “WTF!”

August 12, 2009

Not yet. American Morning co-anchor John Roberts has not quite dropped the “f” bomb but he came ever closer today. Less than two months ago, he used the hybrid “frucking” in frustration at a teleprompter’s bad info.* Today he went one step further and exclaimed, “WTF!”

During a “Best Band in the Land” segment which ranked the top acts, the rankings were as follow: Beatles at #1, Elvis at #5, Carrie Underwood #9, Jimi Hendrix #11, and Madonna #17. John, the Hall of Fame former MuchMusic veejay, said, “Wow! Wait a minute. Carrie Underwood at #9? I like Carrie Underwood just fine but WTF with her being in the top ten!” After audible ooh’s and laughter from the crew, John asked, “I didn’t do it again, did I?”

Chuckling, co-host Kiran Chetry disingenously declared, “I don’t know what that means!” Laughing, John responded, “What the flip? What the flip is she is doing in the #10 or #9 spot?”

Yes, John: You did it again! Now where does Britney rank on that list?


AM (08/12/09) – @7:49 a.m. ET