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Camerota Gets Naked– Yet Again!

May 25, 2015

Aly Cat: Rowrr! Today, sexy New Day anchor Alisyn Camerota provided her male admirers with a view that they will relish. A Playboy spread? Not quite. But, she did show some skin–the sight of her naked ring finger this morning.

Lest Aly’s amorous acolytes get too excited, she has gone bare before. After an unexplained two-month absence from her then show Fox & Friends Weekend, she similarly doffed her connubial bling when she appeared as a Fox & Friends¬†Friday guest co-host: Of course, Loverboy was performing “Everybody’s Working for the Weekend” that Friday for F&F’s 2011 “All-American Summer” concert series that day and the bohemian hottie was ready to party (vid). A few years later, (01/04/14), Aly was at it again as she flashed her tanned nude marital ring finger to her acolytes when she guest co-anchored America’s News HQ.

Now, Aly has changed networks from the irreverent cable news ratings champ network Fox News to the more staid 24/7 cable news pioneer. Now, her hemline often drops too low and her neckline rises too high. But, she is still giving her fans the finger–not the mean one.

“Naked Aly”: It has a certain seductive ring to it. For her fervent votaries, it resounded all the more today. Rowrr: Aly Cat is back–at least, for today!

¬†[Author’s aside: Re Aly Cat, “ages ago,” when Aly guest co-hosted a segment with Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade on F&F about with what animal the co-anchors identified most, Aly purred, “Cat.” (For curious F&F fans, Steve answered, “Unicorn,” and Brian declared, “Lion.”)]

Aly Rocking & Ringless Again?

February 4, 2014

Camerota’s new “camera.” Today, America’s News HQ anchor Alisyn Camerota got a new room with her hunky single counterpart, Bill Hemmer. Rocking without her marital rock this afternoon (a la F&F 06/10/11), the sexy siren brought her beauty and brains to bear as she and Bill proclaimed the news again from the “broom closet” (because of “technical issues”).* Safely ensconced behind a desk that blocked a view of her svelte shape, the Bristol Bay babe brought very little to bare–but she did flash her naked bronzed ring finger.

Yesterday’s “Lovergirl” Aly: “Working [it] for the weekend”? Her F&FW fans can only hope.

*America’s News Headquarters – 01/04/14 (@ 1:33 p.m. ET).

Aly’s Back: She’s Rocking–& Ringless!

June 10, 2011

But, still “working for the [F&F] weekend”? After an unexplained two-month hiatus from her weekend show Fox & Friends Weekend, co-host Alisyn Camerota appeared today as guest co-anchor on F&F, the weekday version (to the hopeful elation of her concerned fans). As the show started to strains of Loverboy’s 1981 hit “Everybody’s Working for the Weekend” (with the cam showing the still-empty “All-American Summer” stage), Aly could be heard saying, “We’re rocking out. This is the perfect song for a Friday, obviously: It’s the battle cry for the weekend!” Indeed, for both Aly and her acolytes today.

When the F&F cameraperson panned to the curvy couch to start the show, there sat Aly betwixt co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade. Looking as alluring as ever–albeit more demurely attired in a crew-necked, sleeveless, over-the-knee royal blue dress, Aly held both her hands high atop her knee initially. However, suddenly, she subtly shifted her left hand lower in her lap almost subconsciously–as if she had something to hide.

Perhaps, for a moment, she had forgotten the lesson that she should have learned from Clayton about two years ago that such attempts are usually futile. Nevertheless, as F&F progressed, Aly seemed to lose her shyness and give her left hand freer and freer rein. Before the end of the show, F&F’s Lady Godiva was ready to show her “Peeping Toms” that she was unashamed and to offer them full views of her nakedness–at least, that of her ring finger. Stripped of her erstwhile ever-present wedding band, Aly was ready to be the bohemian free spirit of the ’80’s again by the conclusion of F&F.

As F&F segued from the main part of the show to its “All-American Summer” concert, Aly donned a “hep” headband and a matching wristband.* When Loverboy later took the stage and began to perform their raucous anthem, “Working for the Weekend” for Aly, her fellow F&F co-hosts, and the audience, Brian playfully placed Aly onto his right shoulder.*** Then, as Steve dutifully provided his shoulder as well to Aly, the real queen of F&F started to sway sensually atop her boys with a sexily hiked skirt and a saucy, sassy smile.

Subsequently, in the final segment, the three co-hosts anticlimactically discussed their previous revelry on stage with their audience. Steve explained, “Us [sic] hoisting Alisyn up on our shoulders was Brian’s idea….Suddenly, he’s going, ‘Let’s break apart and see what happens.” Grinning, Brian replied, “No, I said, ‘Let’s get her [inaudible] and bounce her around a little.” As Aly shook her head and smiled, Loverboy lead singer Mike Reno leaned in toward Aly and amorously remarked, “It looked good to me!”***

No doubt, Mike. And, as for “everybody’s [still] working for the weekend”? Exactly, especially, if it includes Aly anew–with or without her ring.

*Fox & Friends – 06/10/11 (@ 8:47 a.m. ET)

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