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Molly Line: Too “Perfectly Precious”

May 11, 2011

To be Alisyn Camerota’s replacement? Gollum’s gold and Juliet’s gain. Green Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Molly Line missed a golden opportunity Sunday to introduce herself to viewers as co-anchor Alisyn Camerota extended her month-long hiatus from FNC’s top-rated weekend morning show. Apparently, with little thought to the fact that fan fave Juliet Huddy appears to be vying to reclaim her former F&FW center seat, the Boston beauty–and her mom–seemed to inanely squander a choice chance to connect with the F&FW viewers but, rather, riantly reveled in her relative obscurity.

As F&FW showcased the individual co-hosts and their respective mothers Sunday, Molly and her mom were first in the queue. When F&FW producers got both Lines on the “telephone line” for a family segment, Molly and her mom Pat began to exchange the usual pleasantries.* Hoping to spice up the conversation a soupcon, co-anchor Clayton Morris interjected, “Pat, we need a little story about Molly here: can you share….some skinny on your daughter? Any embarrassing stories from childhood?”

Laughing, Ms. Line mused, “Embarrassing stories? Let’s see. ” Feigning fright, Molly exclaimed, “No, no…no, no.” Trying to nudge Ms. Line on despite her daughter’s protests, Clayton inquired, “Alright, here’s embarrassing. What did she get you for Mother’s Day?”

Prosaically, Ms. Line answered that Molly’s presents were plants and began to elaborate. Interjecting impatiently, co-anchor Dave Briggs pleaded, “But, but Mom’s changing the subject. Pat [Line], we know you have a story.”

Interrupting, Molly remarked, “No, I liked Mom changing the subject. That was brilliant! Mom’s a smart lady. Mom’s a smart lady.”

Shaking his head, Dave asserted, “Pat, we’re not letting you off the hook.” Turning to Molly, he commanded, “Zip it! Zip it!” Then pointing at the camera, Dave declared, “Pat, tell us something. We don’t get to anchor with this young lady every weekend.”

Chuckling, Ms. Line replied, “No, she was [a] perfectly precious child.”

A perfectly precious child. Out of the camera’s view., Clayton derisively responded, “Awww!” Much more appreciative of her mom, Molly replied, “You are brilliant! You’re brilliant. See, she’s on my team. She’s in my corner.” Then, perhaps, speaking for his F&FW audience, Dave aptly exclaimed, “Boo!”

“Boo,” indeed. Molly, your mom is doubtlessly brilliant and in your corner but Clayton and Dave were quite right. You may be a Fox but you need to learn to be more of a Friend, especially, if you ever hope to anchor with them every weekend.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 05/08/11 (@ 7:34 a.m. ET)