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Roberts Tied Up

January 7, 2009

Like Ali Velshi, it appears that American Morning’s co-anchor John Roberts received word from the boss. Ali had to lose his goatee, and now, apparently, John has to regain his tie. In a segment with Roberts for fellows who need to get or keep a job, “recessionista” Lola Oggunaike reported on the need for men’s Spanx, manicures, matching leathers, and subtle scents. Lola assured Roberts that he passed the test with flying colors with or without a tie. Roberts responded, “If I don’t care about my appearance, there are several people whom I will hear from immediately.” Then he added, “You know, it’s kinda looking like the tie is here to stay.”

Humorous aside: After Roberts segued to co-host Kiran Chetry, she, employing a subtle double entendre, remarked, “One other tip: Shine your shoes because you never know when Richard Simmons is going to show up, grab your foot, and start kissing it. And that’s when the men’s Spanx come in handy, too.”