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Kelly: Brian, “O-tay, Buckwheat!”

October 20, 2008

FNC Washington correspondent Kelly Wright did not exactly relish being called the new Molly Henneberg, the name of his blond white Washington bureau colleague, a die-hard Washington Redskins fan. After Kelly complained of Washington being “dissed” with no Redskins game news, Brian Kilmeade said that he would put him on if he “cut the highlights.” Steve Doocy asked, “Is he the new Molly Henneberg?” Brian replied, “He is the new Molly, baby!” Kelly retorted, “Oh, tay, Buckwheat,” mimicking the controversially stereotypical black character in Hal Roach’s popular children’s series.

Seeming to sense some possible racial implications to the exchange, Steve raised his eyebrows and shook his head. However, without thinking Brian responded, “At least it’s not Stymie,” another black “Our Gang” character. After Steve gave him the eye, Brian quickly added, “I no longer go by the nickname Spanky,” a white main child actor in the show. Coming to Brian’s aid, Steve joked, “Not at work, at least.” Perhaps, oblivious to any subtext, Gretchen Carlson just hid her face in laughter.