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Palin: Was the AMFix In?

November 17, 2009

Even if she was on Oprah, SARAH PALIN WILL NOT BE PRESIDENT! American Morning viewer, if you did not get the message in the first hour, it was repeated in a less than subliminal fashion throughout the next two hours. Before each of its three Sarah Palin segments (two by Carol Costello and another by Christine Romans), a clip of Conan O’Brien’s monologue on the Tonight Show was run.

[In the selected snippet, Conan joked, “The other day Sarah Palin said that she would like to have coffee with Hillary Clinton. Now, Hillary is saying she looks forward to it. The two have agreed to meet at the Never Will Be President Cafe.”]

If the Palin slights had stopped at Conan’s comedy, they would have seemed insignificant. However, Carol’s “Palin vs. Oprah” story (which ran twice) seemed to go over the top to discount Palin’s appearance on the talk show queen’s program yesterday. In the promo to Carol’s segment, AM co-host Kiran Chetry had said, “It was Sarah Palin and Oprah: Very interesting, very interesting sit-down interview. And, we’re gonna have Carol Costello join us: she sat down with Libertarians, Independents, Democrats, and Republican women, and said, ‘Hey, what did you think?” However, when Carol appeared after the break, she remarked, “I sat down with four very sharp women, and you know what they thought of the interview? Boring!”

Then she said, “I talked with these four women, a Republican, a Libertarian, a Conservative, and an Independent to watch [sic] Palin vs. Oprah. We chose not to talk to a Democrat because Sarah Palin doesn’t seem to be trying to win over Democrats.” More telling, and, perhaps, a bit damning, she added, “Let’s face it: We know what Democrats think of Sarah Palin.” (She failed to note that according to most polls, approximately 80% of the media votes Democratic.)

Furthermore, Carol did not tell theĀ  viewer how these four women in the focus group were chosen nor their particular political proclivities. E.g., she did not apprise the audience that the Independent Leighann Lord, who claimed that Palin had “almost trivialized the serious decision of abortion,” has been a pro-Obama HuffPo blogger. Moreover, Carol’s other three panelists appeared to be coastal “country club” Republicans at best: one (Jamie Maarten) was an Ivy League Libertarian prez who proclaimed that Palin “was well-spoken” (but cattily added “she did look nice but I feel it stops there”); the second (Marianna Picciocchi) was a “conservative” attorney who asserted that the interview was “boring” and later admitted that her friends, “of course, are all liberal”; and the third (Joyce Giuffra) was a former press secretary of failed GOP nominee Bob Dole, who indicated that she would not be buying the book but clairvoyantly discerned that “supposedly in a 432-page book, only 13 pages were dedicated to policy issues.” Incredibly, Carol stated that these women wanted “substance” [political]–from an Oprah interview. (Perhaps, they prefer their news from Oxygen as well.)

This segment should be an embarrassment to correspondent Carol Costello, American Morning, and, by extension CNN. Perhaps, AM executive producer Jamie Kraft did not get the memo from CNN news chief Jonathan Klein. According to the New York Post, Klein wants CNN “to position itself as an opinion-free, middle-of-the-road alternative to its cable news rivals — conservative Fox News and liberal MSNBC.”

American Morning should have followed Klein’s admonition and played it down the middle. AM is a good show with excellent anchors and gifted correspondents. Its viewers deserved better today. Hopefully, they will get it tomorrow and in the future.

Kilmeade: Chickenhawk or Patriot?

May 19, 2009

Former Minnesota governor/pro wrestler Jesse Ventura tried to give Fox & Friends co-anchor Brian Kilmeade a polemic piledriver this morning. In an interview hawking Ventura’s book, “Don’t Start the Revolution without Me,” Brian queried the libertarian independent as to why he was so down on the Bush administration’s “intensive interrogation” tactics. Animatedly, Ventura replied, “I have been waterboarded: It is torture. I can speak from experience: It was part of…training that I went through as a Navy Seal.” Brian sharply inquired, “And are you okay now?” Jesse answered, “I’m fine. Brian responded, “So is Khalid Sheik Mohammed.”

As the discussion continued, it became more and more spirited. Ventura strongly asserted that waterboarding was illegal and that is why America does not do it to its domestic criminals, like gang members and Timothy McVeigh. Brian acerbically asked, “Do you not want us to be attacked?” Dismissively, Ventura declared, “Don’t come after me with that nonsense.” Later, he patronizingly proposed, “Get waterboarded: then we’ll ask you [whether waterboarding is torture].”

To a smirking Ventura, Brian exclaimed, “I’m not blowing up America….These are the people that cut off Danny Pearl’s head, and you’re worried about their welfare.” Ventura countered, “No…I’m worried about what our country stands for….Where’s it going to end? Where’s it going to end?” Brian curtly replied, “When they’re dead.”

Sarcastically, Ventura asked, “Really?…Have you enlisted or are you just talking?…Go walk the walk: Don’t talk the talk!” Brian asked, “So wait a second. So if I’m not in the military, I can’t pull for America? And I can’t fight for America?” Staring angrily at Brian and rocking in his seat, Ventura disdainfully declared, “You ain’t fighting for us. You ain’t fighting for us.” When co-anchor Gretchen Carlson interjected that it was time for a break, Brian looked at Ventura derisively, shook his head, and muttered, “So if you’re not in the military.”

Gretchen later Tweeted, “Must see tv.” Indeed.

Cf. 05/19/09 After the Show Show vid:

Morris Mocked

July 5, 2008

Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Clayton Morris was mocked in a debate segment by guests and co-hosts alike. When Clayton asked GOP strategist Brad Blakeman (debating Dem strategist Michael Brown) about the Libertarian candidate Bob Barr’s role as a spoiler in the presidential race, sports guy Dave Briggs interrupted, “Oh, come on: that’s not legit.” Blakeman shook his head in dismissal and Brown grinned broadly. Clayton, not particularly known for his political acuman protested, “There are people.” Even Ainsley Earhardt explained, “Not enough, not enough though.” Embarrassed that the others sensed his political naivete, Clayton persisted with his line of questioning. At the end of the segment, he continued unsuccessfully to salvage his point to the viewers and his clearly unconvinced co-hosts.

Perhaps, another reason that the F&F A-Team comes in when really important news breaks.