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Cheryl Casone: “You’re So Bad! You’re So Bad!”

January 29, 2013

Brian Kilmeade: “Everyone remembers their first Scholtzsky’s sandwich!” Puckish Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade made sexy FBN anchor and triathlete Cheryl Casone blush this morning (on F&F during her regular “Jobs in America” report). Just one jest: that’s all it took.

During Cheryl’s report on companies that were hiring in the United States, she cited Dallas-based Schlotzky’s, ad-libbing that she once lived in Dallas and that she had had her first Schotzky’s sandwich there. At the end of that portion of her report, Brian bawdily interjected, “Everyone remembers their first Scholtzsky’s sandwich!”*

Appearing to take Brian’s risque remark literally, Cheryl shrugged, chuckling, “Pretty good!” However, after Cheryl’s segment had ended (and Brian had teased an upcoming Laura Ingraham interview), Cheryl seemed to have got Brian’s double entendre all too well. After Ingraham’s pic appeared onscreen, the camera returned to Cheryl and Brian: As Brian stood up, a still sitting Cheryl looked up at Brian and shook her head.

Reddening, she mouthed, “You’re so bad! You’re so bad!” Beaming, Brian reached out to Cheryl with his right hand as if to explain his impish tease. Flushed but smiling, Cheryl playfully smacked her naughty boy on the arm with her papers. Grinning, an unchastened Brian walked away with a goatish glint in his eye.

*Fox & Friends – 01/29/13 (@ 7:55 a.m. ET)

[Author’s aside: If the reader is unfamiliar with the more salacious meanings of sandwich, s/he may want to consult the Urban Dictionary: Link here.]

Brian “Rubs” Laura the Wrong Way

July 25, 2012

Chagrined Ingraham: “I’m never going to live this down.” Masseur or masseuse? Fox & Friends” co-anchor Brian Kilmeade made radio talk show host Laura Ingraham blush yesterday with that “innocuous” query.

When Ingraham began to conclude her latest weekly appearance, she derided the President’s welfare reform waivers that deem massage “work.” Always the wag, Brian incongruently responded, “Do you like a woman masseuse or a male masseuse [sic]?”* Rolling her eyes and shaking her head in embarrassment, Ingraham stammered, “I’m not going to an[swer], I’m not. Are you?”

Chuckling sympathetically, F&F co-host Gretchen Carlson interjected, “Now, Laura, you know what I go through!”

As Ingraham hid her reddening face in her papers, a bemused Brian queried, “What is the problem? They ask you that when you go to get a massage.”

Still reeling from Brian’s query, Ingraham riposted, “What is this? What, what is this–an MTV interview or is this Fox & Friends? Come on!…I’m not engaging in this conversation.” Subsequently, she jested, “I’m going to do a CLEAN radio show now, okay?”

As Ingraham waved goodbye, Gretchen turned to Brian and whispered, “Brian, just for the record, I take either one.”

With the camera still on Ingraham, Brian declared, “So, Gretchen just weighed in: she’ll take either one.”

Smiling, Ingraham asked, “She takes either one?” Taking Brian’s bait, Ingraham finally gave in. Arching her eyebrows suggestively, she declared, “Men!”

Turning to his co-hosts Gretchen and Steve Doocy, a beaming Brian remarked, “That’s was the toughest issue she’s ever had to handle.”

Interposing, Ingraham responded, “I know. You never get me speechless! I’m never speechless but, no, no… I’m never going to live this down! My brothers are already messaging me.”

Nodding his head, Steve concurred, “You’re right!” Then, turning to his co-hosts, Steve joshed, “I think that rubbed her the wrong way.”

Laughing, Gretchen racily concluded, “But, we found out who she wants to rub her.”

Fox & Friends – 07/24/12 (@ 8:12 a.m.)

F&F: Late P.M. Fun

June 4, 2011

Gretchen/Ingraham “catfight”; Brian’s Talkers profile; and Gretchen’s “sexual photos” promise. Fox & Friends memorable moments post-Memorial Day. Late: But, fun–and, for the record.

Gretchen/Ingraham “catfight”: Rowrr! Tuesday F&F co-host Gretchen Carlson got off on the wrong foot as she introduced Laura Ingraham, her former “Ice-Off!” dance-off rival and F&F regular contributor.* Introducing Ingraham, Gretchen remarked, “Now it’s time to bring in Laura Ingraham as we do every week. Although it’s not always on this day, is it, Laura?”

Smiling, a sarcastic Ingraham responded, “Um, what’s today? Is it Tuesday?” Bemused, Gretchen answered, “Tuesday.” Seemingly, slightly  miffed at Gretchen’s inadvertent dis, a grinning Ingraham retorted, “Yes, it is Tuesday. Gretchen, come on, come on! I’m now, I feel really, really sad now. I’ve got to.” Clueless, Gretchen queried, “Why?”

Then, as a slightly miffed Ingraham playfully rose from her seat as if to go, co-anchor Steve Doocy interjected, “[I]t’s our Tuesday girl, Laura Ingr[aham]. Hey, sit down! Sit down.” Smiling sheepishly, co-host Brian Kilmeade added, “Laura, come on!”

Throwing her hands up in the air, an embarrassed Gretchen unconvincingly declared, “Well, I’d, I’m sorry. I thought that that kept it fresh.” Her eyes narrowing, Ingraham riposted, “Wait, weren’t you hosting on the weekend last time I checked?” Chuckling, Brian interposed, “Ah, ha, ha! That hurt!”

Seemingly, trying to prove to Ingraham that her jaunty jab did not hurt, Gretchen emphatically replied, “Yes! Thank you very much. I love Saturdays and Sundays.”

Shaking her head, a smiling Ingraham answered, “Me, too. I’m just teasing.”

Of course, the “B Team,” the F&F Weekend crew of Clayton Morris, Dave Briggs, and Alisyn Camerota–or, now, it it Molly Line or Ainsley Earhardt–might find scant humor in Ingraham’s acidic broadside.

Kilmeade’s Profile: Wednesday Brian celebrated his first year as solo anchor of his radio show, Kilmeade & Friends, formerly known as Brian & the Judge (Napolitano). Perhaps, fittingly, Brian graced the cover of the talk media trade publication Talkers and was featured inside. On F&F Wednesday, Brian was praised by both Steve and Gretchen for the distinct honor: when Gretchen lauded him for his “whole full-page article” on page 12, Brian waggishly remarked that on a following page he had “absolutely no clothes on”: Mercifully, Talkers readers are in fact spared.** Congrats, Brian!

Gretchen’s “Sexual Photos” Promise: “I don’t know about you guys but I can unequivocally say that I have not taken sexual photos.”*** In her colorful commentary with Brian and Steve about “Weinergate” as F&F began, Gretchen so ridiculed Rep. Anthony Weiner’s tergiversation about whether the arousal shot heard ricocheting around the Beltway was his own. An hour later, she similarly twice more emphatically declared her own abstinence from taking such pics to her co-hosts.

After Gretchen did so, Steve went one step further, asserting, “I haven’t taken any pictures of myself in my underwear and I don’t know that anybody has taken any of me.”**** Then, pointing his finger at Brian, he teasingly taunted, “Brian, can you say the same thing?” After a brief moment of silence (comedic or not), Brian responded, “Yes. Thank you.” Laughing heartily, Gretchen interjected, “Uh, oh!”

Unlike Brian, Gretchen did not “see” Steve’s statement. I.e., she remained mute as to her not knowing that anybody had taken any “sexual photos” of her. Again, an oversight or simply smarts from Bill O’Reilly’s Culture Warrior?

*Fox & Friends – 05/31/11 (@ 8:04 a.m. ET)

**Fox & Friends – 06/01/11 (@ 6:32 a.m. ET)

***Fox & Friends – 06/02/11 – (@ 6:05 a.m. ET)

****Ibid. @ 7:07 a.m. ET.

Huddy Debuts Timidly

July 15, 2010

Bill O’Reilly: “You feel free to disagree with me. I won’t be mean. I promise you.” Fox News correspondent Juliet Huddy made a timid debut in her new segment, “Did You See That” on the O’Reilly Factor.* Unfortunately, Juliet’s weekly topic was politics, not exactly her forte a la Charles Krauthammer, Laura Ingraham, or Alan Colmes. However, she knew the facts but when it came to opining, she fell short.

Whenever host O’Reilly would voice skepticism during her discussion of TX Dem Congressman Ciro Rodriguez (D-TX) or NV GOP Senatorial candidate Sharron Angle, Juliet would seem to waver. For example, when Juliet indicated that she did not think that Rep. Rodriguez had acted like a statesmen in his outburst toward constituents, O’Reilly said that he admired Rodriguez more and Juliet quickly confessed that she, too, liked passion. Subsequently, when Juliet began to criticize Ms. Angle’s anti-Harry Reid commercial and O’Reilly replied, “I don’t think so: I think this is a homerun, Juliet backtracked, saying, I think it’s a homerun: I think Harry Reid is shuddering right now.” Seeming to sense somewhat too much obsequiousness from Juliet, even for himself, O’Reilly kiddingly responded, “You feel free to disagree with me. I won’t be mean. I promise you.”

For her virgin appearance in “Did You See That,” Juliet still did reasonably well with her fresh, fun flair. Yet, she seemed to have crammed for the subjects and to have not fully digested the material. For future “Did You See That” segments, perhaps, Juliet, O’Reilly, and the audience would be better served with a lighter fare more a propos to FNC shows like Fox & Friends and Red Eye. (As to F&F, while the various co-hosts do discuss heavier topics, they generally do so as a group generally, not as sole authorities.)

For now a tepid, but hopeful “thumbs up” for Juliet in her new O’Reilly role.

O’Reilly Factor – 07/14/10 (@8:49 p.m. ET)

Coulter Scratches McCain

December 12, 2009

Rowrr! Yes, it finally happened: Ann Coulter belatedly clawed Meghan McCain back early this morning on Red Eye. It was a joke but it hit its mark with cat-like precision (based on the reaction of her fellow panelists).

Almost nine months ago to the day, Meghan McCain penned her Daily Beast column entitled “My Beef with Ann Coulter.” She wrote, “I find her [Coulter] offensive, radical, insulting, and confusing all at the same time….I don’t like her demeanor. I have never been a person who was attracted to hate or negativity.” Not holding her fire, McCain added, “Everything about her is extreme: her voice, her interview tactics, and especially the public statements she makes about liberals.”

When Coulter did not immediately go after her, McCain appreciatively remarked, “At this point, I have more respect for Ann Coulter than I do for Laura Ingraham because at least Coulter didn’t come back at me with heartless, substance-less attacks about my weight.” (For a less-than-conservative characterization of Ingraham’s remarks, cf. this link.)

On Red Eye today, Coulter returned as a guest commentator. During a segment on Tiger Wood’s continuing saga, host Greg Gutfeld played a Today clip of Jamie Jungers who claims to have had an eight-month relationship with the golfing great. After viewing footage of the cute chubby blond, Coulter jested, “Wait! Meghan McCain had an affair with Tiger Woods?”

Gutfeld and his sidekick Bill Shultz roared with laughter. Even liberal guest, professor Marc Lamont Hill of Columbia seemed to join in the merriment. Shultz laughed, “I hope I register my disgust in that two-shot, Greg. Ooh!” Gutfeld joked, “How did she have the time between Twittering?”

In the author’s view, Jungers does seem to bear a resemblance to McCain and Red Eye is a politically incorrect free-for-all. Ergo, Coulter may have waited for the perfect time to scratch back at her GOP antagonist without any blowback.

Meghan McCain: Miss McBeef?

March 12, 2009

Is Meghan McCain confused? Did she think that Ann Coulter dissed her vis-a-vis Laura Ingraham? Just a mere six days after Ingraham unloaded on the Daily Beast blogger and her dad, Meghan wrote “My Beef with Ann Coulter.”*

The very day after Meghan complained that her Dad’s failed candidacy had ruined her social life,** Ingraham, in an interview with Fox & Friends, declared, “I think maybe she [Meghan] should just stop writing insipid blogs and just focus on something positive. These people who are constantly whining about things that don’t matter: Go out and volunteer. I’m sure that you’ll find some nice people to date.”*** Last night FNC’s king of cable Bill O’Reilly remarked that he did not know what had started the one-sided feud with Ann Coulter. Today Fox & Friends co-hosts, Alisyn Camerota, Steve Doocy, and Brian Kilmeade elicited no further elucidation in their interview with the flaxen-tressed daughter of John McCain.

Not only does the timing of Meghan’s attacks on Coulter seems to indicate that she has the wrong woman in her sights but also the personal nature appears to reflect that to boot. Meghan decried Coulter as “offensive, radical, insulting” and one who “could be the poster woman for the most extreme side of the Republican Party.”* Not to mention, on F&F today she carped that Coulter had not answered her twenty-question quiz.

Meghan, did you mistake Coulter for Ingraham? Or are you aping Ron Reagan?


O’Reilly Into Ingraham’s Arms

March 5, 2009

Conservative radio talk show host Laura Ingraham got Bill O’Reilly’s rapt attention when she suddenly took her sweater top off during an interview on the O’Reilly Factor. As she revealed a matching coral tank top underneath, O’Reilly randily remarked, “Laura is taking her clothes off: Is that for my ratings’ benefit?”

Laura jested, “I’m totally in solidarity with Michelle Obama and the whole sleeveless thing: Okay, I’m trying to do what I can to build a bridge in fashion.” O’Reilly flirted, “It looks like you’ve been working out a little bit.” He added, “If you get a little chilly, just let us know and we’ll help you out.” Laura smiling replied, “No problem. No problem.”

After then discussing President Obama’s ratings, errant Republicans, and her radio show’s main thrust, O’Reilly’s attention returned to Laura’s well-toned arms: He asked, “Do you do the show with the bare arms or do you have the sweater?” Laura laughed it off. As he segued to the next segment, O’Reilly responded, “Alright, Laura, you’re looking good out there”: We always appreciate you coming on the program.”

O’Reilly: A bare shoulder guy?

Meghan McCain Mocked

March 3, 2009

On Fox & Friends today, conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham unloaded on Daily Beast bloggette Meghan McCain and her dad John McCain. When co-host Brian Kilmeade asked about Meghan’s post on how her dad’s campaign had ruined her dating life, Laura sarcastically said, “I woke up sweating [because] I was so upset by Meghan: I wouldn’t know who she was if she bumped into me in the street.”

Turning serious, Laura continued, “I do know this: John McCain’s anemic campaign has done more than ruin a lot of people’s personal lives: It’s done a lot to help wreck the economy by paving the way for Barack Obama. She should criticize her father for suspending his campaign and signing on for that absurd TARP….That was a disaster.” Addressing Megan directly, she added, “Our economic lives are in a shamble, Megan: We don’t really care about your dating life.”

With big smiles and loud laughter, co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade visibly enjoyed Laura’s vitriolic response while a less appreciative Gretchen, crossing her arms, clearly did not. In defense of Megan, Gretchen replied, “Whoo-hoo! No, no, no. But Laura, I know that you are upset about his campaign but actually she’s fair and balanced in her blog.”

Giving Gretchen no quarter, Laura deadpanned, “Oh, okay. I think maybe she should just stop writing insipid blogs and just focus on something positive. These people who are constantly whining about things that don’t matter: Go out and volunteer. I’m sure that you’ll find some nice people to date. We don’t really care about this.”

A silent Gretchen turned to Steve who segued to a new topic. Then she smiling turned to Brian for his thoughts: he merely grinned. Bemused, Gretch simply guffawed.

Roberts Shields Specter From AM Viewers

February 11, 2009

Co-anchor John Roberts gave American Morning’s egis to embattled stimulus backer Republican Senator Arlen Specter of PA when he queried Specter about his heated exchange with Laura Ingraham. Before getting Specter’s comment on it, Roberts played the audio tape of the edited exchange which was as follows:*

Ingraham: Is it nice to be wine and dined at the White House, right? And you’re treated pretty well when you’re a Republican bucking other Republicans, right, Senator? That’s fun.

Specter: Now let’s get off it, Laura. I’m not drinking any wine at the White House and I don’t dine at the White House. If the President wants to talk to me, I talk to him and I make my own independent judgment.

However, the part omitted by Roberts was Specter’s snipe, “Don’t give me the wine and dine baloney, young lady,” which immediately followed, supra, “and I make my own independent judgment.” By redacting Specter’s chauvinistic swipe, Roberts shielded Specter’s feminist image from viewers’ ire. Would he have given a wayward Democrat voting for a Bush bill such a free pass? Or would he have called him rightly on it?

 CNN is not well served when AM’s audience does not receive the full account.

*AM – 8:35 a.m. ET

Gretch, Brian: Bet Weasels?

January 26, 2009

When are Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson and Brian Kilmeade going to finally pay up on their lost football playoff bet with Clayton? Has Gretchen joined Brian in the vice of which she regularly indicts Brian, i.e., weaseling out of wagers?

Gretchen bet F&F Weekend co-host Clayton Morris that her beloved Minnesota Vikings would slay his hometown Philadelphia Eagles: If she lost, she promised to don an Eagle jersey and sing the Eagle war anthem. When they did, Brian Kilmeade bailed her out with an Eagles/Giants double-down bet in which he would join Gretch in doing the same. The Eagles beat the Giants over two weeks ago, and Gretchen and Brian still haven’t paid the proverbial piper.

The Super Bowl is this Sunday. So, to quote Laura Ingraham, Gretch, Brian, shut up and sing!