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Kyra’s “Blonde” Moment

May 23, 2008

Aurburn-tressed Kyra Phillips, guest co-host of CNN’s American Morning, had a stereotypical blonde moment today. In a segment on the appearance of Jena Bush and the First Lady on the “Tonight Show With Jay Leno,” Kyra and John Roberts discussed Jena’s request to read her father’s toast, if written, after he had welled up with emotion at his little girl’s wedding. When Kyra commented on Jena’s request to read her dad’s speech, she assumed that Jena’s request preceded her dad’s becoming overwhelmed and questioned whether Jena trusted her own dad to toast her. John ignored her assessment, added another detail, and moved the discussion in another direction.

Page Surfaces Anew

May 5, 2008

The ever elusive Page Hopkins reappeared today from the Breaking News desk on FNC’s Happening Now co-hosted by Jane Skinner and Jon Scott. She reported on the just-released suicide notes of Debra Jean Palfrey a/k/a D.C. Madam found at her bedside. (Palfrey apologized to her mom and sis and said that she could not bear going to prison and leaving it “broken, penniless, and very much alone: Palfrey added that her prosecution was “a case of modern day lynching.”) Hopkins later also reported on Laura Bush’s upcoming announcement on relief efforts in Myanmar (erstwhile known as Burma) after losing approximately 4000 of its citizens in a cyclone. Further, she narrated a story on a Los Angeles office building fire on America’s Pulse With E.D. Hill.

Hopefully, Hopkins’ emergence from her Siberian stay is a sign that she is back in the good graces of Fox News. Perhaps, she will be allowed to audition for her old center seat on Fox & Friends Weekend. She’s surely needed to help ballast that listing ship.