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Racy Romans: Nude Prince Harry “Plays Hard”

August 22, 2012

“‘Wow! He gets all the fun.'” Starting her Early Start morning with a royal blush, guest co-host Christine Romans giggled with glee as she ogled England bad-lad Prince Harry’s bod in one of his nude rude Sin City pics. As ES began, co-anchor John Berman teased the salacious story of Harry’s private Las Vegas strip billards game and producers aired an accompanying pic of bare Harry hiding his privates with an unclad female friend secreting herself behind him. Blushing, Christine tittered, “Well, good morning! Wake up! Welcome to Early Start!”

Ten minutes later, Christine read the headlines story that Prince Harry’s naked photos had been authenticated by Clarence House, (Prince’s Harry official press office): As she did, ES ran the pic of Harry and his gal pal both au naturel for almost 30 seconds. When Christine had finished, John jested, “It must be a great morning in Buckingham Palace today.” Sounding almost envious of the regal roue rather than sympathetic to his chagrined royal family, Christine chuckled, “Do you think his brother’s like ‘Wow! He gets all the fun'”?

As a dubious John laughed, Christine eagerly explicated, “He’s in the military, right?…He’s going back to work.” Then, with a sly, suggestive smile, she racily concluded, “And he plays hard in between.”

CNN today: Christine’s Naughty Network. “Wake up!” With a smile.

Fox & Friends’ “F-Bomb”

July 19, 2010

“F**king” on air? And, on video, to boot. Not quite the family-friendly fare that one might expect from Fox News’ Fox & Friends. However, FNC correspondent Rick Levanthal brought just that to kids and their parents watching during a segment entitled “Robin Hood 702.”

Ironically, in his report, Rick introduced a modern day anonymous Robin Hood who came to the rescue of a cancer-stricken local man and his family with his gambling prowess as a Vegas high roller who “admits he’s not perfect” and who is a “sinner and a saint.”* As the footage began to conclude, “Robin Hood” presented his winnings to the needy man and his family, declaring, “That’s going to cover your rent for a year. Okay? And, you know what, if you need another year, I’m gonna f**king co(ver), I’m gonna cover another year.” Quickly, Rick interjected, “Uh, apologize for the language there.”

When Rick’s segment ended, F&F co-host Alisyn Camerota smiling stated, “You said, ‘He’s a sinner and a saint’ and he illustrated that.” Rick laughed, “Yes. And, he proved it: Didn’t he? Waggishly alluding to a recent court ruling declaring FCC indecency policies unconstitutional, Brian Kilmeade commented, “Bono feels a little bit better this morning.” In a bit of an understatement, Rick remarked, “I think the editor took a few minutes off this morning.” Co-host Steve Doocy concurred, “Indeed.”

Then, concluding with an aside to the Fox & Friends audience, Steve somberly said, “And, we do apologize for that language.”

Update: When Rick’s report aired more than four hours later on Happening Now, the editor was back on duty, apparently. The offensive “f-word” was bleeped and Robin Hood’s visage was obscured digitally for good measure.** However, to offset his/her censorious actions, additional VIP gambling vid (of bikini-clad go-go girls) was added to the footage.

*Fox & Friends – 07/19/10 (@8:46 a.m. ET)

**Happening Now – 07/19/10 (@12:55 p.m. ET)

Clayton Claims & Clowns

March 13, 2010

Legal prostitution, global warming, and a football mitre. As Fox & Friends Weekend fans know, co-host Clayton Morris may sometimes get his facts wrong but he is usually sure to amuse. Today, was no different as Clayton erroneously opined on the legality of prostitution in Las Vegas and humorously Tweeted a Time (yes, a Time) article in support of global warming. Nevertheless, Clayton brought his game when he donned a football papal headdress as he sampled dishes during a food segment.

In the very first F&FW block, after Alisyn Camerota read a story on women being better than men at handling money, she and co-anchors Clayton and Dave Briggs briefly discussed the report. Then, when Dave tossed to meteorologist Rick Reichmuth, he remarked, “I agree with this entirely, Rick. What do you think?” In response, the single weatherguy jested, “I don’t know. Maybe, I need to get one of them. Yeah, could you just hire that out, maybe?” Dave laughed, “That’s quite something else. That’s illegal!” Chuckling, Clayton incorrectly added, “Not in Vegas.”  [N.B. Prostitution is legal in Nevada: however it is unlawful in Las Vegas itself.]

Later, when F&FW had concluded, Clayton Tweeted, “[R]ead from @time:” The Time article was entitled, “Report: The Case for Global Warming Stronger Than Ever.” Clayton seemed to be trying to persuade an increasingly skeptical American public (and his F&FW fans) that is now taking the “climate change” threat much less seriously in the aftermath of Climategate and IPCC global warming guru Phil Jones’ admission (that there has been no statistically significant global warming since 1995). Curiously, Clayton cited the very magazine that had sounded the alarm about a coming ice age in 1974.

Regardless, even when Clayton is wrong or questionable at best, the Philly laddie comes through as the fun, self-effacing entertainer for his fans. E.g., in F&FW’s penultimate segment today, a clowning Clayton happily pulled a silly football mitre (or papal headress) over his eyes so that he could test taste food for salt in a story on a NY legislator who is trying to outlaw the use of salt in restaurants by chefs. No shame but definitely game!