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Out, Out, Damned Spot!

October 5, 2009

Like Lady MacBeth, American Morning’s ladies, Christine Romans and Kiran Chetry, could not quite get those damned red spots out today.

As for CNN biz correspondent Christine, she was still seemingly celebrating the new fiscal year with gusto. In her final segment today, she elucidated, “I was going to bring some newsmakers–Happy New Year, everybody!–but the hangover for the New Year party started way before the new year.” Apparently, it had indeed: her persistently reddened left eye throughout the program appeared to give witness to that very fact.

With regard to Kiran, she was a mite more subtle as usual. Last Friday she had painted her “work” clear nails a celebratory cherry red over an hour before AM ended. Today she returned to the set with the same sexy hue in the very first segment: However, in the next block, Kiran arduously tried to remove the tell-tale tincture as Alina Cho discussed the travails of autism. Alas, she was not fully successful: her nails retained a rosy blush.

Shakespeare in the morning: Ladies, the Globe doth call. Break a leg! (Figuratively, of course.)