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Ainsley Earhardt “in Shape”: Blushing Bride 2B?

June 18, 2012

Ainz proudly rocks the rock–on her left ring finger! Early this morning, Fox & Friends First co-host Ainsley Earhardt seemed to signal to her fans the apparent news that she is off the market anew. Before the show started, the usually “ringless” Ainsley Tweeted her followers the upcoming headlines stories and included a photo of herself and co-anchor Heather Nauert together: Both had extra large smiles as Ainsley displayed her hands side by side with a single ring, seemingly, an engagement ring (on her left ring finger).

Perhaps, F&F fans should have suspected nuptials for Ainsley again might be in the offing exactly two weeks ago today. On June 4, she had Nikki Glor a/k/a Nikki Fitness on F&FF for a fitness segment entitled “Wedding Workout: Exercises to Get You Ready for the Big Day.” Dressed in white and ringless as usual, she had Nikki put her through the paces: But, before she did so, Ainsley seemed to have a Freudian slip: exhorting Nikki, she exclaimed, “Alright, get us in shape!”

Ironically, Ainsley may have got the sly idea from her FNC colleague Molly Line who did virtually the same thing almost a year ago to the day (June 5, 2011) as guest co-host on Fox & Friends Weekend. On that show, a single Molly enthusiastically worked out with Nikki in a “Bridal Boot Camp” segment. Only four days later on Fox and Friends (weekday), Molly announced that she was engaged and proudly showed off her new stone.”

Ainsley, your own announcement soon? If so, congratulations!

[Author’s aside: More irony. Nikki rejoined Ainz today on Fox & Friends First on a “Summer Fitness Products” segment: Even though the cameraperson caught some indirect close-ups of Ainsley’s new bling, neither she nor Nikki uttered a word. F&FF – 06/18/12 (@ 5:52 a.m. ET) ]