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Where’s Courtney?

June 2, 2008

Patti Ann “Brainy” Browne, a summa cum laude M.A. grad from NY Institute of Technology, was the news reader for Fox & Friends Saturday, and sassy Suzanne Sena, a former entertainment anchor for “Extra” in LA and a whilom occasional one for E! Entertainment Network, followed suit on F&F Sunday. No mention was made of Courtney Friel as these ladies were possibly auditioning for that role or were filling in until Ainsley Earhardt, perhaps, takes the position in the summer. Remember TVNewser reported that Roger Ailes was “very impressed with her [Megan Henderson’s] skills as a morning anchor” and that she “has an out in her KDFW contract this summer and that her “appearances [on FNC] ‘would not be limited to weekends.'” Where is Courtney? Is she out, or did Fox News merely omit mention of her weekend absence on F&F?


No “Mene, Mene, Tekel, Parsin”?

April 2, 2008

According to Inside Cable News (happily recently returned: thanks, JDP for the alert), TVLive reports that Fox News intends to revamp Fox & Friends Weekend and will give Megan Henderson, co-host of Fox’s Dallas-Fort Wort Worth affiliate KDFW, an audition this coming weekend. (The beautiful brunette is co-host of KDFW’s morning news show, Good Day.) I.e., the handwriting on the wall was, perhaps, an errant desire of the author to hope Groundhog Day would finally end on F&F Weekend.

Will FNC replace Ainsley Earhardt or Courtney Friel with Megan? Remember, Ainsley is also a news reader and could shift to that capacity. Of course, Clayton Morris and Greg Kelly could be ousted and F&F Weekend could return to a two girl/one boy ensemble. Or FNC could really shake things up and do a clean sweep.

By the way, after only two days at FNC’s Breaking News desk, Page Hopkins was MIA. What is going on with FNC and that girl? And is she still in the running for F&F Weekend co-host if her younger competitors do not pan out? Maybe, she could return and be the sexy adult: somebody needs to be.