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What Do You Think?

April 5, 2008

TVLive was right: Megan Henderson, the Texas brunette beauty, is gracing our screen on Fox & Friends Weekend as a guest co-host in the center spot. (It appears that she is auditioning for Ainsley Earhardt’s spot since Courtney Friel remains the news reader and Greg Kelly and Clayton Morris are flanking the new lovely.) Megan reminds one of Kathie Lee Gifford, i.e., energetic, effervescent, and a bit egocentric. Even though she’s a Texas honey like E.D. Hill, erstwhile long-time co-host of F&F, Megan doesn’t seem to have E.D.’s down-to-earth personality. Ainsley has E.D.’s earnestness but not her earthiness: one can hardly imagine Ainsley frolicking au naturale, or, at least, European beach-style on a camping trip as E.D. is reportedly not adverse.

FNC, if you want to replace “temp” Ainsley, try out Domenica Davis, Megyn Kelly, or Page Hopkins again.

What do you guys and gals think?