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Less Fed Abortions, More Poor Babies?

December 7, 2009

Alisyn Camerota, America’s Newsroom guest co-anchor, had to do some fancy footwork this morning. In a debate of Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson’s amendment to prohibit federal subsidization of abortions between Dem pundit Bob Beckel and GOP politico Kate Obenshain, Aly asked, “Hey, Kate, I have a question for you….If there is no federal money used to subsidize abortions for low-income women, doesn’t that mean there will be more low-income babies? And, do any of these amendments talk about the health care for them, then?”*

Incredulous, Obenshain stuttered, “For, well, there, I don’t, do you mean because more children will be born because the government won’t pay to have them terminated? Apparently realizing her faux pas, Aly artfully answered, “No, meaning that low-income women do rely on subsidies often for abortion.”

Aly’s misstep was an unusual one this morning on the conservative network. Generally, Aly deftly sidesteps controversial issues on FNC but today she seemed to posit the principle that pro-life proponents claim that Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger embraced. However, apparently, realizing her mistake almost immediately, she wisely withdrew that terrible thought from the table.

America’s Newsroom (12/07/09) – @9:31 a.m. ET