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Juliet Cleaver? Right!

May 11, 2009

Beaver’s mom? In spite of sporting a black dress adorned as if with an aqua apron on FNC’s Live Desk (LD) today, guest host Juliet Huddy is no June Cleaver. The co-host of cancelled The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet, not known for 50’s Babbitt-like mores, seems to embrace today’s new, naughtier ethics. On LD, a transitional show from a.m.’s lighter fare to p.m.’s heftier one, Juliet toyed with Shepard Smith as he previewed an upcoming Studio B segment on future changes to the hospital gown.

Looking at the the often embarrassing patient apparel, Juliet asked, “Tell me about the hospital gowns: I want to know how they are changing.” Shep instructed, “Well, put it on.”  Complying, Juliet teased, “You’re supposed to be naked when you put these things on.” Shep replied, “But you’re not naked at the moment.” As she began to put it on, almost ruefully, she responded, “No, well.”

Then Shep began to explain that the problem with the hotel gown is that one’s “butt hangs out.”  Meanwhile, as she donned it and turned her backside to the camera, she provocatively opened it as if to expose her bare derriere to the viewer and exclaimed, “Whoo-hoo!” Shep smiled at her antics and continued on.

Yes, the former Fox & Friends Weekend co-host is back and roaring to go!

Aly To F&FW’s Rescue

July 14, 2008

According to TVNewser, Alisyn Camerota will return to Fox & Friends Weekend as co-anchor on July 26, 2008. A stroke of genius! The delicious Italian tart will bring a steady adult hand to the helm to right a listing ship and a saucy, sexy flair to make the ride fun again.

Spicy Aly will have her castrato choir in tune and singing her song in no time. She doesn’t need to tame the boys, Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs, but merely to continue to tutor them. She’ll be no Ainsley! It’s Aly’s world and Clayton and Dave are just privileged to live in it.

As I wrote in an earlier article entitled “Y Ali Can’t Save F&F Weekend,” I do fear that the weekday Fox & Friends will falter without Aly. Try as she must, Gretchen just doesn’t have it. She’s a Miss America in a Miss USA universe. She’s like a liberated June Cleaver that praises the concept of women’s suffrage but doesn’t quite appreciate her new empowerment. The center seat needs a gorgeous gal who can and will set Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade straight without hesitation at a moment’s notice.

Roger, thanks for getting back with the program.