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Geraldo Swipes Schwartzenegger

April 18, 2008

In his promo for his weekend show on Fox & Friends, Geraldo Rivera got hit on the head with his own homing pigeon’s proverbial poop. As Brian Kilmeade introduced an interview segment with Arnold Schwartzenegger, the controversial FNC correspondent and host made a futile attempt at humor at the California governor’s expense.

Amid his fellow co-hosts Steve Doocy and Alisyn Camerota and guests Geraldo and Joe Piscopo, Brian teased, “I sat down with Arnold Schwartzenegger and we talked politics, we talked bodybuilding.” Geraldo Rivera interrupted, “Did you sit in his lap?” Kilmeade, “No, I didn’t sit in his lap but I’m actually stronger than him now.” Geraldo sniped, “Because he’s off steroids?” His comment was met with shock and discomfort by Kilmeade and crew. Geraldo hushed, quit smiling, and appeared to realize his gaffe.