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Jill Dobson Gravid

June 3, 2011

Former FNC entertainment correspondent Jill Dobson revealed on Red Eye this morning why she “recently took a bit of a hiatus from the TV world.” As the show wrapped up during the “Post-Game Wrap-Up,” the talk-show-host hopeful proudly showed off her baby bump.* Playfully presenting her latest project to the RE audience with a pat on her stomach, she laughed that she did it with a little help from her hubby.

Congratulations, Jill and Jim!

*Red Eye – 06/03/11 (@ 3:58 a.m. ET)

Gretch Jags J-Lo: Gashes Globes Garb

January 12, 2009

Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson sunk her teeth into J-Lo’s fashion flair during a Golden Globe segment. (Jennifer Lopez wore a long, flowing golden brocaded dress with a sash-like top that sexily plunged her neckline to her midriff and bared her shoulders and back.) When entertainment correspondent Jill Dobson raved,  “J-Lo[‘s] was one of my favorite dresses: She was gold and bold,” Gretch replied, “I HATED that dress, Jill! Bemused, Jill smilingly asked, “You weren’t a big fan of Jennifer Lopez? Cattily, Gretch snarked, “No, it looked like a piece of tin foil.”

Jennifer Lopez 2009 Golden Globe dress pics link:

F&FW Girls’ Dirty Laundry

July 6, 2008

Fox & Friends Weekend flaxen-tressed trio, Ainsley Earhardt, Courtney Friel, and Jill Dobson, are apparently exemplars of purveyors of the dirty laundry aired by the prevailing news culture. During the Eagles concerts, photos of the tarty trio are reportedly flashed during the performance of Dirty Laundry according to Jill Dobson, Fox entertainment correspondent. Unfazed, Jill said, “I think we’re actually getting bashed but I take it as a compliment. Why not?” Dave Briggs asked, “It couldn’t have to do with the lyrics?” He facetiously added, “There is a reference to blondes on it but there is no ‘bubble-headed bleach blonde’: these are brilliant blondes on this couch.” Jill responded with a playful punch to his shoulder.

With Dave Brigg’s incisive wit today, maybe, he is beginning to work out.