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Caroline Kennedy “Dud”?

January 22, 2009

Fox & Friends co-hosts Gretchen Carlson and Steve Doocy gave Caroline Kennedy little comfort the morning after she unexpectedly withdrew from the Governor Paterson’s consideration for Hilliary Clinton’s open NY Senate seat for “personal reasons.” However, Brian Kilmeade, who had recently spoken with JFK’s daughter, kindly commented, “Maybe, she was really, really having a hard time with personally wondering if she really wanted this job in the first place.” Immediately, Gretchen replied, “Oh, I don’t think that’s what it was.”

Later Gretchen further opined, “I think that she had this job in the tank along time ago and she messed it up.” Steve interjected, “She was a dud!” Gretchen continued, “She doesn’t have the personal charisma and skills to be a politician: Let’s just face it!”

Brian, you may have a slight change for a follow-up with Kennedy on your radio show: However, don’t count on booking her for F&F!

Biden’s Bite: Puppy Pick Message?

December 14, 2008

Vice President-elect Joe Biden appeared to send a subliminal message to Obama bashers: smiling, kissing Joe still has his bark and his bite. Picking a purebred German shepherd pup for himself before Barack Obama gets his children’s canine, seemed a subtle reminder that no matter how cuddly and gentle Obama may be, that Biting Biden will be on guard.

Opining on Biden’s buy, Fox & Friends co-hosts Aly, Dave, and Clayton seemed to agree that it was a bid to get back in the public eye. Ironically, in the next show, America’s News HQ, FNC displayed a similarly colored German shepherd watching over JFK, Jackie, Little John, and Caroline apparently at the Kennedy compound. The author began to wonder if Biden’s selection was a part of a larger play: remember, the Obama team has patterned itself after Reagan’s resonance, Kennedy’s Camelot, and Clinton’s politics.

In the new Obama administration, Biden will play a role. He may agree to a shrinking Veep script but he’ll be no shrinking violet.;_ylt=AlqTra8FRD75tve5AoaK33myFz4D

Obama Smeared by Bush/Clinton Cabal

March 17, 2008

As Barack Obama rode high in the polls against Hillary and threatened the maverick McCain, one could hear the incestuous dual dynasties of Bushes and Clintons sharpening their swords. The first black presidential candidate with a real chance of success has been soaring with our national bird lately and threatening the two families’ control of the White House. He leads in the popular vote, the pledged delegates, and total delegates and appears poised to take JFK’ and MLK’s mantles. Now Fox News’ unlikely pair, GOP cheerleader Hannity and Clinton shill Geraldo, are slamming Obama and questioning his presidential bid because of the ramblings of Obama’s pastor. Respected NPR and FNC contributor Juan Williams, a seeming supporter of Hill, is piling on albeit in his suave, sophisticated, and mellifluous manner. On this St. Patrick’s day, Obama must beware the snakes that may threaten his bid.