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Ringless Dave Romances Brandi

August 2, 2009

Fox & Friends Weekend Dave Briggs sometimes seems like the stereotypical clueless jock.* E.g., of all the times not to forget to wear his wedding ring, it would be today, his sixth anniversary. Especially, after having to be reminded of the special event by his wife Brandi this morning. Nevertheless, the author should probably give Dave a break.

The sports guy appeared genuinely smitten with his honey Brandi in an F&FW phone call toward the end of the show. After he lovingly said, “Happy anniversary, Sweetheart,” she wished him the same and added, “Six good years.” Subsequently, Dave rhetorically queried, “Can you believe someone has put up with me that long? I’m astounded.”

Co-host Alisyn Camerota riantly responded, “No.” Of Dave’s wife, Aly asked, “Brandi, how much alcohol do you drink every day?” Brandi jested, “Quite a bit!”

Then, expressing admiration for his wife, Dave revealed, “I get up at 3 a.m. every morning, and Brandi actually thought of it first thing. And, I’m like wandering through the hall…rubbing sleep out of my eyes and she thought of it. And, that just shows you the kind of amazing wife I have.”

When Aly asked, “So what do have planned for Brandi tonight?,” Dave could not seem to remember the Broadway show on the agenda tonight (“Jersey Boys” according to Brandi). However, he did have a romantic night planned: In addition to the show, he had reserved a “little hotel room” for tonight and got his mom, the “perfect all-night babysitter,” to take care of daughter Emerson and son William.

Co-anchor Clayton Morris racily queried, “And another bun in the oven, right?” Taken aback, Brandi responded, “I hope not.” Dave chuckled in absolute agreement.

Have fun tonight, you two. And, Dave, wear your ring!