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Heather’s Virgin Vacation: Best Birthday Ever :)

January 14, 2013

“Thanks @tzb3.” Throwing caution to the winds, Fox & Friends First co-host Heather Childers shared her daily diary and personal pictures with her Tweeps as she took a rapturous romp in the Virgin Islands with her apparent beau @tzb3. From the time that  she and her honey left Charlotte, North Carolina, Heather regaled her followers with photos of her island destination (St. Thomas), with her sublime experiences (wading in the surf, greeting the sunrise, dining shore-side, catching the St. Thomas – St. John Ferry, imbibing her balcony rainbow, and basking in the Baths), and with a few sexy bikini pics to boot (1, 2).

Yes, Heather can hang with her shapely Fox & Friends First colleagues Ainsley Earhardt and Anna Kooiman (and alums of the same South Carolina elementary school). Surely, Ainsley caught Jay Leno’s eye when her derriere was ogled seemingly by former F&FW co-host Dave Briggs and Anna snared the attention of F&F co-anchors Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy with her “booty shaking” morning dance: But, Heather has now brought her own sexy Southern touch to FNC by sharing the ambiance, aesthetics, and allure of her Caribbean birthday bash with her own fervid fans.

Heather heat: Hot Child-ers in the City!

[Author’s aside: Re “Best birthday ever :) Thanks @tzb3” in title, supra, cf. Heather’s “Sparkling lights of #StThomas!” post.”]

Alisyn Camerota: Waiting for “Our” Rack

June 10, 2012

Clayton Morris: “Your form’s always good.” Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Alisyn Camerota is “sexy and [she knows] it.” Yesterday, when her co-host Clayton Morris ribbed her about her “terrible [Bass Pro] archery session” from a few years ago, Aly confidently cooed, “I thought my form was good”: Taking no exception to that certitude, Clayton aptly answered, “Your form’s always good–if I do say so.”* Sounding a mite like a bawdy Mae West, Aly proudly purred, “Thank you!”

Today, Aly naughtily played with her other co-host Dave Briggs after his 10th Annual Big Apple barbeque segment (with four racks of ribs on the grill). As he segued back to her and Clayton, Aly raised her eyebrow suggestively and randily remarked, “Okay, we’re waiting on ‘our’ rack in here. I’m on it!” [Single parenthesis added for emphasis.] Perhaps, remembering his infamous faux pas almost three years ago (lampooned by Jay Leno for checking out the derrieres of his comely FNC colleagues Ainsley Earhardt and Janice Dean), Dave chuckled, “No comment.”

While Clayton sheepishly grinned, a beaming, breathy Aly batted her eyebrows, riposting, “Yeah.” As if to say, “You don’t need to say a word, Dave: I already have my own. And, as Clayton said yesterday, my form is always good!”


*Fox & Friends Weekend – 06/09/12 (@ 8:32 a.m. ET)

**Fox & Friends Weekend – 06/10/12 (@ 7:41 a.m. ET)

Dave’s Nervous Cough: Petallides’ Allure?

January 28, 2012

 Nicole: “You did a great job getting through that.” This morning, Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Dave Briggs seemed somewhat nervous as he interviewed FBN beauty Nicole Petallides. Introducing her business segment (“Another One Bites the Dust: Gov’t-Backed ‘Green’ Co. Goes Bankrupt”), Dave abruptly began to cough repeatedly.* When he did so the second time, he laughed, “Not going to get through this one.”

When the comely Nicole appeared on camera, Dave joked, “Green jobs makes [sic] me cough, apparently.” Clad in her low-cut blue top and a short black skirt, the chuckling Greek lovely cooed, “It makes other people do other things, even worse.” Glancing down at her gorgeous gams and putting his hand to his mouth (as if to suppress yet another cough), a smiling Dave replied, “Right. That’s where I was going with that.”

Subsequently, the brainy beauty tutored an attentive Dave (on the millions of taxpayer dollars being lost on green projects of “Friends of the President”). When barely a minute had elapsed, Dave looked down at Nicole’s sexy stems anew and coughed once more. After an intervening query and,  yes, still another cough, Dave concluded his interview, “earnestly” asking Nicole a follow-up question (on private sector investment): as his luscious lecturer began to opine in her dulcet tones, Dave looked at her almost lovestruck and then dreamily turned away with a goofy grin.

When Nicole had finished, Dave more soberly remarked, “Nicole Petallides from the Fox Business Network. We appreciate it.” Smiling sweetly at Dave, Nicole responded, “Thanks. You did a great job getting though that.” Aptly, Dave answered, “Trying to get through this, right?”

Poor Nervous Nelly. Perhaps, the F&FW co-host that The Tonight Show host Jay Leno lampooned for having an appreciative eye for his FOX-y colleagues (or, to be more exact, the bonny bums of Ainsley Earhardt and Janice Dean) should be given a pass today. After all, it’s the birthday of Dave’s beautiful wife Brandi.

Fox & Friends Weekend – 01/28/12 (@ 6:46 a.m. ET)

Dave: “We Love Molly” But Ainz “Hot Mama”

May 31, 2011

Briggs/Earhardt’s “Heat and Meat” II: a Fox & Friends [Memorial] Weekend sequel. In 2009, a frisky, ringless Ainsley Earhardt co-hosted Memorial Day with co-anchors Dave Briggs and Clayton Morris: Yes, she racily commented on Dave’s “meat” but, more infamously, she–or, more specifically, her rump (and Janice Dean’s arse) was ogled by the appreciative eye of Dave. While Carpe Diem reported the bawdy humor, Jay Leno lampooned Dave’s eyeing of the delightful derrieres of Ainsley (and Janice). Not too surprisingly, in 2010, FNC Executive VP of Programming Bill Shine put in a somewhat more boring beauty, Courtney Friel, to co-host the F&F Memorial Day edition.

However, this year, Shine gave the buxom blonde another chance as he let Ainsley once again co-host the F&F Memorial Day special (and the prior Sunday for good measure). Even though she did have to share her holiday-weekend-center-seat-curvy-couch duties with the “new girl” Molly Line (who subbed for regular co-anchor Alisyn Camerota on F&F Friday and Saturday), she did get more air time as she saucily celebrated the early beginning of the holiday weekend as F&F’s Fleet Week NYC 2011 troop correspondent aboard the U.S.S. Iwo-Jima Friday.

Before her first segment Friday, Ainsley appeared live in a preview excitedly waving to the F&F audience as she happily posed with the sailors on deck the U.S.S. Iwo-Jima.* As she did, Ainsley’s belly button was bared and producers simultaneously aired Trace Adkin’s “Hot Mama” paean. When F&F returned from break, Dave introduced Ainsley, saying, “It is Fleet Week in New York City, and our own Ainsley Earhardt on a very tough assignment today aboard the U.S.S. Iwo-Jima.”**

Flirtatiously, Dave continued, “Ainsley, I don’t know if you heard but the song introing [sic] you was “Hot Mama,” we played earlier: I’m guess the troops there share the sentiment.” As Clayton gave a thumbs up in ardent agreement and Molly chuckled, Ainsley cooed, “Awww….You are so sweet!” In response, Dave boyishly ducked his head and grinned.

A few days later, on Memorial Day, Dave, Clayton, and Ainsley reprised their ribald “meat” revelry in spite of the fact that the only cooking segment included only Dave and three other males. When the Monday program commenced, Clayton jested, “Can  you handle more meat this morning, Dave?” In answer, Dave retorted, “Clayton, no, I cannot. I am maxed out, man!”

Unfortunately or not, Dave was assuredly not completely”maxed out”: perhaps, it was the “hand holding” less than ten minutes later by Ainsley.*** After Ainsley had read the headline news stories, Dave placed his left hand on the curvy couch. Shortly, thereafter, Ainsley put hers down next to Dave’s and touched it briefly and then moved her hand forward. When she did, Dave tapped her hand thrice and she began to respond in kind. As she did, Clayton joked, “You guys holding hands over here?” Smiling sheepishly, Dave retorted, “We are holding hands.” Laughing, Ainsley, added, “Kumbayah!”

Approximately, twenty minutes later, when F&F returned after the first half hour break, Clayton comically commented, “[T]his morning, we asked you earlier in the show–Dave put out the call: Please send us photos of your meat.”**** Dave interjected, “And, no, that does not include you, New York Congressman [Anthony Weiner]. We don’t want your photos!” Shaking her head with a naughty smile, Ainsley guffawed, “You did not just say that!”

Yes, he did, Ainsley. Even if Molly turns out to be the new F&FW siren that Dave loves, he does not seem to be able to shake you, his first F&FW wife. But, who knows? Maybe, he won’t have to after all.

* Fox & Friends – 05/27/11 (@ 6:38 a.m. ET).

** Ibid at @ 6:43 a.m. ET.

*** Fox & Friends – 05/30/11 (@ 6:09 a.m. ET).

**** Ibid. at @ 6:32 a.m. ET.

“As Long as the Wife Doesn’t Mind”

October 21, 2010

John Roberts: “I have my own smoking-hot redhead. Who needs Anna Chapman?” When it comes Russia’s reified Bond babe, American Morning co-anchor John Roberts sounded today as if his fiancee Kyra Phillips, CNN Newsroom anchor, has him now on a rather short leash. And, the bad boy may have inadvertently jerked a bit on it this morning.

As Carpe Diem readers may remember, John apparently got into trouble with Kyra earlier this year (June 30) about his seeming crush on Chapman when he randily reported on the nabbed Red-hot Russian operative and her sexy Internet photos. Not only did viewers notice but, apparently, so did Kyra. When John appeared on her show CN later that morning to discuss  Chapman, Kyra teased him about his love for “sultry redheads.” When John defensively declared, “Just–just for the record, there’s only one sultry redhead that fascinates me,” Kyra responded, “Thank goodness. And, thankfully, you are engaged to her.”

Eight days later, John seemed to leave little doubt that Kyra did not care for his appreciation of the “sultry [Russian] redhead.” When John did a follow-up story on Chapman (and the other Russian spooks), he asked former F.B.I. Assistant Director Thomas Fuentes about her return to Russia. When Fuentes teased, “And, I know, John, it’s breaking your heart to see Anna Chapman go back,” an abashed John replied, “You’re gonna get me in trouble with the wife here, Tom.” Chuckling afterwards, John noted, ““Yes! My face is now the color of Anna Chapman’s hair. Imagine that!”

Today, an apparently chastened John tread more softly as AM anew covered the comely Chapman, who recently appeared scantily clad in the Russian edition of Maxim magazine. After the first airing of Jeanne Moos’ report entitled, “Russia’s Undercover Girl: Exposed spy Anna Chapman bares almost all,” of Kiran, John asked, “So, what do you think?” When co-host Kiran Chetry replied, “She’s pretty,” John dutifully replied, “I have my own smoking-hot redhead. Who needs Anna Chapman?” Laughing, Kiran added, “And you don’t want her on Maxim.” Perchance, trying to convince himself of that fact, John answered, “Yeah. And, she’s forty-two years old. She a mature woman, too. Perhaps, a bit too late for his own good, he hastily added, “And a younger woman, too. The best of all worlds.”

Possibly, mindful of his unfortunate gaffe about the age of his “mature woman,” John seemed to walk on eggs shells after producers ran Moos’ story again before the AM segue to CN. As the report ended with Vice President Joe Biden’s joke to Jay Leno about the “hot” Chapman, Kiran commented, “That was a great line by the Vice Prez.”**  Smiling, John tersely replied, “It was.” Echoing Biden, Kiran continued, “It wasn’t my idea to send her back.” Wisely, John added, “As long as the wife doesn’t care about it.”

Shortly thereafter, when John did toss to Kyra, she slightly smiled and simply said, “Good morning, guys” and went straight into her CNN Newsroom programming. No more words about “sultry redheads” today. Apparently, this “wife” just might care about it.

*American Morning – 10/21/10 (6:55 a.m. ET)

**American Morning – 10/21/10 (@9:00 a.m. ET)

Dave: “Pardon Me, Courtney”

May 31, 2010

“I wasn’t paying attention.” Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Dave Briggs appeared to channel the author this morning as he shared headline news reading duties with Courtney Friel. After over 2 1/2 hours of a forgettable “special edition” Memorial Day edition, Dave seemed to succumb to the tedium. After Courtney read the first story and a concomitant vid ran, the camera focused upon Dave who was peering downward: looking up suddenly, he turned to Courtney and apologized, “Pardon me, Courtney: I wasn’t paying attention.”

You were not alone, Dave. Of course, F&F viewers who were celebrating the start of their Memorial Day by firing up the grill, grabbing a few bloody Mary’s, and preparing the food may have also had less than an eagle eye on their TV. However, some of those who were actually gathered around the set could be forgiven for suffering from a similar malady.

Readers of this blog had ample warning that FNC SVP of Programming Bill Shine seemed to have plans for a Memorial Day much less memorable than the one last year. (Of course, the 2009 was notable primarily for Dave’s apparent appreciation of the rumps of his female colleagues, Ainsley Earhardt and Janice Dean, as captured and lampooned by Jay Leno.) Notably, Shine did not bring Ainsley back for the celebrations this year and both Dave and Janice were conspicuously absent from the obligatory meat segments. Interestingly, both of them were needled by Clayton: Before his Johnsonville sausage segment with Courtney, Clayton teased a “hungry” Janice that they were “gonna have to keep [her] off the platform” of the weiner mobile and, afterwards, kidded an in-studio Dave about being stuck without eating the brats.*

F&F Memorial Day 2009: a day to remember. F&F Memorial Day 2010: a day to forget.

Fox & Friends – 05/31/10 (@8:39 a.m. ET)

F&F Forgets Ainsley? UPDATE: Recalls Janice

May 29, 2010

F&FW‘s Memorial Day 2009 (with Ainsley Earhardt), a day to remember. Apparently, FNC SVP of Programming Bill Shine still recalls Fox & Friends Memorial Day last year when guest co-host Ainsley Earhardt heated up the show. Perhaps, he read and recollects Carpe Diem‘s account of Ainsley’s titillating of Dave Briggs with her bawdy banter about “huge meat.” Assuredly, he remembers his star co-host Dave Briggs getting grief from Jay Leno for allegedly eyeing Ainsley’s derriere that day–not to mention the acute embarrassment that Dave felt. Apparently, Shine is making certain that F&F’s Memorial Day 2010 is not quite as memorable: I.e., he has Courtney Friel, not Ainsley Earnhardt, filling in for co-anchor Alisyn Camerota.

But, Bill, will F&F’s Memorial Day be as much fun as last year?

[Author’s aside: As to Aly’s absence, at the conclusion of F&FWSa, Dave stated, “Clayton and I will see you here in, no, this, this is only Saturday [so] all three of us are back tomorrow, and Aly added, “Yeah. I’ll be here tomorrow.” With regard to Courtney’s filling in for Aly, during Red Eye’s “Post-Game Wrap-Up” with Andy Levy Thursday (May 27), Courtney revealed, “I’m going to be hosting Fox & Friends on Monday morning.”]

Update1: On F&FSu (@7:27 a.m. ET),  Aly iterated, “I won’t go to work…tomorrow.”

Update2: According to her blog, Janice Dean will be in tomorrow. Ironically, like last year, while Dave and Clayton will be in tomorrow for Memorial Day, both Aly and Rick are off. Furthermore, like last year Janice is subbing for Rick: However, Courtney, not Ainsley, will be temping for Aly. Apparently, Shine did not want to put the full cast of that ribald episode together again. N.B. Janice was another alleged object of Dave’s roving eye and also engaged in some of the aforementioned “bawdy banter” (ironically, during A.S.S. or the After the Show Show).

Kiran’s Feet: AM’s Eye Candy?

April 9, 2010

American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry teased her foot fanciers today after producers gave viewers a quick peek underneath her AM desk. When the third hour B block began to the tune of “I Want Candy,” a panning cameraman caught Kiran with her bare feet atop her chair’s legs. As he went in for a close-up “two shot” of Kiran and guest host Jim Acosta, Kiran knowingly giggled and Jim exclaimed, “There they are! There they are!”*

Then, as a smiling Kiran turned her twinkling eyes upon him, a beaming Jim flirtatiously continued, “We won’t talk about that. I think that was Kiran’s feet but we want go there.” Ducking her head and lowering her eyes, Kiran coyly commented, “And two pairs of shoes under the desk. But you know what? We’re not talking about that!”

Don’t worry, Jim: you’re not the only one who has noticed Kiran’s feet. Regular co-anchor John Roberts has as well (as Jay Leno humorously noted). Not to mention fitness guru Richard Simmons who literally salivated over them.


American Morning – 04/09/10 (@8:12 a.m. ET)

Gretchie Does Dallas 2

March 2, 2010

Oops! Was Fox and Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson tutored by Clayton Morris, her F&F Weekend counterpart, on Hollywood history?* Or, did the two simply share the same producer primer on the iconic ’80’s (primarily) show Dallas in preparation for their respective stories on Jay Leno’s return to the Tonight Show?

Less than two weeks ago, Clayton “corrected” Aly after she had rightly likened a Tonight Show promo (that seemed to wipe out the abreviated Conan era) to the memorable Dallas dream episode (that erased an entire season). Today, when F&F co-anchor Brian Kilmeade compared the Tonight Show “Wizard of Oz” spoof opening to the dream of “Bobby Ewing from Dallas,” Gretchen inaptly remarked, “Oh! I hope there was no gunshot!”* Seemingly caught off guard, Brian laughed, “There probably wasn’t but we don’t know if that was a dream if there was.”

Unlike Aly who seemed to accede to Clayton’s incorrect claim, Brian appeared to indirectly set Gretchen and the record straight. I.e, viewers, there was no gunshot when Pamela awoke to Bobby showering in that infamous scene. Rather, Gretchen was probably thinking of the most highly rated Dallas program ever, “Who Shot J.R.?

Good catch, Brian.

Caveat: Clayton responded that his remarks were misinterpreted by the author in Carpe Diem’s “Clayton ‘Corrects’ Aly: Oops!” Clayton asserted, “I was joking about The Dallas thing. I guess you didn’t get it. I was being sarcastic and made the Newhart joke.”

Fox & Friends – 03/02/10 (@6:03 a.m. ET)

Clayton “Corrects” Aly: Oops!

February 20, 2010

Get back, get back to where you once belonged. After Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Clayton Morris “corrected” his co-anchor Alisyn Camerota today, she may have hummed this Beatles refrain under her breath for the rest of the show. Or, simply thought aloud that he should remember her proper place on the curvy couch.

As F&FW returned from commercial break mid show, it began with a segment entitled, “NBC Airs New Jay Leno Promo: Underhanded Dig at Conan O’Brien?” After the clip ran, Aly asked, “What’s the dig?” Clayton replied, “Did you hear that song in the background? Of course, made famous by the Beatles, Get Back….It’s almost as if they’re sort of wiping away the fact that Conan ever existed on NBC at that time.” Guest co-host Peter Johnson, Jr., facetiously interjected, “Maybe, you’re right. I mean, if you play it backwards, maybe, it’s an attack on David Letterman.”

When Aly subsequently queried, “Is it like the time on Dallas? Is it Dallas where they woke up from a dream after a year?” Almost dismissively, Clayton quickly replied, “No that was Bob Newhart. That was the Newhart show.” As she looked down at her notes to prepare to read the headlines, she softly responded, “Okay.”

Actually, Aly was right. The seventh year of the drama Dallas is known as the “dream season.” In the previous season, the character of Bobby Ewing (played by Patrick Duffy) had been killed off and the show continued without him during this seventh season. However, when the actor decided to return to the series, the producers brought him back in the last scene of the finale through the dream device. I.e., season seven had been a “bad dream” for both Pamela Ewing and the viewers.

Ironically, as to Clayton’s comment about Newhart, the entire eight years (1982-1990) of that series were wiped away in its final episode. At the conclusion of that show, Bob Newhart awakened to his 1970’s series The Bob Newhart Show wife Suzanne Pleshette. In a satirical reference to the Dallas “dream season,” he suggests that it had all been a strange dream.

Perhaps, another mea culpa from Clayton tomorrow? Today, the history buff laudably made one as to a mistake about the history of Medicare. (After saying that it was enacted during Truman’s tenure, he later acknowledged that it was actually LBJ and that Truman was its first beneficiary.) However, he has not made another as to Aly re Dallas yet: when the author Tweeted that she was indeed right, Clayton replied, “[W]hy do you know that?” In response to his oddly phrased query, I answered that I remembered it and gave him a Guardian cite.

In Clayton defense, most of the remainder of F&FW was dedicated to coverage of the death of Al Haig, Nixon’s White House chief of staff (during Watergate) and Reagan’s Secretary of State (infamously during the assassination attempt aftermath).

Perhaps, he shall remember tomorrow. Or, perchance, Aly will.

Dave’s Leno “Leer” Lost?

January 2, 2010

“Best of F&F 2009: Funniest Moments” Uncut Revealed, Part II. The buried Leno clip. After the edited version of the “Best of F&F” ran without Fox & Friends meteorologist Rick Reichmuth’s favorite, “Grope an Anchor Day,” co-anchor Dave Briggs’ ironically asked, “What else didn’t make the cut?” The answer: probably, his most embarrassing episode of 2009.

Remember Jay Leno’s choice of co-host Dave Briggs purportedly ogling the derrieres of his colleagues, Ainsley Earhardt and Janice Dean? If the reader only watches Fox & Friends Weekend, s/he missed Dave’s “wandering eye” the first time, too. However, Jay Leno found it so amusing that he ran it during his final week on the Tonight Show. Furthermore, Fox & Friends subsequently ran the Leno coverage with much delight when Aly guest hosted with Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy: They gave Dave little quarter as Aly apologized to Brandi Briggs on Dave’s behalf and Brian teased Aly for hiding her pain because Dave, one of her TV husbands, was staring at “something” on Aly’s replacement, Ainsley. [As for Dave, he vociferously denied Leno’s accusation to the author while insisting that the “weekday [F&F] embarrassed me enough for one week.”]

Fox & Friends Weekend producers, lighten up. Sharing their faux pas and foibles with the audience in the past has endeared the co-hosts to their fans. However, covering them up in the present may begin to sap that reservoir of personal rapport.

Legs & Lips

October 9, 2009

Today American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry wanted Jay Leno to take a look–a good long look–at her legs. On the “Jay Leno Show” Monday, Jay joked about AM co-anchor John Robert’s “foot fetish” which showed “John” wearing high heels and “Kiran” wearing stilettos. After Kiran complained the next day that Jay had not shown her actual legs, Jay decided to have fun again last night–this time at Kiran’s expense: He reran the doctored AM clip and showed “Kiran” legs as hirsute, to put it charitably.

After AM aired the latest Jay Leno clip this morning, Kiran good-naturedly responded, “There are times when you don’t always shave as frequently as you want but those were not my legs! Those were not my legs either!” To the cameraman, she asked, “Can we do another one, please?” To Jay, she purred, “This is for you, Jay.”

Then as the camera slowly panned down for a closeup of her gorgeous gams which she revealed in her short black skirt, Kiran seductively cooed, “These, these are my legs!” Between her feet adorned in open-toed black stilettoes was a picture of Jay surrounded by a pink lipstick heart and a kiss mark firmly planted on his cheek.

Smiling and rolling his eyes, John interjected, “And those, too, are her lips on your cheek.” Kiran assured, “They are. Love you, Jay.” She added, “Thanks for having fun with us. We’re having fun with you, too.”

Legs and lipstick! Fun in the A.M.!

P.S. Kiran, Jay remembers.

Kiran: “Hard to Be Fully Dressed”

October 6, 2009

American Morning co-anchor John Roberts’ “secret” got “exposed” last night on the “Jay Leno Show.” (Once again, Jay’s looking at Kiran’s gams.) In his monologue on the “Jay Leno Show,” Jay poked fun at AM co-anchor John Robert’s “foot fetish.” Doctoring last Thursday’s AM when co-anchor John Roberts had the camera pan down to show co-host Kiran Chetry’s feet, Jay zoomed in on “John’s” stilettos, too. (Oddly, in Jay’s version, Kiran’s heels and legs were not her own either.)

In response today, John announced a new daily AM segment that he entitled, “What’s Under the Table?” John asked, “Can we have a look?” As the cameraman shot under the desk, Kiran remarked, “Aha! Christine [Romans] has got on some jeans today.” [Ironically, in last Thursday’s very show, Kiran revealed that Christine often wears jeans in the six o’clock hour but Christine added that she had not been caught: Today, she was.]

Kiran continued, “I laugh because, you know, at six o’clock in the morning it’s hard to be fully dressed.” Turning to the audience with widened eyes, Christine exclaimed, “Well, Kiran!” Kiran explained, “What I’m saying is the earrings come on maybe at 6:20 [and] Christine changes into a skirt at maybe 7:05….It’s early!”

John reminded viewers, “We’re adding features daily. We’ve got ‘Romans’ Numeral’…and now we’ll have ‘What’s Under the Desk?'”

Tune in, fans. You never know what your favorite co-host or correspondent will be wearing–or, not wearing!”

Ainsley Labors Today

September 7, 2009

Guest host Ainsley Earhardt did not appear to be in a celebratory spirit on today’s Fox & Friends Labor Day edition. Surprisingly, she seemed listless as she played third-string backup in the center of the curvy couch.* Attractively attired in her proper red dress (modestly v-necked, almost sleeveless, and above-the-knee) and her tan high heels (closed-toed), she appeared hesitant, chastened and cloistered. Where was her assertive, edgy, and sexy side that had evidenced with such elan in her Memorial Day appearance?

Perhaps, Jay Leno had a bit too much fun with that episode. Certainly, for co-host Dave Briggs’ comfort. And, apparently, perhaps, for that of Bill Shine (FNC Senior Veep of Programming).

*Ainsley substituted for F&F Weekend co-anchor Alisyn Camerota, who would have normally filled in for F&F co-host Gretchen Carlson today.

Carpe Diem: “Princess” Dave’s Pea?

August 2, 2009

Is Carpe Diem not letting Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Dave Briggs rest easy? Apparently, not. After Carpe Diem held Dave’s feet to the fire for ignoring his Twitter followers for almost three weeks, Dave tried to explain in a story on Sarah Palin’s mysterious Facebook and Twitter silence.* [Earlier in segment on the same topic, co-anchor Clayton Morris had jested, “Speaking of Twitter, I’m Clayton Morris on Twitter. Go there and let me know [viewer’s opinion): I’ll respond whereas Dave won’t.”]

As Dave commiserated with Palin’s plight, he said, “I happily let go of the social networking: I’m kind of a weekend Twitterer.” When co-anchor Alisyn Camerota teased, “But your legion of fans are not clamoring  for you to get back on Twitter,” Dave answered, “In fact, I was getting grief for not responding on Twitter recently…so I got back in the game.”* [Seemingly, he was responding directly to Carpe Diem “Dave Clams Up” and the author’s Tweet which had implored Dave to do just that, i.e., “Get back in the game!”]**

As an aside, Dave seems to be still smarting from Carpe Diem’s coverage of his Jay Leno moment of infamy where he alleged checked out the derrieres of Ainsley Earhardt and Janice Dean.*** After copious prior Tweets to the author, Dave’s has yet to respond to the author’s Tweets since May 31, 2009, when he defended himself in a three-part Tweet, infra.**** In a seemingly intentional slight with a rather humorous hue, the apparently still peeved self-proclaimed “Princess” pointedly thanked every single Twitter follower (save one, i.e., the author) for their anniversary best wishes.*****

Dave, the author is glad that you’re “back in the game.” As to any bruised ego, as the F&F producers joke, “Walk it off!” The author has no animus toward you, and, hopefully, you’ll harbor none toward him either. Once again, happy anniversary to you and Brandi!

*F&F (08/02/09) – 8:39 a.m. ET




****It read, “I think the weekday embarrassed me enough for one week. I would actually like to point out what I WAS looking at and it wasn’t #%+. [S]eriously it wasn’t food but my producer at that very moment was telling me ‘get in the shot’ and I was looking for an opening. I know that sounds like BS but I would admit looking at a beautiful woman if in fact I was! Leno is funny, how he caught [sic] is bizarre.”


Dave’s Tale: What Tail?

June 1, 2009

As Paul Harvey would say, “And here is the rest of the story.” Saturday Fox & Friends Weekend covered Jay Leno’s sendoff from the Tonight Show but failed to mention or air his monologue joke and vid about co-anchor Dave Briggs allegedly “checking out the girls’ [Janice Dean and Ainsley Earhardt’s] rear ends.”* The author claimed that F&FW had lost “its nerve and verve” by taking this “lame tack.”** In response, Dave Tweeted, “I think the weekday embarrassed me enough for one week. I would actually like to point out what I WAS looking at and it wasn’t #%+.”***

Apparently, not wanting to abash Dave Briggs too much more, F&F producers decided to have fun with Dave about the Leno joke on Sunday’s After the Show Show.**** In a facetious explanation, Dave, fellow co-host Alisyn Camerota, and a female guest recreated the scene with Dave actually looking down at barbeque foods on a tray placed between him and the ladies. After Dave explained his lust for foods like “chicken, beans, and cornbread,” co-anchor Clayton Morris jested, “Looking at the rump roast.” Both Aly and Dave doubled over in laughter.

To be “fair and balanced,” after After the Show Show, Dave shared his account of what really occurred. Dave Tweeted, “[S]eriously it wasn’t food but my producer at that very moment was telling me “get in the shot” and I was looking for an opening.”*** He added, “ I know that sounds like BS but I would admit looking at a beautiful woman if in fact I was! Leno is funny, how [sic] he caught is bizarre.”***

Having fun at a faux pas (real or imagined) by a co-host has long been a delightful staple of F&F fare. After its misstep Saturday in not doing so, it recovered nicely yesterday. The responsiveness of F&F and of Dave, in particular, to the fans evidences a good harbinger of a surer course.




****After the Show Show: 05/31/09

F&FW Fetes Leno: Buries Briggs Vid

May 30, 2009

Not a vid snippet–in fact, nary a word–of Jay Leno’s monologue joke with footage of Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Dave Briggs allegedly checking out the derrieres of Ainsley Earhardt and Janice Dean. On the very day that F&FW extensively covered Jay Leno’s Tonight Show sendoff last night, F&FW co-anchors, Clayton Morris, Alisyn Camerota, and Dave (understandably) kept conspicuously silent on the infamous incident which aired earlier this week on Leno’s show. Incredible!

Just when F&FW seemed to be back on course, F&FW took this lame tack. It lost its nerve and verve today. Not a good omen of things to come.



Bukhing Briggs Back

April 25, 2009

Looking somewhat wan but hale, Fox & Friends Week co-host Dave Briggs returned to F&FW today after his laproscopic appendectomy Monday. Waiting until the second hour after a story on Jay Leno’s taking a rare sick leave, Dave boasted, “Do you take nights [sic] off? I had my appendix out this week but I’m toughing it out.”Of course, his co-hosts Alisyn Camerota and Clayton Morris had to rib him a bit.

Touching his shoulder with her hand and feigning heartfelt sympathy, co-host Alisyn Camerota asked, “I know and you’re here: How are you feeling?” Dave responded, “I’m toughing it out because I wanted to be next to you guys. Clayton needled, “And America a lot of drugs.” Dave laughed, “Not now, of course.” Giving Dave one last dig, Aly remarked, “Your performance is barely affected by the massive amounts of sedatives that you’re on right now.”

Good job, Dave.

Kiran’s “Gams”: Leno Looking?

March 24, 2009

Jay Leno revealed that he notices American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry’s gorgeous gams. In his monologue, as he set up a joke about an AM shot looking like two guys hitting on babes in a bar, he aired footage of AM. On screen in the foreground were towheaded Christine Romans and auburn-locked Kiran Chetry, and in the background were two male pundits.

Leno remarked, “I was watching CNN the other day and they tried something new by putting two sets of news anchors in the same shot: Look at this.” He asked, “Doesn’t that look like two guys at an airport bar getting ready to hit on two other [sic] chicks. Hey, Bob,…I’m going to go for the blonde. Jim, you take the brunette: Whoo! Look at the gams on that one. Yeah!”*

You should be proud, Chris! Not only do Fox & Friends fans and AM aficionados appreciate your lovely’s legs but also the current king of late night, Jay Leno. Of course, as to Leno’s allusion to the obvious, kudos, Kiran!

*AM (Tonight Show clip) – 6:06 a.m. ET

Update 1: Jay Leno Show: Jay noticed “Kiran’s” legs again and exposed John’s “foot fetish.”

Update 2: Jay Leno Show: After Kiran complained that Jay’s footage did not include her real legs, Jay took another peek at “Kiran’s” hairy stems. Then Kiran responded with a closeup of her lovely legs (and a pink lipstick kiss).

Update 3: Jay Leno Show: Jay apologized for  doctored footage and “really” showed Kiran’s gams–all three of them. Jay’s gaffes: He called her Kyra not once, but twice. (Kyra Phillips is a CNN anchor reported to be co-anchor John Roberts’ off-air partner.)

Obama Gaffe: Doocy’s Double Standard?

March 20, 2009

“Was he [President Obama] making fun of this [sic] disabled?” asked Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy today.  Doocy took great umbrage at President Obama’s comparison of his bowling skills to those of Special Olympians on the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno” last night and categorized it as “awful.” However, Doocy failed to similarly call out FNC contributor Bob Beckel a year ago when he made a similar derisive comment to Doocy. In that instance, Doocy said that he himself was a “biathalon” Olympic athlete and Beckel laughed, “At the Special Olympics.” [In a missive to the author, Kirsten Suto-Seckler, Director of SO’s Global Marketing and Awareness deemed Beckel’s remark “demeaning” and said that it would be addressed by Tim Shriver, Chairman of Special Olympics (SO).]

Of course, Bob Beckel does not rise to the same level as the President. Nevertheless, Doocy should have criticized both for remarks (even if inadvertent) that impugn the cognitively challenged. Hopefully, Doocy will acknowledge his earlier lapse in judgment.