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O’Reilly: “Midnight Tantaros”

December 16, 2015

Andrea: “Oh no. This nickname is gonna stick.” Outnumbered co-host Andrea Tantaros was given a rather racy sobriquet by FNC ratings champ Bill O’Reilly. After introducing O’Reilly as today’s #oneluckyguy, Andrea remarked, “You know, we, we were on the Factor at eight and eleven last night: You kept me up ’til midnight. I’m not sick of you yet but we’ll check in afterwards.” Smiling mischievously, O’Reilly replied, “Well, I, I have to tell everybody [that] Tantaros’s nickname is ‘Midnight Tantaros.’ So…she leaves the show and goes out to Bungalow 14 or whatever it is.”

Shaking her head with amusement, Andrea smilingly exclaimed, “I don’t know where he gets this stuff from! Midnight at the Tantaros! Alright!”

Of course, Andrea’s acolytes may well have a clue. Their Aphrodite is a saucy Greek goddess who has been named one of the “Hottest Women of Fox News” by the “King of All Media,” Howard Stern; was interviewed in Playboy (“Yes, I’m in Playboy this month…No photos tho. Sorry!”); and downed 22 shots on her twenty-first birthday–not to mention who also snagged bad boy Dave Navarro, Jane’s Addiction guitarist (and whilom Red Hot Chili Peppers member).

Yes, “Midnight Tantaros” fits sexy Andrea just right. After O’Reilly had aptly dubbed her, one of Andrea’s Tweeps Tweeted, “You know…Midnight just rolls off the tongue-not that you could be any sexier.” In answer, Andrea exclaimed, “Oh no. This nickname is gonna stick. I can feel it. Thanks @oreillyfactor.”

Thanks indeed, O’Reilly! “Midnight Tantaros”? “Red Hot”!

Shackled Women of AM

July 6, 2008

American Morning, why must you shackle your women, Kiran Chetry, Alina Cho, Vanessa de la Cruz, and Sunny Hostin? Such beautiful and brainy talent are merely suffocated in a patriarchal setting. As it is, kindly father figure, John Roberts, tends to rule the roost while the lovely Kiran plays the role of his pretty, perceptive TV wife giving him a bit too much deference. Alina, Vanessa, and Sunny have their particular roles but they all must pay tribute to their gray-maned elder. This setup seems a bit outdated in this progressive age in the news sphere.

Add Alina, Vanessa, Sunny, or CNN correspondent Jennifer Eccleston as a third co-host. Instead of the current insular marital-like duo, create a trio of two girls and a boy. Janelle, it would add a fun, sexy, and spontaneous dynamic among the co-hosts and with your intended audience. No need to cede the ratings race to Fox & Friends: you’ve got the talent but F&F has the superior format for now.

AM women, let us hear you roar!