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Aly’s Do-Over

October 12, 2008

Poor Aly! Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Alisyn Camerota got as much respect yesterday from ACORN spokesman Scott Levenson as Gretchen Carlson gets from Jackie Mason or Shepard Smith. Levenson sounded like Al Gore listening to George Bush in the ’04 presidential debates: he tut-tutted, sighed deeply, and patronized his opponent John Fund relentlessly as moderator Aly helplessly looked on. After getting grief from her GreenRoom blog, Camerota gave Fund another opportunity today to give his side of the ACORN voter registration controversy unfettered: Levenson was not invited.


Gretch: “Let’s Not Bring That Up”

September 26, 2008

Tuesday Steve Doocy told the Fox & Friends viewers that Gretchen Carlson was away “on assigment” after her shellacking by Shepard Smith Monday. Today Brian Kilmeade and Steve welcomed Gretch back from the West Coast. No mention of the assignment or what that may have entailed was mentioned.

When Geraldo Rivera appeared later to promo his weekend show, he alluded to Shep’s cutting criticism of F&F indirectly. After Brian read a story about a bomb scare at the Philladelphia Phillies over some left-over foil-wrapped franks. Geraldo said, “Shepard Smith is going to complain about you reading that story: It’s all hotdogs!” Gretch responded, “Let’s not bring that up, shall we?

One can’t blame Gretch for wanting Shep’s appearance to remain in the can. An F&F segment hasn’t been panned that pointedly by an Fox News colleague on air since Chris Wallace zinged the F&F co-hosts for Obama bashing earlier this year. Moreover, Gretchen hasn’t been that dismissed since her attempted questioning of Jackie Mason in his earlier appearances.

Shep: “What’s Wrong With Gretchen Today?

September 22, 2008

Today Shepard Smith gave Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson about as much respect as Jackie Mason generally does. In fact, he dissed the show itself for its lengthy coverage of the JFK JetBlue drama about the hand grenade paperweights without checking out whether they were real first. As he walked onto the set, he derisively stated, “I, too, have a bomb…a bottle of water for you that actually contains human poisons.” He complained, “We shut down a whole airport for a couple of paperweights: are you kidding me?”

Innocently, Gretch asked, “Isn’t that better than if they actually were the real thing and something happened?” Shep sarcastically replied, “It’s better if everybody looked into it first, don’t you think?” Gretchen answered, “I’d rather have people err on the side of being protected.” Shep derisively responded, “Yes, Gretchen, we all would.”

Later, while promoting The Strategy Room, Shep said, “We are very excited….for nine hours without commercial interruption…we’ll talk about politics, Wall Street, and everything non-stop.” He added, “You can do anything, you can take your clothes off if you want: Nobody’s watching!” Gretch interjected, “Yes, they are!” Dismissively, Shep replied, “Oh, come on Gretchen: please relax!”

Gretch said, “I don’t think I’m going to say anything else ’cause Shep is really angry at me.” Shep groused, “What is wrong with you?” Of F&F co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade, he later asked, “What’s wrong with Gretchen today?” Then she gamely queried, “What’s wrong with you?

At the end of the segment, trying to save face, Gretch sweetly stated, “I need to make up with Shep today before he leaves.” She got up and sat between Shep and Steve Doocy and put her arm around Shep. He inquired again, “What is wrong with you? Does that mean I get some touchy?” Then he said, “Maybe, I don’t know the rules of the program [F&FW] because I don’t watch it.”

Poor Gretch: she may have been Miss America but Shep was not Mr. Congeniality.

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Sweet Silly Swede

June 6, 2008

Why must Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson continue to feed me fodder in such ample supply? Today Geraldo Rivera and Brian Kilmeade had a spirited exchange about the legal rights of Gitmo prisoners with a particular emphasis on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the purported 9-11 attack mastermind. Not surprisingly, Geraldo argued that Khalid should be accorded rights as if he were on American soil while Brian contended that Khalid’s rights should be much more sharply curtailed. The debate was heated but civil.

Gretch couldn’t stand the heat: she tried unsuccessfully to lighten the polemic. She interjected repeatedly with regard to Khalid’s complaint that his court sketches were unflattering as to his nose. She sillily asserted, “I like his nose better in the sketch.” As the discussion continued, she moved close to Steve Doocy, put her arm around him, and said, “I’m scared.” Her fellow Swede co-host replied, “I’m scared.” Both kiddingly cowered and, finally Steve shouted, “Cut.”

Gretch should be able to move seamlessly between the hard news and the soft segments. However, she seems to have problems with a more hard-nosed approach. E.g., just yesterday she got hammered again by Hillary Clinton lackey Lanny Davis and has been snubbed on two consecutive occasions by Jackie Mason. Does anyone think that Megan Kelly, Page Hopkins, or American Morning’s Kiran Chetry would allow themselves to be abused by these old school boys? Gretch is a bit too sweet like Ainsley Earhardt: the difference is that Ainsley is on the weekend.

Jackie Mason Disses Gretch Again

June 2, 2008

Comedian Jackie Mason dissed Gretchen Carlson again today. He responded to Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade but “The Ultimate Jew” ignored the genteel Gentile girl once again. Gretch posed one question, asking, “Jackie, you were a rabbi?” Mason continued his comedic monologue without a word of reply.

For the following segment, Gretch teased that she was interested in Mason’s thoughts on the combination of politics and religion. When it came Mason never answered the Swedish shrinking violet’s query. Misogyny? Probably not. Gretch needs to be a bit more assertive with Mason.

Gretch Got Game?

April 30, 2008

Today was not Gretchen Carlson’s day on FNC’s Fox & Friends. She started F&F First by apologizing for making fun of the arm injury to a Dancing with the Stars male dancer yesterday. Later on F&FF, she wrongly corrected Brian Kilmeade about which of Drew Pearson’s wives was found dead in a bathtub: Brian and Steve Doocy gently righted the confused co-host. Finally, while reading the headlines on the regular F&F, Gretch said that Ryan Schallenberger was accused of blowing up his school: Steve reminded her that the teenager “did not actually blow up the school.” Perhaps, today the audience should have mimicked Jackie Mason who on Monday merely ignored Gretch to her great chagrin and extreme exasperation and, perhaps, to the viewer’s perverse pleasure.