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Carl Cameron: “F***ing Cold”?

January 2, 2012

“I almost cussed for it.” FNC chief political correspondent Carl Cameron barely caught himself on America’s Newsroom this morning. Standing outside in frigid Des Moines, Iowa, as he reported on the GOP Presidential candidates’ “final push,” a freezing Cameron sported a brown overcoat with an up-turned collar, black gloves, and black earmuffs. After he had given his report, AN co-host Martha MacCallum smilingly teased, “Carl, fascinating stuff. And, when the earmuffs come out, we know that Carl’s in Iowa. Right, Carl?”*

Chuckling to himself and looking back momentarily as if to restrain himself, a pink-faced Carl replied, “And it’s–[appearing to begin to produce the “ph” sound with his lips and teeth and then suddenly stopping]–and it’s cold.” Grinning, Carl stammered, “I almost, I almost cussed for it. It’s cold.”

Laughing, Martha echoed, “It’s cold!”

Or, almost “f***ing cold,” Carl?

*America’s Newsroom – 01/02/12 (@ 10:02 a.m. ET)