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Another Bidenism: Joe Jabs Chief Justice

January 21, 2009

Before Vice President Joe Biden administered the oath of office to President Barack Obama’s senior staff today, he took a thinly veiled swipe at Chief Justice John Roberts (who flubbed the inaugural presidential oath yesterday).* When the President asked Biden if he wanted to swear in the new officials, he asked, “Am I doing this again?” The Prez explained that a number of Cabinet members had been sworn in but that this ceremony was for the senior staff. Biden quipped, “My memory is not as good as Justice Roberts’.” The audience laughed heartily and one exclaimed, “Wow!” However, a politically astute, unsmiling President Obama gave his Veep a tutoring tap on the arm: Biden quickly added, “No, I” as he then wisely bit his lip.

1:28 p.m. ET – FNC’s Live Desk